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The Superohero Meme

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero? They are idolized, looked upon as Champions of Truth and Justice. That’s the sort of hero you can be, one that always does what is right, no matter what. Pummeling baddies when they're threatening the weak, foiling the latest of a Villain’s dastardly plans to take over the world or destroy the city. It can be satisfying to end their reign of terror and put them behind bars.

Or maybe you aren’t like the Typical Hero. Maybe you don’t completely embody the traits that one might except. You could met out justice by happily breaking bones. Your type of justice can be dealt from the barrel of a gun. You might not be asked by children to sign an autograph, but you are doing your part!

When you get right down to it, it doesn’t matter what sort of superhero you are, because there is room for all types! So get there and dedicate your life to fighting crime and the forces of evil! Unless you much prefer to ally yourself with those very forces instead..

How To Play
  • Comment below with your character. Put in their Name | Series
  • Include anything else that you think may be important.
  • AU your character as much as you like or where you feel it is necessary.
  • Feel free to have your character be a Villain or Anti-Hero instead of a Superhero.
  • RNG or pick from any of the Prompts below.
  • You can even RNG a power if you like!


1. Day Off

You are a superhero, butt today is your day off. Do some shopping, pay some bills, go to a cafe, be normal!

2. Watch Duty

You’ve been saddled with watching your Superhero HQ while everyone else is off punching baddies in the face! Whether you are stuck in a large space station like structure orbiting the Earth or some tall building in the middle of the city, it’s your duty to watch it.

3. Patrol

Being vigilant is part of being a Vigilante! So you have to get out and roam the city, flying or jumping between rooftops while you’re on the lookout for crime! Driving is fine too.

4. Newbie

You ar new to this. Whether you just got your powers or you just decided to become a hero, you’re a total newbie. Try not to make any mistakes.

5. Future Shock

One of you have returned from the future to make sure events don’t go down a certain path. Averting the terrible, impending future is your one and only true goal.

6. Return

People thought you were dead! You’ve been listed as such or MIA but they were wrong. Maybe you did die and you got resurrected or maybe you faked your own death. Whatever the case, time to show yourself to your allies and friends.

7. Gala

Being a superhero isn’t all about wearing spandex and flying around the city. Sometimes you get invited to formal event. Masks are optional and formal wear is much appreciated.

8. Training Simulator

You can fight as hard as you want in the confines of the Training Simulator. Whether you are fighting against Zombies riding Dinosaurs or Ninja’s riding giant Bees, whatever you can imagine can take place here.

9. Corrupted

Someone or something has done something to you. You are no longer yourself and your friends and allies know it.

10. Temptation

Someone is offering you something that you are finding it hard to say no to, even if that means switching sides for it.

11. Stakeout

Sitting in one location to watch or wait for something to happen can be extremely tedious. It’s a good thing you have a partner to share the burden with. Make jokes, talk about old times, whatever you can do to get through this.

12. Slow Week

Have criminals just taken the week off? Baddies away at some type of organized crime convention? Whatever the case, there isn’t really much for you to do. Finding a way to occupy your time is a must.

13. Patched Up

That last fight was pretty rough, the injuries you sustained need to be patched up. Maybe an ally wouldn’t mind lending you a hand.

14. Sidelined

You are hurt. Maybe it happened in your last big battle or maybe it happened during training, but your injuries prevent you from going out and joining your comrades in fighting crime.

15. Fugitive

Wrongfully accused or maybe you did what they think and they don’t know the full story. Whatever the case might be, you are on the run. And some of your closest friends and allies could be the ones trying to bring you in.

16. Try Out

Not everyone can just make it onto a team because they have the urge to do good within them. Sometimes a try out is necessary. Whether that be fighting imaginary opponents or displaying your skills. Impress those watching you or spark up a conversation with another participant.

17. Sidekick

You are just starting out, but instead of going solo you have elected to become someone’s Sidekick. They are your mentor and you would do well to listen and learn from them.

18. Sidekick to Superhero

You used to be a Sidekick, now you are striking it out on your own and becoming a solo hero. Don’t be afraid to change your name and get a new costume.

19. Day Job

Being a superhero doesn’t typically pay the bills. So a day job is usually needed to help make ends meet. Maybe you’ll bump into someone you know at work. Maybe they work there too.

