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The Meet And Greet Meme For Characters

The Meet and Greet Meme
For Characters

 This is the IC version of the The Role Call Meme

[The Rules]

1. Find the thread for the canons/fandoms of your character. If you don't see one, make one!

2. Post with all of your character accounts. Yes, all of them. Throwing in your entire musebox is totally fine in this meme. (Please write down the name and canon/fandom of the character in the subject line, and also if they're canon, AU, crossover or OC, etc.)

3. AU characters are totally OK. Crossover/fusion characters may post at all the fandoms/canons their crossover/fusion is derived from. Fandom OCs may post at their fandom/canon's thread. Original Story/Universe OCs will have their own thread.

4. Tag around all over the place - Canonmates, non-canonmates, everything is OK!
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Balthazar, going for post-canon (ie dead) here.

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[What the hell kind of afterlife is this? You get stabbed and then spend eternity having watered-down drinks with your siblings?

He'd complain to the management, except that hasn't been effective, like, ever.]
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[The kind where Raphael is back in his old vessel and contemplating bouncing a crystal tumbler off Balthazar's head.

Complaining to the management will likely result in that happening.

But he might be willing to tweak the watered-down drinks from time to time.
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[He's quick to notice Raphael, and his expression is gratifyingly nervous when he does. Chances are a crystal tumbler would just shatter if it hit his head, but archangels have much more dangerous weaponry than fine glassware.

Balthazar slinks along the wall and gets a refill while he decides how to play this.]
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[It might simply shatter or Raphael might prevent it from doing so. Depends entirely on how annoyed he is.

Raphael watches Balthazar, but there's no point in hostilities right now. So even if his posture isn't warm, it's open.
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[Okay, so the Insta-Smite is clearly turned off for the duration of the party. That makes him feel a little less like a rabbit staring a tiger in the face. After consuming most of his refill to bolster his courage, Balthazar approaches, not quite meeting Raphael's eyes.

He's still not convinced he was wrong to leave Heaven, but the archangel has every right to his 'I Told You So'.]

...Hello, Brother.
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[Insta-Smite tends to kill the party, and well. He's hoping Michael will show up, as much as he desperately doesn't want it to happen.

Oh he has more than every right. And he'll take it, at some point.


[Is there a point towards hiding it?]

So this is where we go.
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So it seems. I wonder if we have to clean up after the party, as well? [That'd be a strange sort of justice.]

I'm not sure whether I should say I'm sorry. I'm not sorry in the way you'd probably like me to be, but evidently I did make the wrong choice somewhere along the line.
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Likely. Gabriel would find it amusing, if nothing else.

[And well. Gabriel got his sense of justice from someone.]

Do you think so?

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Is he here? I hadn't seen him. [And he'd like to. Although, ultimately, Gabriel might not be as happy to see him.

He's not sure what to make of the sarcasm. Clearly, trying to extend the olive branch subtly is futile. It's either grovel or stand his ground, and Balthazar...doesn't want to do either (isn't that the story of his life?). Sigh.]

I think it doesn't matter any more. That's what I think. Maybe it never did.
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I caught a hint of his Grace earlier.

[He's avoided Gabriel thus far. It was part of why he was focusing on the younger angels.

Subtle is futile, but at least Raphael is actually using words.

I think Castiel is going to slaughter millions of our brothers, and God only knows what else. And that you helped him do it. I think that everything I was willing to commit the Host to a war to has failed, because all of you had a temper tantrum, because you decided to follow Castiel.

[He loved the Host, he didn't want them killed. Or hurt.]

So how did you enjoy that freedom Balthazar? Did it make you happy? Joyful? Or was it lonely, desolate, empty? Did all of your drugs and debauchery fill that void?
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Oh, well, tell me how you really feel, Raphael. [It's a rote response, defensive sarcasm, because he's too shocked by the verbal attack to come up with anything better.] I mean, it's good to see you expressing yourself. Maybe everyone ought to hear this. Is there a microphone somewhere?

[He looks around in an exaggerated way, movements just slightly disjointed with distress, but in the end all he finds is a place to put his glass down. And then he looks back at the archangel.] It hurts less to put the blame on us, doesn't it? Your little brothers who would have been all right if we'd just listened to you? Did you ever hear us?

[He's smiling now, without any positive emotion at all.] Do you remember when I told you it wouldn't end well for any of us, no matter what? Maybe that was the Plan all along. I think we disappointed our Father, and he left us to destroy ourselves from the inside out. Maybe if Cas does kill all the angels in Heaven, then God will be able to start over.
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If wanted everyone to hear me, they would.

[Raphael has depths of anger no one, not even Michael, saw. He's quite good at making sure it stays controlled.]

You would have been all right. Believing a distant, but loving Father resided on the Throne, that everything done, was because He asked, that there was a purpose, a point, to all of it. There would have been losses during the Apocalypse but nothing like this. Humans would have been safe inside Heaven, one of our heaviest duties taken care of.

[Raphael's own expression isn't much better. Something desperate lurks in the way his jaw and lips fight with each other, between an empty smile and a snarl, in the open and sincere set of his eyes.]

I wasn't going let that be the Plan.
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[He actually half expected Raphael to smite him for that backtalk, and the fact that he hasn't gives Balthazar pause yet again. And he looks twice, and the fact that his own emotions are reflected in the archangel before him is almost too frightening to process.

Even worse, it reminds him of the conversation with Castiel in the woods, after he first heard about the plan to crack Purgatory, the other angel utterly convinced the fate of everything rested on him.

