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The Night In Jail Meme

No matter how careful you are, no matter how good you try to be--well, sometimes things just happen. Maybe you need to fudge a few little rules for the greater good, or maybe you're a full-time villain with no regrets. Either way, everyone has to slip up sometime--and this time, there just so happened to be law enforcement involved to catch you as you fell. What happened to get you into this fiasco, and how will you cope?

Warning: This meme deals with criminal activity and confinement, and has the potential to get into explicit detail. Please be aware of any triggers you may have concerning subjects like these, and make sure to state any preferences you may have.

How to play:
1. Respond to this post with your characters--be sure to put their name and canon in the subject line, and include any preferences you may have.
2. Feel free to set up the scene yourself, or leave it to those who respond to you.
3. Click here to select a crime, and here to select a scene, or go to the RNG site and roll your own numbers.
4. Start playing! AUs and canon-blending alike are highly encouraged, as is characters who actually are cops or lawyers tagging around and getting to strut their stuff.


1. I fought The Law, and The Law won: You really don't mess around, do you? You're running right up against the law and government in its purest form. Did you try to resist arrest? Flee probation? Conspire to commit treason against the government? Maybe you didn't even do anything wrong, and you're being unlawfully held with no warrant, no conviction, and no hope of a fair trial. However it happened, it looks like you're in dire straits.

2. Civil disobedience:
Fight the Man! You represent the will of the people! You're a political prisoner, and you regret nothing, even if the authorities are abusing their power and position. Whether you were organizing a peaceful protest, or engaging in a little ideologically-motivated terrorism, you're out to prove a point and ensure that justice will be served in the end.

3. No entry: You really shouldn't have gone in there, should you? Whether it was simple tresspassing, forcible breaking and entering, outright burglary, or just sneaking into an abandoned building, you've been caught somewhere you have no right to be.

4. Up with your sticky hands, this is a fuck-up!:
So, what caught your eye? Some smug fat cat who needs to learn the meaning of charity? A bank or jewelry store that didn't seem to have surveillance? Vital medical equipment you just couldn't afford? Whether it was armed robbery or a more hands-off theft, you've taken what doesn't belong to you.

5. Let's take this outside: That was one hell of a fight! Who won? Hopefully you gave as good as you got. And hopefully the other guy is doing just as much time as you are. Assault, public brawling, illegal use of firearms, or even self-defense gone wrong--as long as it's violent, you're going to have a hard time explaining yourself to the police that pulled you out and patched you up.

6. Hit list:
Sometimes, just roughing someone up isn't enough. Sometimes, a more permanent solution is needed. Cold-blooded murder plots, a struggle gone too far in the heat of the moment, or perhaps just a terrible accident on the highway--however it happened, you've ended another person's life.

7. Superheroics don't pay:
Not your average criminal, are you? No, you're the sort who should really be dealt with by special forces, not your work-a-day beat officers. Maybe you're a diabolical supervillain whose scheme got foiled, (again) or you shouldn't be here at all--you were the guy in the cape trying to save the city! The citizens, however, don't seem to appreciate the fact that your heroic defense included large explosions, vast collateral damage, or dozens of innocent lives being held in the balance to bait you into coming to fight your archnemesis. Maybe you and your cellmate were the two super-powers slugging it out, or maybe you're master and sidekick, but one thing is for sure--no normal jail cell can hold you. Unluckily for you, it seems this prison was well-prepared.

8. Organized crime: So, are you the criminal mastermind orchestrating illicit operations all over the city? Are you a much-abused mook who just happens to work for this sadistic madman for a living? Maybe you're a mercenary hitman, or just a kneecap-breaker and debt collector. Whatever your position, you're not one to operate in a vacuum, and it looks like you've made one wrong step too many. Hopefully your colleagues will get you out safely--if you don't sell them out first.

9. White collar crime: A bit too sophisticated for dirtying your hands, are you? You know your way around the business world, and you know how to make it give you exactly what you want. Money laundering, embezzlement, corporate espionage..... so long as it involves a respectable workplace, there's a good chance you've got a hand in it. Did your boss finally find you out?

10. Indecent exposure: .....Wow. Uh. W-would you like a coat? Maybe you decided to streak for some reason, maybe you decided to skinny dip in a public fountain, maybe you couldn't find any covering for your walk of shame, or maybe you and your lover got caught in an intimate position in public, but whatever happened, you've bared it all to the wrong eyes.

11. Bad trip:
You smoked what? And they found you where? Whether you were selling, using, or simply in possession of them, you've been caught with some illegal drugs. Drunk driving, sharing a joint with some friends, or maybe doing some of the harder stuff--you'll have a while behind bars to come crashing down and face the music.

12. Goddamned kids!: It isn't like this crime had a victim! Really. All you did was throw bricks through a few windows, or set fire to an abandoned warehouse, or spray paint graffiti onto public property, or maybe egg and toilet paper some loser's house. Whether you were vandalizing things, disturbing the peace, or just up to miscellaneous criminal mischief, you must have had bad luck to get caught by an officer having a lousy day.

