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Put the stars in your eyes and the flowers in your lungs

Romance Prompts

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  1. School Romance: Oh, I hope senpai notices me...or the cute class president, or the head of cooking club, or -
  2. Childhood Crush: You've known each other for a long time, but one of you had to leave when you were kids. Now you're back together, and the dynamic is totally different. This also often involves a "childhood marriage proposal," where the naive party promises marriage and the other takes it seriously.
  3. Love Note: The note you left the object of your affection might be a bit passive, but you can't confess face to face!
  4. You're Like Family to Me: The two of you have been close forever, so you've never seen each other like that...until now.
  5. Tsundere: G-geez, idiot, it's not like I like you or anything! I was just worried...worried, okay? Don't make me slap you!
  6. Kuudere/Ice Queen (King): I have no interest in things like "love" or "romance." They are the least important things in this world.
  7. Yandere: You don't like me anymore? How...? Oh, that's alright. I'll make you LiKe Me.
  8. Unlucky Friend: You lost the person of your dreams to someone else, perhaps because of their allure or perhaps because you never spoke up. What can you do now?
  9. Red String of Fate: That person? You know you're totally meant for them! So what if you've never talked? You have the red string of fate!
  10. I'll Cheer You On: Always supportive, always by your side, they're the person you can count on. Why do they care so much, though?
  11. Harem: One guy. Lots of girls. Craziness ensues.
  12. Reverse Harem: One girl. Lots of guys. Craziness ensues.
  13. Head Patting: Apparently a great way to show you care, both for dogs and for humans.
  14. Indirect Kiss: Your lips touched that. Their lips touched that. OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE YOU KISSED.
  15. Slap-Slap-Kiss: I could kill you for what you just did! I could - I could KISS YOU.
  16. Confession in the Heat of the Moment: You're about to go defeat the ultimate baddie. How about confessing your feelings to the person you love? Seems legit.
  17. Food for Thought: I made you lunch. Want to share?
  18. Repaying a Debt: You broke a vase, ruined somebody's priceless something-or-another, and now you have to be their servant until you pay it off!
  19. I'll Be Your Dog: Or you don't owe that person anything, you just wait on them hand and foot and hope they'll appreciate you one day.
  20. The Kind of ____ You Like: You want to change yourself to the type that the object of your desire wants.
  21. One-Sided Love: Sadly, still a trope here. As always, a heart will be broken. But maybe, just maybe, the love isn't unrequited. Maybe the other person isn't aware!
  22. Jerk/Sweetheart: The pairing of a stoic jackass and a manic pixie dream.
  23. Misunderstood Delinquent: You're not what you seem. You just want to give flowers to that cute girl, not run her over with your motorcycle!
  24. Fight for You: I won't lose the hand of my girl/guy to the likes of you!
  25. Sudden Kiss: Kiss from nowhere! There are lots of reasons for this: to stop someone from crying, to make them be quiet, or just to explain yourself when words can't.
  26. Kiss on the Forehead: It's a sweet way to say "I love you."
  27. Physical Difference: Usually size difference - and then, it's usually big guy/tiny girl, though big girl/tiny guy is explored as well - though this is present in a lot of different ways.
  28. Class Difference: You live in a culture that is still greatly stratified by class, whether it be wealth or power structures.
  29. Oh, My Goddess!: Uh-oh, you accidentally summoned an angel/demon/alien/god/goddess. And now they're bound to you forever! But at least you can stay just friends...or something like that.
  30. Teach Me To Become Human: A robot, an alien, a god, a demon, or anything beyond our human knowledge wants to know more about our emotions - from you and your love.
  31. Single-Gender School: For all the yaoi and yuri fans out there, don your uniforms and remember that Maria is watching.
  32. The Silent Protector: In love with his/her charge, but never able to act on it.
  33. The Perfect Waifu/Husbando: They are so graceful, so lovely, so kind, you've really lucked out!
  34. To Make My Beloved Happy: You will do anything for the person you love, even if that means not being with them.
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Ryugami Shingane | OC | M/F

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Oliver Queen / Green Arrow | Arrowverse | m/m

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27 - let me know if this works for you

[personal profile] panzersoldat 2017-09-24 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Reinhardt was often in the gym the same time as one Oliver Queen. The man was quite impressive for being so small, at least to Reinhardt. He often found himself quietly watching between his own sets. He couldn't let himself be too distracted. Lifting nearly every weight in the gym was dangerous if he was too fixed on the young man. Especially since he's not remotely a meta.

