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Perhaps you were best friends who decided to make rent cheaper by living together, a couple who took the plunge and moved in together, or you could just be some random people thrown together by circumstance and really needing a place to live.

Either way, you're sharing a flat (or maybe even a room) now! What's going to happen?

You know this drill:
- Post your character name, series and any preferences.
- Go to RNG (1-12) and tag around.
- Have fun!

( moving day )
Boxes. So. Many. Boxes. Whether you're moving in or out, they've got to go. Is your roommate willing to lend a hand?

( chores )
Whose turn is it to take out the trash? How about the dishes?

( pets )
Not only are you sharing a living space, you're sharing space with an animal. There could be allergies, behavioral issues, or an unexpected exercise partner. Most importantly, do you have to hide them from the super? Hmm, maybe not the fishtank.

( uninvited guests )
Could be a party, could be a significant other that seems to have moved in... you just weren't expecting company tonight.

( the noisy one )
Is there anything worse than paper thin walls and a noisy flatmate? You can hear everything they're doing... even (or especially) the TMI.

( the friendly one )
Oh, lucky you, you've scored someone who wants to try and make things as good as possible for you both! Don't waste this now. It might just be the greatest thing you could have.

( the tmi one )
OH GOD why did you walk in during that? Nope, backing out now... unless you're into that. Why do they keep telling you things, as well? Gosh.

( the disaster )
There's not even words. These are the ones the internet warned you about. A little TMI or noise? That is nothing compared to the crazy you're stuck with right now.

( a night in )
Game night, movies, TV marathons, whatever you like. You and your flatmate are going to hunker down with some popcorn and have fun.

( the fight )
Chore chart not working out? Someone is always late with the rent? It just isn't working out. Time to have that confrontation you're been putting off. Good luck.

( shopping )
Whether you're going for groceries or furniture (or fun!), you and your flatmate are hitting the shops and spending some cash.

( the other )
Thought of something not on here? Go for it! Mix and match your options or anything else!

MEME ORIGINALLY BY [personal profile] attentionboys. with minor modifications

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