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don't speak, i know just what you're saying


Sometimes the hardest things to say are also the most important. It doesn't matter how much it scares you to do so, it's finally time to be honest.

- post as your character.
- Others go to RNG and roll numbers 1-22 then respond setting up a scenario.
- Respond and have fun!

01. I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE Unfortunately, you can't keep lying to your partner/friend/family anymore. You just don't feel the same for them anymore.
02. I WOULD KILL YOU The person who means so much to you has done something completely unforgivable and now it's time to make sure they know where they stand. You would kill them if you ever got the chance.
03. I LOVE YOU, BUT... A bittersweet love confession. You know you love this person more than anything, but you're not sure you can give them what they need.
04. I DON'T TRUST YOU No matter how you feel about this person, you really can't trust them anymore.
05. SACRIFICE You're going to sacrifice yourself, for the person you're talking with or for the good of all humanity. You want them to know the reasons and that there's no stopping you.
06. TROUBLE You're in trouble and you might not make it through. You need to let at least one person know how you feel before it's too late though.
07. CRIME CONFESSION You did something you weren't proud of and now it's time to admit it.
08. DEMONS We've all got our demons and we've all got our own personal nightmares we have to face, but this time? You can't hold it all back.
09. I'M PREGNANT... Now's not the best time for it maybe or maybe you're just nervous how your partner will react, but they need to hear it.
10. BETRAYAL You've betrayed this person and you have to tell them the truth, no more running from it
11. CHEATED You've been unfaithful and it's time to tell your lover.
12. BROKEN That's it. You've had it. You are entirely broken and tired of everything.
13. AFRAID Something has you deathly afraid and you need to talk about it.
14. HELP ME You need someone to help you, bad. You can't do it alone anymore, you've tried.
15. I'M SORRY You said something or did something horrible and now it's time to ask for forgiveness.
16. YOU WERE A MISTAKE Sorry, but whoever you're talking to was the biggest mistake of your life or maybe it was just something you did together.
17. NOT WHO I SAY I AM You're so far from who they think you are, you need to finally tell the truth.
18. LET'S RUN AWAY You want to just get out, leave everything behind and be with this one person for the rest of your life.
19. ASHAMED Either you're ashamed of something they have done or something you did, either way you need to bring it up.
20. CAN'T REMEMBER The person standing in front of you looks so happy to see you, so relieved, but how do you tell them you can't remember a thing about them?
21. HOW COULD YOU You don't understand how they could treat you like they have, do what they have done when you've done nothing but be good to them.
22. YOUR CHOICE Either choose an option from above, mix and match, or make up your own idea.
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Jack Harkness | Doctor Who / Torchwood | OTA

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[[OOC: Fine with all options, continuing from other memes or PSLs, assuming prior CR, or expanding the Doctor Who universe to integrate other canons. Fine with most things, really. If you're unsure, just ask. I'll probably say yes.

I don't mind if you want to tag in actionspam, but I will be responding in prose.]]
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14 - I Need Your Help

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There was a point when she just had to give up. She was never giving up on trying to do good in the world, but she was giving up on finding her father, or at least finding him on her own. She always asked after him when she got to a particular planet and sometimes she even heard things. He was traveling with three people, with a little robot dog, with another Time Lord. He was wearing this unusual scarf, a piece of celery, he was carrying an umbrella. All of the stories seemed to have him coming from Gallifrey, although one person he talked to had claimed he was half-human. She didn't really feel half-human, although she didn't know what being human felt like.

She also had names. Nyssa, Tegan, Susan, Jamie, Sarah Jane, the Brigadier, Rose, Rory, Jack. She had so much information that it was almost too much. There were too many leads to follow, but one that she kept finding was that he tended to prefer England when he was on Earth and either London or Cardiff. One of the names she'd learned of, Jack, was based in Cardiff and she wondered if that was a coincidence. She'd found that coincidences like that didn't tend to occur regularly and so she decided that her next stop was Wales.

It wasn't hard to find where he was working once she got there. Cardiff didn't have that much alien technology, although it did have more than she might have thought. It also wasn't hard to get into the place, though she couldn't be sure she hadn't set off an alarm or two. Once she was in, she deliberately set off another few alarms just to get his attention. She had something to talk to him about.
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Getting in wasn't terribly difficult, really. It was getting in unnoticed that took talent. Jenny was good, but not quite good enough. Still, she impressed Jack.

He melted out of the shadows, the rest of the team long gone for the day, the Hub cold and dark and quiet. He had a scary and very alien piece of technology in his hand, and though there was no conventional handle or muzzle, it was very definitely pointed in Jenny's direction. Then it beeped and whirred, and Jack frowned. "Huh. This is... a new look for you." He gave her a once over with a critical eye. "I like it."
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Jenny supposed she should be terrified at having a gun - she was presuming it was a gun - pointed at her. Her heart was pounding and there was a part of it that was fear, but it was also excitement. She'd had guns pointed at her before and really, she'd expected it. She was here uninvited.

"New look? Were you expecting me?" She narrowed her eyes at the device. Not a weapon, then. Something else. Diagnostic? Just what was it telling him about her? DNA? While she'd started from her father's DNA, it was now uniquely her own. "Because I'm fairly sure I'd remember meeting you." She thrust out her hand. "Jenny."