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The pegging meme!

A slightly different smut meme.

(If you're not sure what pegging is, wikipedia is your friend. Link slightly NSFW!)

How to play:
1. post with your character. make sure to note any preferences!!
2. go to
3. generate a random number between 1 and 7.
4. there's your prompt!
5. now tag around and have fun. ♥

❶ vanilla flavor

it's a loving act between the two of you! maybe she came up with the idea, maybe it was actually one of his fantasies. maybe both of you are curious. regardless, it's time to step up and lovingly fulfill some fantasies!

❷ sissification/feminization

you? a guy? don't be silly, honey! you're just a weak little sissy. be a good girl and do as you're told.

❸ harness vs feeldoe

sure, that harness feels good around your hips, but that feeldoe isn't anything to sneeze at either. maybe you should just use both in succession. and hey, if you can't decide which one is better, you'll at least get some fun out of it.

❹ the oral game

she's sucked you off plenty of times by now. don't you think it's about time you get to returning the favor properly?

❺ cuckolding

she loves a lot of people. she loves when he watches her love a lot of people. but what if she ever falls ill or something like it? it might just be a good idea to train him in case he needs to take her place in an emergency.

❻ bdsm flavor

what mistress wants, mistress gets. in this case, she wants you to bend over, and who are you to deny her anything?

❼ unsure

you're really not sure about this thing. why would she want that? it's not like she'll feel anything... and isn't it a bit weird for a guy to want this? something's making one or both of you hesitate, and some convincing may be in order.

❽ wildcard!

is the option you want missing? do you want to mix two or more? then this is the number for you! go ahead, think up your own scenario.
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Jack Harkness | Doctor Who/Torchwood | OTA

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[[OOC: Yes. Just... so much yes. He is down for anything.

I don't mind if you tag actionspam, but I'll reply in prose.]]
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[personal profile] lady_metallicar 2013-02-19 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc: what's your opinion on (admittedly strange) OCs?]
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[[OOC: I don't judge. If you write them well, I'll write with you. :3

The way I figure it, cross-canon RP is basically a combination of everything that could possibly happen in any universe, no matter how improbable or weird, all potentially turning up in the same place at the same time. Strange is relative, you know?]]
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[ooc: I like the way you think! Do you have any preferences? Anything jumping up and down going 'pick me, pick me!'?

If not I'll wildcard something up.]
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[[OOC: Honestly, it all looks pretty good. Jack's one of those guys who genuinely gets off on someone else enjoying themselves.]]
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Okay! Wildcard it is, just let me know if anything needs to change!

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It had all started by accident almost a year previous, when he'd, quite literally, fallen into the middle of one of her hunts. She'd accused him of being an angel at first, and sent to check up on her, but that misunderstanding had been easily cleared up. Mostly because he'd actually been a help.

After that, though, it kept happening, not every time, but often enough, and usually only when she actually needed help. It hadn't yet gotten to the point where he showed up every time she was in a tight spot, but close enough that it really couldn't be considered coincidence any more. Mostly because this was the first time he'd appeared when she wasn't on a job, and was, in fact, hustling pool to get some spending money for the week.

At that particular moment, while tucking her winnings away, she was replying to something her somewhat sore-loser of an opponent had said with: "Yeah? Well how about you just suck my dick?" She grinned at his spluttering response, adding: "Of course I've got one, I keep it in a shoebox under the bed." And with a wink, she swept off to the bar, because leaving so soon after a win like that usually spelled trouble.
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[ooc: I've always thought it would be kind of hilarious if River and Jack had hooked up at some point just because they're River and Jack and not actually having anything to do with the Doctor. You up for something like that?]
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[[OOC: Definitely. River might be the Doctor's wife, but Jack and the Doctor have their own complicated situation. And he likes strong women.]]
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How's this then?

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It started with a fancy to go out and see the Beatles live in concert. But having fulfilled that goal, River doesn't quite feel like going back to Storm Cage just yet. Instead she's found her way to a pub where she's been flirting outrageously with a dashing gentleman who seems somehow just as out of place as she is. But as much as he intrigues her, right now "intriguing" is taking a back seat to "gorgeous" and "interested".

She leans forward across the table, fully aware that the action gives the man an excellent view of some of her favourite assets. "I think it's about time we continued this discussion somewhere more... comfortable." she begins, "Know anywhere suitable?"
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Jack loves London in the sixties. He loves he music, loves the aesthetic, loves the fact that women are just starting to learn how to take charge of their own sexuality. Like this one, though there's something a little off, something he can't quite place. It's not a bad thing. "You are reading my mind, Beautiful." And Jack is absolutely staring right down the neck of her shirt to a very lovely set of tits without any guilt. "I've got a room at the Cecil."
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"Well then," she says, standing and slinging her handbag over her shoulder, "lead the way."

She's already turning over possibilities in her mind for what she wants out of the evening. Her companion seems like the adventurous type and she's curious about how far she can push things. That said, most of her favourite toys are far too anachronistic, she'll have to come up with something period appropriate.