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the haunted forest meme


Fairy tales, young adult novels, and tourist traps all speak of the horrors that can be found inside a forest: ghosts, goblins, witches, werewolves, and more. The particulars of these stories might differ due to culture and time period, but they all remind us of the impossible and tap into our deepest and most basic fears. Some of them even have a happy ending.

What will you encounter, once you cross that tree line? Will you come out alive? If you are curious, you should check out some of real life “haunted forests”.

WARNING: Some of the prompts below totally belong in a horror movie and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Please be sure to plot ahead for these!


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc.
2. Roll a number between 1-28 with the RNG for a prompt
3. Or not, you cheater.
4. Reply to others and play the scenario out!
5. Ignore the old man saying, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”


1. GHOSTS » It is a known fact that only ten percent of ghosts are friendly, five percent are under curses, and the rest of them just want to kill you.

2. THE EVIL WITCH » Did you learn nothing from Hansel and Gretel? Do not eat the house!

3. A SIMPLE TRAVELER » You knew this forest was haunted. The map and villagers all warned you. You just asked for trouble and have found it.

4. WEIRD NOISE » For the last time, we get that you are hearing noises. The forest just makes noises, okay? It doesn’t mean something is there! Right?

5. FAIRY HELPER » Congrats, you met one of the nicer mythical creatures! While a bit annoying, at least this being is not set on killing you!

6. BATTLE » Be it a fight that started in the forest or somehow went into it, you might have more to worry about than who you were fighting originally.

7. THE MAZE » This is the worst. You turn here, make another turn there, and find yourself back at the beginning of a maze. Can you ever get out?

8. TALKING ANIMALS » Be sure to be polite—animals are fickle and could send you in the wrong direction.

9. BIG BAD WOLF » A classic cliché, you have run across someone who seems nice. Too nice. Just what is their end game here?

10. STRANGE SIGHTS » You cannot resist a good mystery—and when it comes to that, the forest is full of them! Come on, grab your mystery caps!

11. FAIR FOLK » These beings are known for their love for pranks. Have they turned your head into that of a donkey, or is someone just egging you?

12. BAD VACATION » On your online review, you are going to make sure to mention the broken toilet and the serial killer who was not taking a vacation.

13, A HIKING TRIP » Exercise and fresh air are lovely things, but maybe you should have chosen a different forest. The last 50 hikers have all died here.

14. THE QUEST » Through sleet and rain and shine, you must complete whatever your quest is. Rescue a damsel? Find a cure? Slay a dragon? Good luck.

15. UNWANTED VISITOR » When a trigger-happy hermit or grumpy dragon kills you, don’t say we didn’t warn you! There were literally dozens of signs.

16. A UNICORN » Oh my gosh oh my gosh you found a unicorn quick take a picture!

17. THE CASTLE » Many tales speak of castles that change locations or disappear with the sunrise. Can you break the curse or will you get trapped too?

18. THE NICE WITCH » Not all witches are evil! This one actually helps people on their quests from time to time … for a price. Are you willing to give it?

19. RAIN » You are cold, lost, and hungry, and now it’s raining?! Ugh!

20. HUNTING » Whether for food or for a dangerous criminal, you gear up and decide to go into the woods. Beware, this is no nice place.

21. THE OLD MAN » Look, we told you to ignore this guy. He might seem nice, but any advice or “magical items” he gives will not help you.

22. BAD LUCK » The map was outdated. The car got a flat tire. The boats have holes in them. A simple camping trip is now an utter comedic nightmare.

23. FLOWER GATHERING » What a lovely pastime! Are you picking flowers to woo a crush or cheer up a friend? Hold on. Where did the path home go?

24. SNOW» Okay, so saying, “At least it’s not snowing” is new.

25. THE HERO » Okay, fine, so you don’t believe in legends and refuse to heed the warning signs. Be prepared for all that you will face, foolish warrior!

26. THE HUNTED » As a last resort, you have gone to the woods to escape something that is pursuing you. Hopefully you will survive.

27. MORE BAD LUCK » This time, the whole forest seems to be out to get you: poison ivy, a squirrel sending mountain lions on you, and a rude llama.

28. RANDOM » Is there a trope or scenario that we forgot? Want to roll again? Go right ahead.