20. Hang Up Your Cape

You can’t fight crime forever, or maybe you can. But for some reason you have to call it quits. It could be that your heart just isn’t in it anymore or maybe things have changed in your civilian life. Don’t feel bad, though, there’s no shame in pursuing a normal life.

21. Team Up

This wasn’t planned, but the both of you have ended up in a situation where you have to work together, whether you are friend or foe, you have to take this on side by side.

22. Old Timer

One of you has been at this a long time compared to the other. It could be helpful to drop a little wisdom on the up and comer. Or maybe just shoot the breeze.

23. Persecuted/Feels Different

One of you feels or is actually persecuted because of what you are or what you can do. It might not make you feel like being any less of a hero, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother you.

24. Fundraiser

Sometimes Heroes need to get together and earn money for a great cause. Maybe you are offering to bend metal into whatever shape people desire either with your bare hands or even with your mind. Whatever ability you can bring to the table to help raise money is welcomed.

25. Forced To Work Together

The two of you are at odds for some reason and despite that, you are being made to work together. Settle your differences or try not to let them get in the way.

26. Power Swap

Something crazy happens and the two of you swap abilities. How will you two deal with this situation?

27. Reunion

It has been a long time since you’ve seen each other. Maybe one of you went away into space or was otherwise preoccupied all of these years, but you are meeting up again now.

28. Stealth/Sneaking In

Sometimes, Infiltrating a place is what a hero has to do. Whether it be highly guarded with high tech security or minimally guarded with only one security camera. Just try your best not to be seen.

29. Civil War

Something has stirred up dissension in the superhero community and that has lead to an all out war within the group. Each side is fighting for what they believe in, even if that means fighting against their closest friend and ally.

30. Body Swap

Something has happened and now they are you and you are them! You two need to figure out how to fix this situation.

31. Rescue

One of you have been captured and the other has showed up to stage a rescue.

32. Escaping

Both of you have been captured and you have to plan an escape together.

33. Superhero High

You are attending a local school for superheroes! Maybe you are a teacher or a student, maybe they tell you if you are going to be a Hero or Sidekick and you aren’t happy with what you got. No matter the case, try not to be late to class.

34. Action Scenes

Jump straight into the action with any of these scenes.

  • 34A - Alien Invasion
    - Space Aliens are invading the Earth and they do not come in peace!
  • 34B - Bank Robbery
    - The most common of crimes foiled by superheroes. Stop them during their getaway or during the robbery itself.
  • 34C - Giant Robot Fight
    - Jump into a giant robot to fight another or do battle with one using only your superpowers.
  • 34D - Creatures From The Sea
    - A sea monster has made its way into the city and it's up to you to fight it and protect the citizens.
  • 34E - Creatures From Another Dimension
    - A gateway has opened up in the middle of the city and creatures from another dimension are pouring in.
  • 34F - Supervillain Attack
    - Supervillains have banded together in a group and are attacking the city to finally deal with all the pesky heroes!
  • 34G - Zombie Outbreak
    - Oh no! A Zombie outbreak is spreading through the city. What will you do?
  • 34H - Random Brawl
    - One of you is in the middle of a brawl in the street, in a bar, alleyway, ect. Do you sit by and watch or lend them a hand?
  • 34I - Shoot Out
    - They have guns and they are shooting at you. Do you have guns too? If not, hopefully you have powers that will help you out.

35. Wild Card

Come up with your own prompt or mix.
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Thea Queen l Arrow

[personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-09-23 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[Basically canon for her! M/F for ships and OTA for gen/cast. Canon through most recent crossover but am current.]
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Arthur Curry aka Aquaman | Smallville

[personal profile] fishjokes 2017-09-23 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Canonically superhero.
ribbiting: (taken aback)

Tsuyu Asui | Boku No Hero Academia

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-23 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Hero, naturally. Voicetesting like whoa here, so please excuse any hiccups in characterization! ]
midnightdoctor: face picture of a woman in a skeleton mask and broad rimmed hat (In Memoriam)

[personal profile] midnightdoctor 2017-09-24 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
It's easy to break into a pharmacy for her. Just use her powers to put the staff to sleep and walk right in. Memoriam is putting antibiotics into her bag. Would Tsuyu care to stop her?
eyezawa: (ninja nonsense)

31, we shall voicetest like whoa together

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ UA High Training! Rescue Simulations! Today, students are working on individual, one on one rescues. Can you rescue the designated civilian from the training area and bring them back to the designated safe point within a five minute time period? Next up: Froppy! Ready? Go!

