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B for bub

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[1/2] Nope.

[2/2] Doesn't mean that tooth ain't mine, though. Apologies if it is. I think.
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[1/2] the fuck does that even mean. it's a simple question. you collect them or something?

[2/2] looks like it has some weird metal in it, where the roots go. where the fuck did this come from
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Does Logan...count as Robert having slept with a cryptid or.....

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[1/2] Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.

[2/2] Shit. Really? If you can hang onto that, I'll pick it back up tonight.
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[1/3] if im bothering to ask, i usually want the answer

[2/3] nope. i changed my mind, based purely on the fact that this is clearly valuable to you all of a sudden

[3/3] im trying to figure out how the fuck you put a filling in from the inside... is this porcelain capped? bone graphed?
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[1/3] If I said I *didn't* want it, what the fuck were you gonna do? Mail it to my house?

[Because if so, joke's on YOU, Robert. Logan doesn't have a house.


[2/3] I'll tell you if you hand it over nicely when I get there.

[3/3] Hell, I might even let you keep your hand, too.
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[1/2] guess youll never know now

[2/2] you know threatening me only makes me stronger, right? its my super power
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that moment where logan wonders for a second if it is, in fact, his super power

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[1/2] Having a kink isn't a super power, bub.

[2/2] I'll be there in 30 minutes.
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[1/6] have you ever seen catwoman?

[2/6] look at her and tell me she doesnt have a thing for latex suits

[3/6] and she doesnt even have super powers

[4/6] shes just an athletic theif

[5/6] really makes it seem like anything is possible if you aspire to it

[6/6] or if the goods you reap are worth enough money
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[1/2] Don't tell me you're halfway to Mexico with that goddamn tooth, Catwoman. I'm not a man you want to be hiding from.

[2/2] 20 minutes left to make yourself and that tooth presentable or to buy a plane ticket, bub.
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[1/2] cant tell if youre trying to intimidate me or flirt with me

[2/2] bc its working either way
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I've lost all control of my life

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[1/4] Careful, bub. You're almost cute when you're coy.

[2/4; 20 minutes later when Logan arrives.] I take that the fuck back.

[3/4] So we're missing you and your truck but you left the dog. Gonna guess you ran away locally instead of bussing to Canada with a new name.

[4/4] I know where you went. Expect me soon.
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that's why we're here on dreamwidth

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[ Robert doesn't really doubt that Logan can guess where he's gone off to, since hiding in a bar is kind of a stupid idea. (But could it be...almost...stupid enough to work?)

Robert didn't park his truck in an obvious place at the woods, but that's because he doesn't like making a chase too easy for the other person. ]

[1/4] i gave betsy her new passport and plane tickets to argentina, but she said she was too attached to the next door dog

[2/4] so i gave her the house keys and my blessing

[3/4] but please, take ur time. im still trying to decide what im gonna do with this tooth

[4/4] might make a pretty cool keychain
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continued here bc i don't mess w captcha