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why would you end up in a taco bell parking lot if you were eating PIZZA?

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Duh. I always have room in my stomach for fourth meal.
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what's got you so riled up anyway? 38 beers? very specific number dude

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Well, 38 is all I can afford, atm.

I need some jobs, man! The merc game is real dry at the moment.

Say, you got anyone you need ruffed up? Something that needs stealing? Hell, I'll even walk your dog if you have one. Gettin' desperate here.
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dude that's not even an even number corresponding with a 6 or 12 pack

n o, but you know my open door policy. could always use a patrolling buddy as long as you don't kill anyone on my watch.
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I was going to get 3 twelve packs... and 2 forties. Colt-45's, so I could pretend to be Billy D Williams before I passed out at the Taco Bell.

Mmmm... don't suppose you could pay me? If so, then by all means! I'll help out. And probably not kill anyone. I can keep it to maiming, only. Because I'm a professional.
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stay classy, deadpool

uh, im barely making it as it is. besides, superheroes don't get paid. not unless you're a part of stark's super weird boy band. do i look like boy band material?
don't answer that
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Which is why I've always been shit at being a superhero. And I know Stark won't take me and not just because my scars cover up my own boyish good looks. [But it had nothing to do with the fact that Wade had broken in and attempted to steal things from Avenger's Headquarters more than once. Hey, it'd worked for Ant-man!]
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practice makes perfect.
maybe he would if you put in the time and effort to get better at it
you could be the ringo

[Yeah, surely that had nothing to do with it.]
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I don't know, you think? My brain stuff usually gets in the way.
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you're bound to have bad days, everybody does
learning to manage it, i think you could do