Unfortunately for Aizawa, he drew the short straw and is the designated civilian for this batch of students. Even more unfortunately for Aizawa, the rescue simulations are back at USJ, all patched up after the league of villains attack. While he doesn't mind being back here and knows that as a teacher, he's going to be back at USJ plenty more times, the attack's recent enough that being here still puts him on edge.

Of course, being on top of a building that's on fire might be part of the reason he's a little on edge. Tsuyu's supposed to rescue him from the Conflagration Zone, a zone of USJ that simulates an urban area constantly on fire. It's not as mean as it could be: one of these days, he's going to have to see if he can get the temperature adjusted on one of these zones before running Tsuyu through a training exercise here. But for someone who moves mostly with hands, feet, and tongue, having everything be literally on fire is definitely a bit of a challenge.

Not gonna stop Aizawa from complaining, though.

This really is a pain.... [ Looking over the edge of the building, he calls out, ] Asui! How're you doing?
ribbiting: (☔ roger that)

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-24 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
[ Though the repairs have fixed up the worst of the damage and the villains have long been put away, it's harder to put aside the memories Tsuyu associates with this place. As much as she'd kept a cool head during the attack -- and although she's arguably got far more practical experience as a hero now than she did back then -- the memory of Eraserhead being methodically decimated in front of her and nearly being killed herself isn't something she'll ever forget.

Right now, though? That doesn't matter. For the next five minutes, she's just another hero who needs to save someone in trouble, and that's all she has to focus on. Not that it's easy. Even with the goggles pulled down over her eyes and the insulation of her suit, the very real flames roaring out of spots on the building produces enough heat to make her skin feel like it's drying out. She would normally use her tongue to get from place to place, but there's too much broken glass and hot metal around to make that an ideal situation.

When Aizawa leans over the edge of the building and calls out, it startles a croak out of her, but she doesn't stumble, glancing up quickly. For a civilian, shouldn't he be acting a bit more ... civilian-like? Then again, imagining him as a helpless victim is practically impossible. Nonetheless, she assumes she's got to stay on top of it, so she'll respond in-character regardless. ]

Stay away from the edge! I'm coming! [ Gathering her legs under her, she springs off towards the next ledge. She doesn't need to get all the way to the top, she thinks; if she can get close enough, she can just grab him off. Getting down is always easier than getting up. ]
eyezawa: (500% done)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
[ Somewhere, Thirteen or All Might or whichever other teacher is here with them is just shaking their head in annoyance. But this is Aizawa. He's always done things his own way, whether it's teaching, fighting crime, or pretending to be a civilian for the purpose of a training exercise. Why would he start doing something different now?

At least he listens to Tsuyu. He'll play along with being a civilian that much. Aizawa takes a few steps back away from the ledge, hands in his pockets, slightly slumped over, as he just waits. Because honestly? There's not much else to do on the roof in the first place.

It's a pity everything's hot or burning up here. He'd really like to lean against something.
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-24 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
[ Tsuyu has a pretty good understanding of her body's own limitations, though it's something she's still working on improving. Adding a little bit more height to her jump, increasing the speed her tongue can extend, these are all things that could make the difference in saving someone's life one day.

Below, the heat boiling out of the building makes a window explode outward in a shower of glass, sending the flames roaring higher. She's not sure how fine a control the teachers have over the aspects of this particular scenario, but it doesn't matter --in a real rescue, a broken window means more air for the flames, meaning it's only going to get hotter, meaning she's out of time to play this safe.

This is going to suck.

Sucking in a breath, she starts to jump up the side of the building, grabbing onto any protrusion she can find and leaping up to the next. When she hits the roof edge, she isn't going to bother warning him before she lashes her tongue out to wrap around his waist and yank him out of the way of a sudden burst of flame that seems to come out of nowhere. ]
eyezawa: (explaining things)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
[ And here she is, making her way up in just about record time. She really is one of the more well-rounded students. Aizawa's about to say something, about to congratulate Tsuyu on the fact that hey, she managed to get up here, good job...but then he feels her tongue grab him and yank him out of the way of some flame.

