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The Last [X] in the World Meme {a smut meme}


{a smut meme}

Everyone likes to think of themselves as unique, but what if you weren't just a bit different? What if you were the only one like you at all?

Well you'd end up in a sexual scenario obviously. Lets find out what one.

First, what are you the last of?

1. The last of your sex. The battle of the sexes had to end one way or the other. And you are the lone remnant of your side. Maybe it was a virus, radiation from space or a purposeful purge, but you're the only one with your genitals left.

2. The last of your species. Your mother? Dead. Your father? Dead. Your siblings? Dead. Everyone who shares your genetics right back to the last time the evolutionary tree branched? Dead. Except for you. Welcome to the 'good as extinct' species list, buddy. Don't matter if you're a human, vampire, unicorn or panda, you're all there is.

3. The last of your organisation. If it was the noble empire that ruled the world, the brightest band of stars of the musical world, practiser of a now lost art or the criminal association that terrorised the innocent, they're all gone but you. By assassination or accident, you're the only one carrying the (literal or metaphorical) mark identifying you as the last of the world famous group.

4. The last of your home. Remember that sleepy old home town of yours? In that lovely home country? Possibly on your beloved home planet? Well, you're the only one that does. If it was war, an accident or just the passage of time, you're a refugee who can never go home.

5. The last of your lineage. Congrats. You're so orphaned you don't have a trace of any family anywhere. Unfortunately, it turns out that your bloodline is kind of important. Maybe you're royalty or the heir to an enormous fortune, maybe your family has been prophesied to overthrow the Dark Lord. Whatever floats your boat.

6. The last...whatever. Sorry, didn't catch that. You're the last whatever you want to be.

Oh, so you're the last [X]? That sucks. So what's happening now?

1. In hiding. There's a reason you're the last, after all. Something nasty went down and you're hiding from the consequences. Sadly, the time has come for your secret to be revealed. If you're confiding in a trusted friend or you slipped up and are being blackmailed, you two now share a secret that links you together.

2. Milking it for all it's worth! Yeah it's sad and lonely and all that, but it's also a way to cash in. You control the only supply of whatever you are and demand is high, baby. You're famous and loving it. And look at all those groupies you've got without competition getting int the way...

3. Not quite the last. You've been alone for a long time now, without anyone who can really understand what it's like to be you. Good news! You're not as alone as you thought. Turns out there's another last [X] out there. Through fortune or active searching it's time for you to meet and emotions are guaranteed to run high.

4. Rebuilding. Just because you're the only one around doesn't mean you have to be the last. Could be that you're spending your days in a laboratory under going attempts to artificially increase your numbers...if you want to or not. Even if they can't biologically help, a certain doctor might have been a shoulder to cry on too. Could be that you're looking for that first apprentice you'll use to recreate your once proud group. Or you're just trying to spread your genes the old fashioned way, all day every day.

5. Getting even. Your [X] is dead...murdered... And someone's responsible! You've dedicated your life to justice or revenge. But once you've got them in your sights, something happens. Maybe killing them isn't enough and you need to humiliate them first. Perhaps dedicating your life to someone has created some odd feelings that have mixed with the feelings of the sex drive you suppressed getting this far. Or even worse, they've turned the tables and you're the one who is on the receiving end. They could always be feeling guilty and you could forgive them too...

6. Something else. You're probably more creative than me. Come up with something cool, why don't you.

1) Post your characters, their canon and your preferences. Make sure to note if there are scenarios you aren't into, some of these could involve non-con, dub-con, incest, pregnancy etc. 
2) Either roll up two numbers or pick a pair that you like, reply to other comments. Alternatively use your own comment to provide any number of short introductions to scenes you would like to play.
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Ryou Bakura (genderbend) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || OTA

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Card games weren't forever, unfortunately for the King of Games. And anyone from the spin-offs, lol

A year or so after their pharoah BFF departed to the afterlife, Duel Monsters became less and less popular. It must have just been another passing fad. Who would want to continue dueling for years? That was so... whenecer last year in the Yu-Gi-Oh world was. Maybe some other card game was the "in" thing now, maybe people realized how ridiculous or even dangerous that Duel Monsters was... Who knows?

