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absolute obedience meme

The Absolute Obedience Meme

1. Post with your character.

2. That character is compelled to follow the orders of anyone who replies.

3. Any orders.

4. Any orders.
Meme Strategy:

There's nothing in the rules about whether or not your character knows s/he must obey - as well, the other character might not know that s/he must be obeyed. Play it however you like.

Don't like the orders you got? Not willing to have your character follow them, even if you've had a good time up to this point? Talk to the other player, use OOC notes or PMs, try and work it out.

Got some stuff you'd never want to play out? Consider making a preferences post and linking to it when you reply here.

Wanna give orders that people would love to follow? Give 'em context. Make it a story. Is this about revenge? Working out some personal issues? Too dumb to realize that the other guy has to do whatever your guy says?
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Atem | Yu-Gi-Oh | OTA

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[It had been a few months after the Ceremonial Duel and Atem had decided to stay behind, starting a new life in the new era. He was even given his own body in this new life, separate from Yuugi. He was making his own life, and being mostly successful at it. He made friendships easily with the rest of Yuugi's group, save for one white-haired girl, who kept her distant from the former pharaoh. Why? Well, at the cost of getting a new body, he had to follow her every command, wish, and whim. Why her, of all people? Because the Gods deemed it so. Only she knew about this little deal because they told her in a dream. No one else knew about this, not even Atem. Though there were little hints of it here and there, she kept the secret mostly to herself. With her being the former host of the Spirit of the Ring, some of the others were still suspicious of her, so that's also why she kept her distance. She didn't want her friends hating or distrusting her anymore than they already was.]

[Still, there was still that allure of wanting social interaction, so at the invitation to a party at the request of Yuugi, she couldn't say no even if she wanted to. That and Yuugi wanted her and Atem to get along better because he wanted all of his friends to get along, naturally.]

[So, now, she's standing away from the crowd, hoping against hope that she wouldn't see Atem or make him do things if she ever said anything that even sounded like a command.]
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[Too bad for her there's only so much interaction he can take. Parties were never really his scene. Even if they were all familiar faces, after a while he had to step away just to breathe. He knew Yuugi meant well but he just needed some time to himself.

The minute he can edge back against the wall without being noticed he's gone. At least he would have been if she hadn't gotten right in his way. It's alright, though. One is better than ten.]

Sorry. [For almost walking right into her.]
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[She hadn't been paying much attention, her focus moving in and out the crowd, so she wasn't paying much attention to her immediate surroundings. Meaning that she hadn't noticed that Atem had come, almost walking right into her.]

No, it's okay. I should have been paying more atten-[She finally notices who had almost bumped into her. The one that she had the power over and was trying very hard not to control.]--attention. Ah... hello, Atem-san.
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Hi. [A short greeting as he regards her. Out of everyone else she'd always kept her distance after everything. It was questionable. He worried about her, not that it felt appropriate to do. But she was his friend. He wondered if she felt the same way.]

Is everything alright? [Sure he was trying to get away but she was just sort of standing there. Maybe she wanted to leave too.]
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[She wanted to be friends with him, she really did. Just... that minor detail of having control over him that she didn't want known to anyone about. If anyone knew about this, they would trust her even less, or that she wouldn't abuse this kind of power, which she seriously didn't want to do. At all. Throughout all of this thinking, she appeared nervous, even skittish, that they were even interacting.]

Y-yes, everything is fine. You don't have to worry about me.
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[There was a spark that passed his eyes before everything calmed. His shoulders dropped and he turned half away to look back at the party.

...that wasn't right, was it? With sheer will he forced himself to meet her eyes once again.]

How has everything been?
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[She tensed, noticing that little spark. Did she say a command by accident? She needed to choose her words more carefully from now on.]

It's been okay. I'm still in school, hoping to find a job close by so that I can pay for college. And I've been a little busy lately, so that's why I haven't seen much of anyone in a while [Among other reasons.]

H-how have you been?
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[No instead you should order him to bed. He keeps his eyes close on hers. Something about this exchange was wrong. Something about it was off. He wasn't entirely sure it was her fault. Maybe it was him. But he was keen on getting to the bottom of it.]

Adjusting. Like everyone else. [Not having to save the world anymore is a big change for everyone probably.] Yuugi talks about you a lot, you know. I think he worries. [Saying this he feels rather devoid. Yuugi worries. But does he?

It's suddenly not there.]
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[Patience, Emmycakes, patience. It'll get there, eventually. She was still searching for what she had said that would have caused that spark, and if there was a way to take it back without being noticed. Can't help the light blush though.]

Y-Yuugi-kun doesn't have to worry about me. He has his own worries, I'm sure. I'm the least of his problems. He doesn't have to worry about me.
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[Watching her he ends up frowning. There's still that empty void there but seeing her act this way is concerning, at the very least.]

Don't think so little of yourself. [He has the sneaking suspicion that she does.]
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[She can't help it, not with her past and dealings with others.]

It's nothing. [It was, honestly.]

But... Can I ask you something?
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[He's intent on her all of a sudden and giving her his full attention.]

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[Suddenly, having his full attention on her made her a tad skittish again. Did she slip up again?]