He knew about them, of course, from the time when he had been a police officer. But then he had been retired and now Reinhardt was taking laws in his own hands. He had armor hidden away, a prototype power armor, and he had himself. He has to keep himself in shape to keep up with other so called heroes, or even leave them in the dust. "Crusader" had made an impact, a modern day knight in a world that truly needed one.

But right now, he's just a large large man in a far too tight tank top and shorts as he presses and pushes the weights, keeping an eye on Queen, wondering if today would be the day he had the courage to talk to him. Maybe even give him that bottle of water he kept in his gym bag.
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Works perfectly

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The older man had a talent no doubt for drawing the attention of everyone else whenever he was in the gym; the guy was larger than life and looked like he could punch a hole through a concrete wall. Oliver wasn't a meta either, but he most certainly knew some personally; both as allies and as adversaries. He did wonder if perhaps the retired police officer was a meta, just by how big and strong he was.

Despite his curiosity, Ollie mostly kept his focus on his own workout. Being the Green Arrow, Ollie kept odd hours and this 24/7 gym was perfect for someone like him. Apparently it was ideal for Reinhardt too, as Ollie often saw him here the same time of night as himself.

It was difficult to not look over at him as the bigger man pushed and pulled. With the exception of the two of them, the gym was empty tonight. There was some music playing, but otherwise the only sounds were metal clanking and the two men grunting and groaning as they worked out. Ollie, as usual, focused more on cardio; pull-ups, running, and several other workout routines. However tonight he really needed to lift some weights too and started walking right over to Reinhardt. "Hey, would you mind spotting me?" he asks, wiping his head and neck with a towel.
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Reinhardt hadn't expected the other to actually approach him. Most left him be when he was lifting and he is a little glad for it. It means he doesn't have to try and think of how to talk to this young man. He hadn't wanted to crash and burn. He might never be able to show his face at this gym again if he threw out some silly pickup line and got laughed out by the younger man.

He sits up slowly after making certain that the weights are safely in their places. It takes quite a while for him to sit fully and he tries not to be a little amused by the fact that even seated, he looks Oliver in the eye. It just reminds him how much he looms over most everyone.

Even his voice is big, a deep booming German accented thing that carries a lot of warmth. "Of course I don't mind! Safe practices are important. Let me just wipe this down. I'm sure you don't want to be laying in my sweat and then I'll be all yours." And then Reinhardt stands. It's like watching a mountain rise. He does so so he can get a towel and give the bench a little wipe before grinning at Oliver.

"It's all yours. How much do you need me to load for you? I don't think you'll want to take my load."
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As Reinhardt moved and spoke, Oliver didn't mean to but ended up staring at the huge German. "Thank you." He answered as the other man cleaned up the bench press area. "Definitely not going to attempt to lift that." A smile and a compliment to the other man's strength compared to his own. "I'm Oliver, by the way." he said, offering a handshake once Reinhardt finished cleaning.

He looked the weights over and started putting them on with Reinhardt's help before sitting and then laying back on the bench ready to continue his workout.
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The man offers his hand and Reinhardt takes it. His palm all but swallows Oliver's hand and he holds it a bit too long. His roughened fingers stroking just a little as he pulls his hand free to help set up the weights. "Reinhardt."

He moves to the head of the bench to stand. He looms even more over Oliver now and he sort of hopes that his shorts are too open at the leg. He doesn't want to flash this poor man his overly full jockstrap.