13. Drunken shenanigans: Well, it looks like somebody had a wild night! You might be high-fiving your partner in crime and reveling in just how awesome that stunt you pulled was, you may be terribly hung over and regretting every second of your escapades, or you might not even remember what in the world you did to get locked up to begin with. Here's hoping it was at least fun enough to be worth the trouble you've gotten yourself into.

14: This isn't what it looks like! You've got the wrong guy!:
Wow, it must really suck to be you. Either you were an accomplice who was thrown under the bus to take the punishment for everyone else, you were framed for a crime you didn't commit, there's a serious case of mistaken identity going on, or you were just some innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. Hopefully you can convince them of your innocence before it's too late.

15. Sweating the small stuff:
Who shoved a stick up that officer's ass? Seriously, who gets arrested for littering? Or jaywalking? Or smoking at a bus stop? This is beyond ridiculous. Maybe if you can talk to some other, hopefully sane officer, you can get this whole mess straightened out.

16. You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant:
Got the perfect crime in mind? Don't see your offense listed above? Mix n' match, choose which you want, or create your own!


1. Caught red handed: Oh, now you've done it. The sack of money is still in your hand, or the body is still in your trunk, or maybe you reek so badly of alcohol they sniffed you out from a block away. What'll you do, now that there's no denying what you've done?

2. On the run: Whether it's a high-speed car chase, trying to climb a chain link fence, or a grueling crawl through the sewer system, you're trying to evade justice. Hope you're good at thinking on your feet!

3. Busted: No getting out of it this time. You're getting a very thorough patdown, being handcuffed, and stuffed into the back of the patrol car. The arrest is in progress, and there's nothing you can do about it.

4. Police interrogation: Down in the station, this is your one chance to persuade them of your innocence--or have them crack your resolve and make you spill everything you know. Are they playing good cop and bad cop with you? Using illegal torture methods? Does anyone even know you're here, or are these a different sort of police entirely?

5. Guard and prisoner: The arrest and crime alike are definitely past you now. Now you've got to deal with the people holding your life in your hands for the long haul. Maybe if you're lucky, or persuasive, or just have something to bribe them with, they'll be inclined to make your life a little easier.

6. I want a lawyer!:
Even a prisoner has rights, after all. You've been allowed some legal counsel, so you'd better make the best of it. Just how sympathetic are they? Do you trust them to do you any good? Or are they just one more of law enforcement's dogs?

7. Cellmates: It looks like you two are going to be roommates for a long, long time, whether you know each other or not--better make yourselves comfortable and get acquainted. Who knows some party games?

8. Your one phone call:
You're in it up to your ears, now. Who will you turn to, with only one chance to contact the outside world? Will they come in to bail you out, or let you suffer the consequences of your actions?

9. Visiting hours: Awww, someone came to keep you company? How sweet! Hopefully they didn't come just to laugh at your misfortune.

10. The Great Escape: Maybe you and your cellmate are plotting to break out, or maybe a friend on the outside has come to rescue you--either way, you're busting out of this joint. Freedom!

11. Who was that masked man, anyway?:
Got an idea for a scenario or relationship you can't see on here? Go wild!
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jeff winger | community

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13; 7

[personal profile] coolaid 2013-02-20 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
[ Waking up in jail is rough, but it's necessary for every sitcom with self-worth. ]

As far as side adventures go, I would put this in the top ten. A little clichè, but the fact that I'm your partner-in-crime instead of Britta is a decent twist.
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[ NO, ABED. NO. This is all way too stupidly traumatic and embarrassing for any of your TV cuteness. ]

Yeah, it's all so peachy. [ He's just grumpy because he doesn't have his sunglasses to help soothe what's going to be a killer headache. ] Now just stay quiet so I can figure out what to do to get us out of here.

[personal profile] coolaid 2013-02-20 02:36 pm (UTC)(link)
[ THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR TV CUTENESS — except when we pass the 25-minute mark, then we're out of airtime. ]

I wouldn't worry, Jeff. [ said more robotically than sympathetically. ] These wacky hijinks have already lasted two days. I'm sure you'll wrap them up with a Winger speech by lunch time.
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[ You're trapped in a cell with a big man and an even bigger forehead. Choose your words carefully, my friend. ]

There will be no 'Winger speech' by lunchtime, because I don't plan being here until lunchtime, Abed. Do you?

[personal profile] coolaid 2013-02-21 02:24 pm (UTC)(link)
[ even Abed can't miss Jeff's annoyance this time. still, he isn't equipped to deal with this scenario.

engaging HAN SOLO. ]

There isn't a prison in the galaxy that can hold me, kid.
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[ ...okay, no. No. This isn't going to work. He's half-tempted to call out to one of the officers to move him to another cell. ]

Are you seriously Han Soloing me right now?

[personal profile] coolaid 2013-02-21 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't get cocky. [ a stern but devil-may-care look. ] I'm your only hope.
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[personal profile] disbar 2013-02-21 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
No, you're not. As the former lawyer, I am. But you are making me wish I was stuck in here with Britta now. [ He can feel pressure building up behind his eyes. Wonderful. A stress-headache coupled with a hangover. Yeah, this'll end well.]