If this were in a real crisis situation, there would probably be a lot more panicking and yelling from said civilians. But again, this is Aizawa, and he just regards the flame with an uninterested expression. Yep. That's fire. If he felt any danger in the first place, he sure as hell isn't showing it.

Good reflexes. But how are you going to get us down?

[ he asks, knowing full well that it'll be pretty hard for Tsuyu to talk if she still has her tongue around his waist. Which, now that he thinks about it, does the poor kid have to taste people as she yanks them around? There's a break after this rescue mission, maybe he'll try and find her a juice or something. ]
ribbiting: (☔ no way!)

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-24 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
[ It may not be very realistic, but under these circumstances, Tsuyu can only be grateful for one less thing to worry about -- not the least of which is the question Aizawa's just asked. He's lighter than she expected, which is a good thing, but carrying a grown man is still harder than carrying a pair of teenage boys, and she wasn't counting on that. Thought she can't talk very well with her tongue out like this, but she can talk, and her answer is simple and straightforward as she always is, betraying none of the rapid-fire thoughts cycling through her mind. ]


[ And with that, off they go, over the edge, Aizawa trailing after her as she aims to land on the ledge that's the farthest distance she can safely drop to. It's a heavy landing, and also, the ledge is on fire when it wasn't before, but she just uses the force as a springboard to leap off to the next safe point, and repeats it again and again. She's flagging by the last couple of jumps -- even with the shock absorbers built into her costume, it's just far more weight than she's used to carrying -- and she stumbles when she finally lands on the ground below, one ankle rolling painfully under her.

Still, this doesn't mean the exercise is completed. The 'safe zone' is a few more meters ahead ... and though she can't do more than hop forward once, awkwardly, she extends her tongue the rest of the distance, dropping Aizawa off on his feet past the marked line. ]
eyezawa: (all of these plans kind of suck)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It's a bit comical the way he just stands still, letting Tsuyu yank him all around like a rag doll as she jumps from ledge to ledge. But Aizawa doesn't want to be dropped and he also doesn't want Tsuyu to lose her concentration, so getting flung around it is.

And plop, he's deposited in the safety zone. There's a noise like a buzzer going off, before Aizawa looks up to see just what time Tsuyu ended up with.

Three minutes, forty seconds. Not bad.

[ And that's all he'll say before he walks over to Tsuyu, looking her over. That was a nasty landing she took and, whether she realizes it or not, there's a good chance that ankle is going to need someone to look it over. Hopefully she won't have to visit Recovery Girl. It's just an ankle injury after all. ]

Let me see that ankle. Does it hurt?
ribbiting: (idk my bff)

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-24 03:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Though she's out of breath, faintly singed, and she'll probably be tasting smoke for days, the sound of that buzzer -- a sound that means she's taken one step closer to being a hero -- makes Tsuyu smile. The flames closer to the safety point recede now that the simulation is over, and she straightens, experimentally putting weight on her injured foot. ]

... I think it's sprained, but nothing serious. [ Is the assessment she offers, tone neutral as ever. Given that she's in a class with the likes of Bakugo and Midoriya, though, just about anything else wouldn't seem serious. ]
eyezawa: (geez these kids are shits)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Just because Midoriya breaks his goddamn arm every other episode doesn't mean that Tsuyu is exempt from people worrying about her. Aizawa's expression remains the same, but that neutral frown deepens. Nothing serious? He'll be the judge of that. He's been with his students long enough to know that Tsuyu isn't the type to fuss or make a scene if she's injured the way that some of the others do. ]

If you can walk, sit down on that bench over there. If you can't walk, I'll help you over.

[ It's said in a no-nonsense tone of voice. Of course he's going to check on Tsuyu's ankle here and now. They've got a few minutes before the next session and Aizawa knows enough basic first aid to distinguish a sprain from a fracture. What with all of his jumping around to fight villains he's had more than a few of both sprains and fractures himself. ]
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-24 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay. [ Tsuyu isn't the type to kick up a fuss about being fussed over, either, and Aizawa is their teacher. Now that he's no longer poorly acting as a civilian, she'll follow his directions, awkwardly hopping on one foot over to the bench he points out (being helped over there would be too much; she does have some pride) and perching on its edge, injured foot stretched out in front of her.