"Do you want me to count you as well. I can. If not, I'm right here to help you with the bar and with your form." It would mean sometimes touching Oliver, those huge hands helping to guide strong arms.
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"Mm, sure, I'd appreciate that." Oliver said, grabbing the bar and starting his first set. Reinhardt meanwhile loomed over him, taking up a good portion of his field of vision.

"Reinhardt, German?" he asked, he had also of course picked up on the big guy's accent.
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The big man smiles and easily watches the way the younger man's arms move. They way his chest rises and falls. How pretty he looks with that slight strain against the weights. It's quite the image. But he's not just going to stare at the younger man. At least not opening oogling him.

"Ja. I came here from Germany nearly 40 years ago. I visited this city when I was a young man. I really liked it here and so I stayed." He had not only stayed, but had had quite the career with the police. But some things had never left him, like that accent of his. Which was actually quite the problem when he put on that armor and went out as Crusader. Not too many around with that sort of accent.

"And you are Herr Queen." He knew the man had perhaps lost that vast fortune, but he's still going to show the respect due to such a man. "I'm honored I get to spot you."
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"My reputation precedes me I suppose?" Oliver said, grunting a little as he continued the workout. "The honors all mine. You're a policeman, at least I'm pretty sure I've seen you at the station before. Two of my friends, their dad used to be the chief." He explains as he finishes the first set with ease, sitting up to get himself a drink of water.

"You can call me Oliver by the way, no need for any formalities." Oliver looked the man over too, and is pretty certain he's the biggest guy and most likely strongest man he's ever encountered in his travels. He wanted to ask how tall the German was, and how much he had been lifting earlier - but he refrains from doing so as he's certain the other guy must get those questions all the time.
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"It does. I'm trying very hard not to be a little star stuck." He knows this man is more than just his former (or current) bankroll. Reinhardt has never cared about kissing ass for money. Though he thinks Oliver does have a very nice looking ass perfect for more than kissing. A thought he entertains and then berates himself for because 1) this young man is probably not like that and 2) Reinhardt isn't the sort of guy who would just proposition a stranger in a gym, no matter how handsome he was.

"You probably did see me. I've been often enough, trying to fight my mandatory retirement date. I really didn't want the gold watch and the fond fare you well. I wanted to keep working on the force." He grumbles and then laughs a little because honestly he shouldn't be dropping his problems with the force on this young man. Not when all he is trying to do is work out.

So while Oliver gets that little drink, Reinhardt distracts himself from the little bobbing of that Adam's Apple to start placing some more weights on the bar. "And you can call me Reinhardt. I'm happy to finally be sharing this place with someone who is serious about their workout. It shows on you. Looks good." He doesn't mean for it to be a line. He's just trying to compliment the younger man.
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"Oh, thanks, I think I've got a way to go to catch up with you though." A friendly compliment regarding Reinhardt's own impressive physique. He gets back in position and returns to lifting, the added weight causing him some additional strain, but he manages it well enough.

"They made you retire though? I mean, I know that some cops, when they get a bit older, that they let themselves go and lose interest - but, that doesn't seem to be an issue for you." Another compliment for the big man as Oliver stares up at him from the bench, he starts to struggle as he goes to put the bar back up again.
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[honestly this was not her area of expertise, and it took a lot of prompting from her friends to even get this far. 'this far' which happened to be after class, waiting for iida to finish up in the classroom after their school day had ended. she had duties too, of course, and she took them very seriously. as vice class president, the things she needed to do were not as extensive as his (and maybe she was still a little jealous about that) but they were still important.

yaoyorozu was thankful for uraraka ushering a confused midoriya and todoroki down the hall, with exclamations of steamed meat buns, so she could have... a moment alone.

letting out a shaky breath she folded her hands neatly in front of herself as she steps back into the classroom.]

Iida-san. May I have a moment of your time? If you're not too busy.
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Rei Ryugazaki | Free! | OTA

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Yukio Okumura | Blue Exorcist

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[Interested in both canon and cross-canon CR, happy to do things in her world, your character's world, or a jamjar!]
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[Very likely either Courtly Romance, or involving marriage arrangements and/or at least a noble effort at chastity prior to the wedding night, but open to alternatives!]
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