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D for daddy bc Im gonna make my own pain here

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Robert? Are you awake?
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im gonna cry arent i

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[ Robert checks the message almost immediately -- and the read receipt gives that away.

doesn't matter. he leaves it on read for ten minutes while debating to himself what he would rather be doing with his time alone in the woods. it's pretty easy to settle on giving Joseph the silent and theoretical middle finger. (a literal middle finger would be nice, too, and he just heard from Mat that they made one for emotey, or whatever they're called.)

but...curiosity strikes like a sudden and quiet bolt of illuminating lightning. ]


[ if he's going to bother talking to Joseph, he's going to try to enjoy what little he can. ]
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I literally only made this account to make Robert cry so I hope so

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Robert. Even if you hadn't replied, I would've known you were awake. It's only midnight on a Friday.

[Meaning the kids are in bed. Meaning even Mary, shockingly, is in bed tonight.

Joseph isn't, though. Joseph is sitting in a chair downstairs with a fruity drink, a lot of regret, and the gathering storm of wasted charisma.

Everyone else is asleep, but I knew you'd be here.
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you bastard (thank u i love u)

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[ damn. Robert was pretty sure that would work.

but then that second text sends his blood to a near boil. ]

good to know you waited til ur wife and kids were asleep before you came crawling. you always did seem a bit ashamed about that night.

[ Robert knows Joseph will say it was kept quiet as to 'save from hurting feelings,' but let's be real. Joseph would die if his public reputation were to be seen tarnished. ]
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Of course I don't feel ashamed about that night. There's different reasons we've had to spend some time apart, Robert. You've got a daughter. You understand that love. I've got four reasons to hold it together over here.

But that's not why I texted you tonight.

[Or that's not the spin on it he'll need to get what he wants tonight, at least. Joseph has sunk pretty deeply, both into his chair and into his self-pity. Robert was fun. Robert was alive. Robert was full of a reckless enjoyment that drew Joseph in. --Hell, Robert drew just about everyone in. It's why he could still get away with living in bars at his age.

When the grifter's good, people will line up around the block to be lied to.

Joseph knows that well.

Mary won't talk to me. But I worry about her. I worry about the both of you, even if neither of you will talk to me - I tried to choose both of you and instead I lost both of you.

I was wondering if I could come over and ask you about Mary. If you won't help *me*, Robert, I know you still like Mary. Won't you help me make her happy?
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[ Robert wants to be surprised at how deluded Joseph is when it comes to facing facts about their affair. he really does. because look at that first text -- it's insane.

but...of course that's what Joseph tells himself. because if he were facing the truth about their relationship, and Mary, well... Joseph would probably be in a place similar to where Robert's been lurking these long fucking months. it's a miracle that Mary is holding up as well as she is.

and this is apparently all about her. it kind of makes sense. their marriage is at the point where it's just unsalvageable, and Robert can buy that she's just clocked out and unwilling to talk to Joseph about what matters. Robert doesn't blame her.

but Robert can still...tell that there's something going on, something slithering under the surface of Joseph's warm veneer. maybe it's Joseph trying to invite himself into his place, maybe it's that last sentence. something's up. ]

[1/4] you know, we are utilizing a true wonder of modern technology already, from the comfort of our very own homes

[2/4] alexander graham bell would be fucking astounded at how far we've come

[3/4] so if youve got questions to ask, why do you wanna bother yourself with the unnecessary travel

[4/4] besides idk if i can be bothered to put pants on, so id rather not make it uncomfortable for you

[ that it's already sent, Robert thinks that last text might have been a little. unnecessary. damn. ]
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[Robert's still replying. That, on its own, is a good sign. What Robert is saying is secondary compared to the fact that he's still reaching out at all.

Joseph feels a flicker of warm hope in his chest, just from that.

It's easier to believe things might be okay if I talk to people face-to-face.
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[1/3] so what youre looking for is something to convince yourself that things are gonna be okay

[2/3] youre not looking for the truth

[3/3] unless im wrong

[ because that's the part that comes next, isn't it? he can practically hear Joseph's voice in his head insisting otherwise. ]
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[An escape. A break. Of course that's what Joseph wants, and of course Robert's smart enough to catch that.

The only problem is that Robert says it like it's a bad thing, a shameful thing, when it should be just what it is: a sun-soaked coping mechanism.

Joseph thinks of Robert's skin in the sun. His hair smells differently after a day in the woods. Smokey. Warm.

Joseph smiles. He thinks he's a bit tipsy, but he can handle this. He's been worse off when texting Robert before.

I don't think I'm the only person who could use someone telling me that things will be okay for a little while.
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[ yeah, well, there's the rub. things aren't always going to be 'okay.'

it's nice to shuck off the bullshit-proof armor you need to wear day to day in the world, lay yourself bare and believe that nothing will hurt you and you can be completely happy and safe.

but that never lasts. something comes flying out of the woods and sinks its barb or its claw or its teeth into the pit of your guts.

it cuts you wide open.

and you bleed forever and you wish that you'd run out of it and you'd just fucking die from the loss of it, but you just bleed and bleed and bleed, trapped in that cold feeling of that warmth running away, trickling down and staining everything around you.

and sometimes those monsters appear as the sweetest creatures, and you realize that no one is really safe. it's not always okay. ]

[1/5] i don't need to be placated

[2/5] if this is about Mary, fine

[3/5] idk what good im gonna be but i guess she tells me more than she tell you

[4/5] which ftr, im no snitch. im not gonna tell you anything she doesnt want you knowing

[5/5] im not your marriage counselor
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[1/3] Thank you, Robert. Mary's lucky to have someone like you in her life.

[2/3] Both of us are.

[3/3] Can I come over? Just to discuss whatever you can share about Mary.
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[ 'im not in your life' sits in the text field, and it's everything Robert wants to say to Joseph.

but this only has to be about Mary. and Robert is sure as hell thinks he is way more loyal to Mary than he is to himself, whatever his feelings about Joseph are sometimes.

stop thinking about that. Robert squints his eyes shut and rubs at them with a thumb and forefinger. when he returns to his phone, he deletes the text sitting idle, to replace it with something else. ]

fine. let yourself in

[ Robert wants to be suspicious at the time of evening that Joseph wants to suddenly come over, but it is just late enough that he thinks Mary probably got home recently enough that they probably had an argument, and this is Joseph's idea at a solution. who the fuck even knows.

guess Robert will find out. ]
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[continued here to avoid the captcha crunch]