Just.. a hypothetical question. ...Like, say I have...this friend. I... I have to be careful about what I say around or to him... because I feel like something bad will happen if I say something around or to him. Like... [What was something she could do to prove a point?] If I asked if he would kiss me... [Oops, too late, Ryou.]
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[He's paying attention. He really is. Not just because he's being ordered to but because he's curious. But he's not really sure what she's going on about. He looks like he isn't really understanding until none of it matters anymore.

Once that obedient part of him hears that order he's closing in on her without a second thought. If she's protesting it doesn't seem to matter to him as his hand comes up to cup her cheek and his lips press against hers.]
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[Oh, NOW, she realizes her mistake in words. Her BIG mistake. If Atem's warm, soft lips against hers wasn't alarming enough, a few woots and cheers heard from across the room certainly were. She pulled back, almost teary eyed from being completely and utterly humiliated, no matter how nice the kiss was.]

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
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[He's really not sure what's going on. Had he ever thought about kissing Ryou before this? It's a little foggy up in his brain. But there is something he can at least latch on to.

And that's looking at how upset she is- hopefully from his idiot friends. He turns sharply.] That's enough! [Right? ...he's really confused. Why did he kiss Ryou? What sense does any of this make?

He can't figure it out. And he knows he won't be able to with her in tears and people watching over his shoulder. So without much thought (which seemed to be getting him in trouble recently) he grabs her hand and moves to leave the room.] Come on.
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[There was a brief amount of silence when Atem snapped at his friends. They sort of realized what was going on, that whatever was going on was serious business. Because a girl in tears is definitely serious business. At least, that's what the other girls and Yuugi believed anyway. The guys just made snide remarks about how forward Atem was being with her, once they were both out of the room, of course.]

[Ryou, meanwhile, was still so upset. She didn't mean for this to happen, nor did she want control over Atem's life. She didn't want to be in control of anyone's life save her own. They moved up to the bedroom of the Gameshop, where it was quieter and they could talk in private. She wiped her eyes, sniffling.]

I'm so sorry... I didn't want any part of this... not at all...
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[He's busy glaring back down the hallway to make sure no one is following them. Maybe he had been but- ...no he had been. Why? He still couldn't figure it out. But Ryou apologizing stalls him again as he closes the door and leans back against it.]

Why are you apologizing? [What sense did that make? His eyes avert and his anxiousness shows in the tense up of his shoulders.] This is my fault. I'm sorry. [He can't find the reason, not that kissing her wasn't... pleasant, but that's not the point. He's upset her by being so quick.]
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No, it's not your fault, not your fault in the least. It's... it's mine... [Sniff. Might as well explain it to him so that he can be more cautious of her, in case something else slips out. Or at least know to avoid her all together from now on.]

There-there was a reason that you kissed me... it was.. because I 'commanded' you to do it. I-It was an accident. I didn't mean to make you kiss me in front of everyone.
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[Now he's looking at her with extreme skepticism as well as a surge of pride.]

Don't be ridiculous. [She must be just trying to take the blame because that sounds ridiculous. No one can tell him to do anything, after all.]
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I'm not being ridiculous. [Hmmm... what to do to prove a point... that didn't involve them having to touch each other again...]

Take off your shirt.
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[Oh lord Ryou what are you doing. He watches her for a moment but eventually there is no resistance whatsoever. That leather tanktop is coming off and dropping to the floor to reveal those dangerously low riding accompanying leather pants and lean muscled chest.

Why he did it seems to escape him. He only realizes it after a moment.]

...that's different. [Right? Surely he's just taking his shirt off because this is his room and he can do as he pleases. Right. That makes sense. Except no.]

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It was the end of a losing duel. Again. Kaiba was left to catch his breath as the crowd cheered once again for their King of Games. If that wasn't enough to irritate him, the geek squad was coming up fast. Kaiba could practically hear the Mutt's yapping even all the way up on the platform.

He scowled as he slipped his cards back into his pocket, Enemy Controller just briefly visible as he straightened them. He had been so sure his new strategy with it would work. Success had practically been in his grasp. Now Atem was simply going to walk away victorious while he was left once again in the dust. Just watching his turn toward the idiots and away from him was infuriating.

"This isn't over!" He called out. "Next time you won't be able to walk away from me."
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It had been a great duel as always. Leaving him breathless, heart pounding, even in his more uncertain moments he'd been having a good time (even if a little frustrated). Things were ending like they always did. He had won, Kaiba was left seething and he would go home with his friends and relax for a little while before Kaiba or someone else challenged him again-

At least that's how they usually went. As soon as he heard Kaiba he stopped from turning completely to meet his friends and looked back at the other. Something snapped to attention in him. Why after all this time did he always walk away? Sure they weren't friends. Kaiba was frustrating. But...

For a brief moment he really couldn't explain why it was but he was raising a hand to his friends to keep them back or tell them to leave without him, he wasn't sure which. And with that he stopped walking away from Kaiba and started walking to him instead, eyes watching him curiously. Why all of a sudden was this? Why had he never entertained this idea before? ...what possible good could come from this?