She doesn't need instruction to begin undoing the fastenings of that boot, peeling it gingerly away from her skin. Without the compression of the tight material, her ankle feels like it's throbbing, but she doesn't offer any complaint, just frowns down at it. That could have been avoided if she'd had more time to think ahead, but she knows that's something she'll rarely be afforded in the real thing. In any case, she can already tell her ankle's going to need a good icing when she gets home... ]
eyezawa: (ninja nonsense)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-24 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[ As Tsuyu hops over to the bench, Aizawa follows, at a slow pace. While she undoes her boot, he crouches closer to the ground, so that he'll actually be able to feel her foot easier. Of course, he can give a bit of teacherly advice while Tsuyu takes her shoe off in the first place.

God. 'Teacherly advice.' There are moments when that concept still feels amazingly weird.

They don't like it when I say this, but civilians can be tossed around a bit. [ That's precisely the reason why they don't like it when Aizawa says that! ] If you're unsure about your footing, sometimes it's better to drop a civilian a few feet than to let yourself get hurt. Of course, it all depends on the situation, but as I'm not elderly or a baby, I could have taken it.

[ And now that Tsuyu's gotten her boot off, Aizawa gingerly takes her foot, prodding it in certain areas while looking it over as a whole. Yep. That definitely looks sprained, but thankfully not fractured. Still crouching on the ground, he looks up at Tsuyu. ]

Ice it and stay off that foot for the next few days. If you need any stronger painkillers, go see Recovery Girl.
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-25 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
[ While may not be the kind of advice that would make it into top five hero tips, Tsuyu can understand where he's coming from. If there was more than one person to save, if a villain was to appear suddenly, injuring herself unnecessarily would keep her from doing all she could. She won't, however, be able to resist adding smartly: ]

I can see why you don't do a lot of interviews, sensei. [ She says it in the same bland tone as ever, but it's mostly a distraction from how her foot is being prodded at. The whole situation is embarrassing ... and though her expression doesn't change, the flush on her cheeks isn't just from being recently in the middle of a whole bunch of fire. Still, she nods. ]

I will. Thank you.
eyezawa: (yeah absolutely not)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-25 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
[ Satisfied that Tsuyu's ankle isn't massively busted, Aizawa stands up. And when he speaks, he matches Tsuyu's bland tone with one of his own. ]

I don't do a lot of interviews because they're pointless, [ he grumbles, as he looks over at Tsuyu. There are heroes who are fit for the spotlight: people like All Might or Present Mic. And as a result of that, they have to deal with the media following them, hounding them, bothering them, asking them questions and being nosy about their lives.

Aizawa could never see himself doing something like that in the first place.

But, he thinks back to Tsuyu grabbing him with her tongue and right. She's not going to want to walk on that ankle so the getting juice task falls directly on him. And hey,
since he's already up.

I'll get an ice pack. Which do you like better, by the way? Orange or apple?
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-25 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Mm. Being a teacher suits you, though. [ There are a lot of different ways of being a hero, and that's what Tsuyu likes about it. Whatever brought people to UA High, though they have different ways of getting there, they all ultimately share a similar goal. Heroes like Eraserhead are just as necessary to keep things running as heroes like All Might and Endeavor.

Still, it feels like a bit of a shame. Thinking on that will have to wait though, as she's caught off guard by the question. ]

Apple. [ She says, after a beat. ]
Edited 2017-09-25 13:19 (UTC)
eyezawa: (time for naps)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-25 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Being a teacher suits him, huh? He can't help but raise an eyebrow at that. Still, to hear that from one of his students is refreshing, especially considering Tsuyu's not one of the people who would try something as ridiculous as a bribe or an attempt to butter up Aizawa to get in his good graces...unlike some other members of the class.

Still, she answered the juice question. And so, Aizawa nods.

Stay put, [ he instructs, before he walks off towards the entrance area of USJ. It's a minute or so later before he returns, ice pack in one hand, two bottles of juice in the other. One's apple, one's grape. ]

Here, [ he says, giving one to Tsuyu. ] You're not going to walk right now but before that, you threw me around with your tongue. This'll at least get the taste out of your mouth.