Well, it wasn't fair then, and it isn't fair now. And it will never lead to any good. Backing down, he sits, raising his eyes to the archangel's face. He should have spoken up to Castiel then, and maybe it won't help now, too little, too late, needs to be said.]
Raphael. You shouldn't have to carry so much on your own.

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[When Castiel spots Balthazar across the room, he's torn between going to him and hiding. As a result, he winds up staring for a few moments before forcing himself to walk over.]

Hello, Balthazar.
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[It actually takes him a few moments to notice his brother's intense stare, mainly because there are several other brothers around and they all have intense stares. It also hasn't escaped Balthazar that there are multiples of himself around (which he chooses to avoid because the only alternative he sees is to walk right up and hit on himself), as well as multiples of Cas. Different points in time, maybe.

This one that's looking at him, though, seems to be radiating discomfort. Guilt? That's going to make this an awkward conversation. There are a dozen sarcastic things he could say about sticks, orifaces, alcohol, archangels...but fuck it.]

Castiel. You look...better than I'd hoped for, honestly, given how I saw you last. [His smile is uncharacteristically grave.]
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[Castiel has so many things to feel guilty for. He's done terrible things to Dean, to Sam, to the world. Right now, though, he's entirely focused on what he'd done to Balthazar. He'd betrayed him in the worst way possible and that ate at him.

Better is relative, of course. He's far less likely to hurt anyone he cares about now, but he's not so sure that he's really doing better.

So do you.

[He's not sure what else to say. An apology can only mean so much.]
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...well, yes. I'm walking and talking and everything! Not bad for a dead angel.

[It comes out rather acerbic. An apology won't fix things, of course, but Balthazar sort of wants one, anyway. And it's just not fair to have Castiel giving him that heartbroken, guilty look. He wants to be angry, and how can he be when his own Grace is screaming at him to do whatever it takes to make his brother feel better?

Rattled, he drains the glass in his hand and sets it aside with a thunk.]
So, I take it the world didn't blow up, at least not permanently. Do you want to get me caught up on current events, or should we just change the subject?

[His smile is visibly strained, but he sinks into a chair, and jerks his head at another next to it. Time to have a chat, one way or another.]
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[ A subject change is exactly what Castiel would like, but he doesn't deserve it. Of course, he really doesn't want to get Balthazar caught up, either. He's made so many more mistakes since he chose to take his brother's life. ]

If--[ He closes his eyes, taking a long, deep breath. ] If I could do everything over again, I'd take my own life before I'd take yours.
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[Damn it. Now he doesn't know what to say. It's not quite an apology, but it's certainly regret.

Angels with regrets. The world is clearly broken beyond repair. Balthazar rubs his face with both hands and sighs shakily.]
I wouldn't want that, Cassi. Sit with me. Please?
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Of course. [ He's ready to follow. He may not have said that he was sorry in as many words, but it was the intended meaning of his words. He's more sorry than words can really express. ]
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[There's a chair close by, and he pulls it closer easily, turning it so they're a bit sheltered from the rest of the room. Once Castiel's seated, he reaches to place his hand over his wrist.] Now. No more talk about taking your own life. I did what I did because I was afraid that was where you were already headed.

I think I should have spoken up instead of sneaking around you, but... [But that might have forced a face to face confrontation, and that wouldn't have ended well, either.] It's done, anyway.
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[ Castiel shakes his head. ] I wouldn't have listened. I should have, but I know I wouldn't have. [ He swallows. ]

I'm sorry. [ He finally really looks at Balthazar. It's the hardest thing for something so simple, but there's an ache in his chest when he looks at Balthazar's face. This is the brother who'd fought with him, fought for him and risked so much for him and Castiel had repaid him by stabbing him in the back. ]
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No. I hope I never see you like that again. [Backed into a corner of his own making, that is.

Balthazar meets the soulful gaze reluctantly, already feeling in over his head. Maybe it would be easier, better if he could pass over the whole incident and joke about it. Or if he could storm and rage and refuse forgiveness. Instead, he sits there feeling like there's a gulf between them neither can bridge, and it hurts.

Looks like it hurts both of them.]
Cassi. I know you're sorry. I want to forget it ever happened, only I'm not sure I can. But you're still my brother. I still l-- [Wait, no. Too much.] I still want what's best for you.
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[ It mirrors so well what Castiel feels himself. He wants to forget, but he won't. He can't and he doesn't deserve to. He'd betrayed all of the people who had deserved it the least. They'd all been trying to help him and he'd stabbed each and every one of them in the back, Balthazar quite literally. He'd killed his brother, the one who had offered more real support and understanding than anyone else who had been fighting with them. ]

I still think about you. [ His eyes are glassy as he looks at Balthazar. ] I... miss you.

[ It's difficult, not because he doesn't want to admit his feelings, but because he isn't entirely used to having them. ]
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[How do you build a bridge across a chasm cut with an angelic blade? Faith, maybe, or Grace. Balthazar doesn't have much of either of those left. His chest hurts now, and he's not sure whether it's an excess of emotion or a memory of physical pain. Still, he holds Castiel's gaze.] I'd come back with you, if I could.

[Ha, wouldn't that annoy the Winchesters? There's a brief burst of amusement at the thought before he sinks back into restless grief.] Will it help if I forgive you? Will that make you able to forgive yourself? [He's still holding his wrist, and now that grip shifts to hand-holding, fingers lacing idly together.]

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