Yugi wasn't too upset about his drop in popularity, although he definitely missed a fun duel or twenty with his friends and fans. Anzu was dancing in New York, Jounouchi and Honda were being.... well, them, somewhere. Everyone seemed to be too busy for card games, or just not interested. How depressing.

All that he really did nowadays was watch over the game shop nowadays, probably out of nostalgia. At least there was a certain familiar face visiting today. "Oh, hey Bakura! What brings you here?" He couldn't help but give his friend a light smile, as awful as this plot was.
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Being as this was the only place left that still sold Duel Monster Cards, she was always a frequent customer to the old game shop. That and there was always the chance to see her friend Yuugi again. It had been at least a year after Atem departed, so she always tried to find time to come and visit him, along with checking up on him to make sure that he was okay. Because she understood what it was like having a Spirit being with you for so long. Only Yuugi got the better end of the deal, to be honest.

"Just wanted to see if this place was still in business." A smile. "How are you, Yuugi-kun?"


[personal profile] minigoff 2012-09-27 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
"Don't let grandpa hear you say that, even if you're one of our best customers right now." The shorter duelist snickered as he replied. "We don't sell many cards these days, but other games are still pretty popular." Kids and their disgusting, non-DM fads and all.

As he continued, he walked over to grab Ryou a few booster packs, same thing she ordered every time that she visited. "I'm doing alright though, just relaxing here, I guess." He still hadn't thought about college or anything, he's irresponsible and still mentally 12 forever. But at least he wasn't entirely alone and dorky, he thought, setting the booster packs down onto the counter. "What about you?"
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"I'm doing well. My dad wants me to build another set piece for the museum , so I was going to head to the craft store after here, since it's close by." Plus, seeing an old friend always makes her happy.

She paid for the booster packs before opening them and looking through them, still in the shop. She was quiet for a moment.

"Yuugi-kun... how long has it been? Since your last duel?"

back in our day, people dueled each other for everything, etc!

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"Sounds exciting. Maybe we should come to the museum more often." Clearly, it was his family's duty as archeology nerds, and it wouldn't hurt to support his old friend in return.

The last time that he dueled? "Uh... I dunno, a few months?" Some King of Games that he was, although who could blame him for not remembering? "It's no big deal though, I'm doing okay." He lied, obviously.
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There was pride in being called a duelist! Or something like that.

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"...If you say so." Something about the way he said that made her feel concerned. Was he really doing okay? Duel Monsters had been a fairly large part of their lives, among other things. To give up something like that so quickly.

"...If it's okay, I would like to have a duel... with you." Probably just a table top game since she doesn't have a Duel Disk to speak of, even if the Discs from Battle City hopefully still worked.

no one believes in the heart of the cards anymore, who cares about college and careers, right?

[personal profile] minigoff 2012-09-27 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
What a big, fat liar, except he's technically only one of those but whatever. But everyone knew how Yugi was. So modest~, he wouldn't want anyone to worry about him and his dorky childishness.

"Oh, sure!" That didn't sound too eager, did it? Whoops. Not that he could hide his geeky excitement for one of his favorite games anyway. An awkward grin would probably help make him look like less of a loser, right? Well, he gave his friend a grin anyway. "I could use a break anyway." His heart racing, clearly because of kaados and not because of romance, he reached for the deck box at his side and took out his deck.
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Nobody, apparently. Also VERY LATE :[

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Except that she always worried about him. What with Atem gone and most of their friends gone off to do their own things, it was hard not to worry about him. Plus, now with one of his favorite games fairly non-existent, it was really hard not to be worried about her closest friend.

"If you don't mind, we might have to play on the table. I... don't have a duel disk." Since it technically was stolen in the first place, it was only good to return it. She couldn't get another one through legal means though. Because Kaiba was still suspicious of her, but she didn't mind too much and just stuck with playing the old fashioned way. So, it won't be as flashing or exciting, but when was that all that mattered to dueling anyway?

"I might be a little rusty, just as a fair warning."