[ There's a reason Aizawa's being a bit too nice to Tsuyu: he's worn these clothes for at least twenty-four hours and totally slept in them last night. Leeeet's not talk about how disgusting they probably taste. ]
ribbiting: (Default)

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-25 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[ A few months ago, her assessment wouldn't have been so generous... but Tsuyu's never been reluctant to change her views in the face of new evidence. He might not be a typical teacher, but he does look after students in his own way.

It's an impression that's only reinforced when Aizawa returns with juice (a surprise) and an explanation for the unusually gracious behavior. Tsuyu blinks at him, looking between him and the drink in her hand. ]

I'm used to it. If I couldn't handle something like that, I wouldn't be able to use my quirk effectively. [ It's about as straightforward an answer as one could expect from someone so typically blunt as she is. Besides, she's held worse ... like Mineta. ]

But heat really dries me out, so thanks. [ She adds, after a beat. She's not ungrateful or anything, as she proves by immediately sticking a straw into the juice pack and making quick work of its contents. ]
eyezawa: (500% done)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-26 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[ As Tsuyu sticks a straw in her juice pack, Aizawa does the same, not really caring or noticing the fact that while Tsuyu looks cute drinking her juice pack, Aizawa looks damn silly. Still, it's juice and he's a bit thirsty as well. He's not as dried out as Tsuyu is, but that doesn't change the fact that he's been inhaling smoke for the past three minutes, forty seconds while he was up on that building in the first place. ]

Talk with Support, [ he adds. ] There's fabric that wicks away moisture, I'm certain they can come up with something that holds it in.

[ Something a bit better than a wetsuit, at least. There's a pause, where Aizawa looks out over USJ and over their surroundings...and then doesn't really say anything. It's obvious he's thinking about this building, about what happened to him and the students when the villains attacked. But how the hell do you broach that topic in the first place? ]

Hmm. [ he eventually settles on, draining the juice box. ] They fixed this place up quicker than I expected.
ribbiting: (☔ roger that)

[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-26 04:16 pm (UTC)(link)
I will.

[ Speaking of drying out, Tsuyu can't think of anyone as sorely in need of eye drops as Aizawa probably is. He looks bloodshot enough to start with, and the smoke probably hasn't helped with that -- do his goggles protect against that kind of thing? Support probably developed that as well. She doesn't get a chance to inquire about that though, since Aizawa seems lost in thought, meaning there's just a good long few moments of both of them working on their respective juice packs while Tsuyu waits it out until he speaks. ]

It's UA High School, after all. [ Aizawa should know better than anyone what that means, both in terms of resources and the reputation the school has to uphold. Repairing and rebuilding is standard enough, but she does have other concerns, ones that make her grip on her juice tighten a bit. ] We need all the training we can get.

[ And a facility like the USJ is a part of that, especially when they don't know exactly what could happen next. Though, she'll take a diversion from that more sober train of thought to ask him something else that's on her mind... ]

When you were in training, did you use a facility like this too? [ The USJ is a fairly recent installment, as far as she's aware. ]
eyezawa: (small little smile)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-27 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[ He does know what it means. The villains targeted All Might, the Symbol of Peace, at a school dedicated to training future heroes. It was a symbolic strike against their image. Rebuilding that image was just as important as rebuilding and fixing the physical damage.

At Tsuyu's question however, Aizawa smiles a little, shaking his head.

It wasn't as fancy, but we did have something like this. And my teachers also put us through something like that activity we just did. [ Which is the point where Aizawa learned that other people get mad at you if you do things like 'drop the civilian you're trying to save a few feet'. Whatever. ]

There was a lot less fire, though.
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-30 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
They probably found other ways to make up for it, though.

[ There's absolute certainty in her voice: if there's one thing that must be a constant, it's ridiculously complex training simulations. Imagining Eraserhead as a first-year student is a little funny, especially knowing he probably went to class with some of the heroes that are commonplace on the news now. Still, it's a good reminder: every pro hero got their start somewhere, beginning their journey in places not too different from where she and the rest of 1A is, right now.

Tsuyu blinks at up at him, consideringly. ]

Sensei. Can I ask you something?
eyezawa: (explaining things)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-30 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
Usually they made up for it by pairing me up with other people.

