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The Superohero Meme

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero? They are idolized, looked upon as Champions of Truth and Justice. That’s the sort of hero you can be, one that always does what is right, no matter what. Pummeling baddies when they're threatening the weak, foiling the latest of a Villain’s dastardly plans to take over the world or destroy the city. It can be satisfying to end their reign of terror and put them behind bars.

Or maybe you aren’t like the Typical Hero. Maybe you don’t completely embody the traits that one might except. You could met out justice by happily breaking bones. Your type of justice can be dealt from the barrel of a gun. You might not be asked by children to sign an autograph, but you are doing your part!

When you get right down to it, it doesn’t matter what sort of superhero you are, because there is room for all types! So get there and dedicate your life to fighting crime and the forces of evil! Unless you much prefer to ally yourself with those very forces instead..

How To Play
  • Comment below with your character. Put in their Name | Series
  • Include anything else that you think may be important.
  • AU your character as much as you like or where you feel it is necessary.
  • Feel free to have your character be a Villain or Anti-Hero instead of a Superhero.
  • RNG or pick from any of the Prompts below.
  • You can even RNG a power if you like!


1. Day Off

You are a superhero, butt today is your day off. Do some shopping, pay some bills, go to a cafe, be normal!

2. Watch Duty

You’ve been saddled with watching your Superhero HQ while everyone else is off punching baddies in the face! Whether you are stuck in a large space station like structure orbiting the Earth or some tall building in the middle of the city, it’s your duty to watch it.

3. Patrol

Being vigilant is part of being a Vigilante! So you have to get out and roam the city, flying or jumping between rooftops while you’re on the lookout for crime! Driving is fine too.

4. Newbie

You ar new to this. Whether you just got your powers or you just decided to become a hero, you’re a total newbie. Try not to make any mistakes.

5. Future Shock

One of you have returned from the future to make sure events don’t go down a certain path. Averting the terrible, impending future is your one and only true goal.

6. Return

People thought you were dead! You’ve been listed as such or MIA but they were wrong. Maybe you did die and you got resurrected or maybe you faked your own death. Whatever the case, time to show yourself to your allies and friends.

7. Gala

Being a superhero isn’t all about wearing spandex and flying around the city. Sometimes you get invited to formal event. Masks are optional and formal wear is much appreciated.

8. Training Simulator

You can fight as hard as you want in the confines of the Training Simulator. Whether you are fighting against Zombies riding Dinosaurs or Ninja’s riding giant Bees, whatever you can imagine can take place here.

9. Corrupted

Someone or something has done something to you. You are no longer yourself and your friends and allies know it.

10. Temptation

Someone is offering you something that you are finding it hard to say no to, even if that means switching sides for it.

11. Stakeout

Sitting in one location to watch or wait for something to happen can be extremely tedious. It’s a good thing you have a partner to share the burden with. Make jokes, talk about old times, whatever you can do to get through this.

12. Slow Week

Have criminals just taken the week off? Baddies away at some type of organized crime convention? Whatever the case, there isn’t really much for you to do. Finding a way to occupy your time is a must.

13. Patched Up

That last fight was pretty rough, the injuries you sustained need to be patched up. Maybe an ally wouldn’t mind lending you a hand.

14. Sidelined

You are hurt. Maybe it happened in your last big battle or maybe it happened during training, but your injuries prevent you from going out and joining your comrades in fighting crime.

15. Fugitive

Wrongfully accused or maybe you did what they think and they don’t know the full story. Whatever the case might be, you are on the run. And some of your closest friends and allies could be the ones trying to bring you in.

16. Try Out

Not everyone can just make it onto a team because they have the urge to do good within them. Sometimes a try out is necessary. Whether that be fighting imaginary opponents or displaying your skills. Impress those watching you or spark up a conversation with another participant.

17. Sidekick

You are just starting out, but instead of going solo you have elected to become someone’s Sidekick. They are your mentor and you would do well to listen and learn from them.

18. Sidekick to Superhero

You used to be a Sidekick, now you are striking it out on your own and becoming a solo hero. Don’t be afraid to change your name and get a new costume.

19. Day Job

Being a superhero doesn’t typically pay the bills. So a day job is usually needed to help make ends meet. Maybe you’ll bump into someone you know at work. Maybe they work there too.

20. Hang Up Your Cape

You can’t fight crime forever, or maybe you can. But for some reason you have to call it quits. It could be that your heart just isn’t in it anymore or maybe things have changed in your civilian life. Don’t feel bad, though, there’s no shame in pursuing a normal life.

21. Team Up

This wasn’t planned, but the both of you have ended up in a situation where you have to work together, whether you are friend or foe, you have to take this on side by side.

22. Old Timer

One of you has been at this a long time compared to the other. It could be helpful to drop a little wisdom on the up and comer. Or maybe just shoot the breeze.

23. Persecuted/Feels Different

One of you feels or is actually persecuted because of what you are or what you can do. It might not make you feel like being any less of a hero, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother you.

24. Fundraiser

Sometimes Heroes need to get together and earn money for a great cause. Maybe you are offering to bend metal into whatever shape people desire either with your bare hands or even with your mind. Whatever ability you can bring to the table to help raise money is welcomed.

25. Forced To Work Together

The two of you are at odds for some reason and despite that, you are being made to work together. Settle your differences or try not to let them get in the way.

26. Power Swap

Something crazy happens and the two of you swap abilities. How will you two deal with this situation?

27. Reunion

It has been a long time since you’ve seen each other. Maybe one of you went away into space or was otherwise preoccupied all of these years, but you are meeting up again now.

28. Stealth/Sneaking In

Sometimes, Infiltrating a place is what a hero has to do. Whether it be highly guarded with high tech security or minimally guarded with only one security camera. Just try your best not to be seen.

29. Civil War

Something has stirred up dissension in the superhero community and that has lead to an all out war within the group. Each side is fighting for what they believe in, even if that means fighting against their closest friend and ally.

30. Body Swap

Something has happened and now they are you and you are them! You two need to figure out how to fix this situation.

31. Rescue

One of you have been captured and the other has showed up to stage a rescue.

32. Escaping

Both of you have been captured and you have to plan an escape together.

33. Superhero High

You are attending a local school for superheroes! Maybe you are a teacher or a student, maybe they tell you if you are going to be a Hero or Sidekick and you aren’t happy with what you got. No matter the case, try not to be late to class.

34. Action Scenes

Jump straight into the action with any of these scenes.

  • 34A - Alien Invasion
    - Space Aliens are invading the Earth and they do not come in peace!
  • 34B - Bank Robbery
    - The most common of crimes foiled by superheroes. Stop them during their getaway or during the robbery itself.
  • 34C - Giant Robot Fight
    - Jump into a giant robot to fight another or do battle with one using only your superpowers.
  • 34D - Creatures From The Sea
    - A sea monster has made its way into the city and it's up to you to fight it and protect the citizens.
  • 34E - Creatures From Another Dimension
    - A gateway has opened up in the middle of the city and creatures from another dimension are pouring in.
  • 34F - Supervillain Attack
    - Supervillains have banded together in a group and are attacking the city to finally deal with all the pesky heroes!
  • 34G - Zombie Outbreak
    - Oh no! A Zombie outbreak is spreading through the city. What will you do?
  • 34H - Random Brawl
    - One of you is in the middle of a brawl in the street, in a bar, alleyway, ect. Do you sit by and watch or lend them a hand?
  • 34I - Shoot Out
    - They have guns and they are shooting at you. Do you have guns too? If not, hopefully you have powers that will help you out.

35. Wild Card

Come up with your own prompt or mix.

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