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Dinner's ready

Food with a Side of Smut Meme

( either/or/both, if you prefer, you can play at the mirror of this meme at [community profile] the_love_hotel )

The human brain, that complex, paradoxical ball of nerves, strives most to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Many, many people find great pleasure in two seemingly disparate pursuits: great food and mindblowing sex.

...you know where this is going. Why not combine the two? It's not that out-there - strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream have been associated with the sensual forever (Valentine's, anyone) - and you might just serve up a heaping plateful of fu-

Okay. No food puns. Let's just get on with the meme.

- Comment with your character, info, what role you're into, prefs and etc. Prefs are very important for this meme, as prompts run from extremely vanilla (...sorry) to kinky.
- Reply to others.
- Thread.
- Take this meme however you want it. I'm not the police....or am I?

1. Coincidental: You two were hanging out and whoops, accidental lady/boner due to how erotically (purposefully or not) they were eating their popsicle/banana/whatever.
2. Straight from the Heart: Cooking up a special treat's just your way of showing you care. You set them a feast, then you'll take them to the bedroom. #steakandblowjobday just took on a new meaning.
3. Whips...Not that Kind: Whipped cream on your bits? It's more likely than you think. Enjoy a body shot, too, or nosh on any of your favorites on a living plate.
4. Something Warm Waiting: You expected to hit the hay for the day. What you got was a very pleased and very naked special someone waiting with a fresh-out-of-the-oven baked good.
5. Crumbs in Bed: Netflix and popcorn or ice cream or takeout went in a decidedly different direction.
6. Lap of Luxury: Be treated like a queen/king and lay your head in your lover's lap as they feed you morsels.
7. Messy: Jello wrestling? Pudding baths? Don't clean up your act - get messy and sexy.
8. Feederism (Light): Whether you're genuinely concerned that your partner isn't getting enough to eat or you just like them a teensy bit chubby, here's your cute, fluffy feeder option.
9. Feederism (Heavy): Aaaand here's the controversial one. If you know what this is, you'll know whether or not this is the prompt for you.

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[ No on 8 or 9, yep on everything else. ]