[ And Aizawa can't help but sigh, a small little annoyed sigh. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Needless Secrecy Avoids the Spotlight made a terrible pair with some of his louder, more energetic classmates (looking straight at you, Present Mic). So naturally, that's the pairing that happened whenever there was a team simulation.

This probably explains a lot about the pairings Aizawa forces other students in.

Tsuyu's question is unexpected, and he looks over at her with an interested frown.

Go ahead.

[ Because she can certainly ask him a question. Whether he answers it or not is a different story. ]
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[personal profile] ribbiting 2017-09-30 07:00 am (UTC)(link)
[ ... It does explain a lot. Nonetheless, she won't comment on that and instead move on to her question, blunt and direct: ]

What made you want to become a hero?
eyezawa: (geez these kids are shits)

[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-09-30 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[ There's a pause, and a frown, before Aizawa starts talking. ]

It's only rational. My quirk works against people with other quirks. It's not something like light telekinesis or controlling temperature where it would be less help. If I wanted to get the best use out of my quirk, I needed to find a profession where I was regularly fighting against other people with quirks. So, it's either being a hero or law enforcement.

[ Of course, there's another reason: he likes it. Saving people, helping out, stopping crime, all of those are things that Aizawa's found he enjoys. What started out as using his powers to save people because it's the most logical way possible became using his powers to save people because it's simply the right thing. ]
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[ Is that a chuckle or is it just Tsuyu ribbiting in agreement? She'll never tell. Nonetheless, her response may not be what he expects: ]

You never thought about becoming a villain instead? [ It's not said with any sort of malice, of course, just genuine curiosity. Stereotyping quirks is unfair, but the fact remains that people judge some quirks as 'heroic' and others as 'villainous' based on what they imagine they'd be used for. Aizawa's almost certainly qualifies. ]

The same logic applies to that, after all.
Edited 2017-10-01 17:17 (UTC)
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[personal profile] eyezawa 2017-10-01 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
[ If Aizawa is offended by Tsuyu's question, he doesn't show it. Instead, he simply gives her a small smile and a shrug. There's really no point denying it: a quirk that erases other quirks is certainly something more villainous than heroic. ]

I like a stable income too much to be a villain.

[ It's said in a nonchalant tone: if Aizawa's joking, he's not giving it away in his tone or expression. ]
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[ A salary he never spends on anything... that his students see, anyway. For all she knows, she goes home to a mansion every night, but she really doubts he's the type. She'll take a few more minutes to sip at he drink to finish if off, then puts it down on her lap and turns her head to look at him. ]

Well, I'm glad you didn't become one. [ Tsuyu smiles. ] You're a pretty dependable hero.

[ And he looks out for his students. Not in the way All Might or Recovery Girl do, but ... it's left an impression on her if nothing else. ]
Edited 2017-10-06 02:45 (UTC)
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[ Aizawa's apartment has pretty much no furniture except for a bed and cat toys. He does not go to a mansion every night. Still, at Tsuyu's words, he can't help but smile a little. A small and gentle smile flashes across his face, before his expression settles back into the composed nonchalance that's 75% of his expressions. ]

I've got to be dependable—especially since I'm in charge of your classmates.

[ some of whom are....not dependable in the slightest. ]
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Foggy Nelson | AU Daredevil

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[you know what. fuck yes. foggy the superhero. let's do it.]
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Re: Foggy Nelson | AU Daredevil

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((I'd be down for this. What number interests you?))
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Threshold/Matthew Callahan | DV8 | OTA

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Kyoko Sakura | Madoka Magica

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Constanze | Little Witch Academia

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Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman | Marvel Comics

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Frisk | Undertale | OTA

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//Either time travel or superhealing/immortality. Way too young to be in the business, but nobody can stop them.
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Mikaela Banes | Transformers

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She's either a gadgeteer or has somehow merged with tech.
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[ The typist's love for comics is powerful. I'd love to give this meme a shot if anyone is up for it. ]
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Kusakabe Hikaru | Doukyuusei/Sotsugyousei | OTA

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[Less likely to be an actual hero and more a sidekick, a recruit, or maybe just a witness or someone that knows a secret identity.]