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We need to have an epiphany

the sudden realization of attraction emotions LOVE meme

In retrospect, you've probably had these feelings for this person for forever, you've just never noticed them right in front of your eyes. After all, emotions like this don't pop out of nowhere. But it seems like it, because you've just noticed you like - maybe even l.o.v.e. - this person...or at least be attracted to them in a BIG BIG way. Of course, it may have to do with the outside pushes and shoves that had led you to this conclusion; surely, though, there had been hints before. Oh, there were? You never thought about it? You repressed it? You refused to believe?

Well. Reality is here to smack you right in this face, probably at the least oppertune moments. That's how these realizations tend to work. Who this person is to you - classmate, ally, brother in arms, worst enemy, best friend - varies, and so can your reaction. You can be embarrassed, confess from the highest mountain, continue to ignore those feelings because that's completely healthy, or let your instinct run wild and kiss them right on the mouth. It's all up to you.

Don't say you didn't realize.

How to Play
♡ Comment with your character and preferences. Feel free to give information about your character or mention what kind of relationships you may enjoy playing, or leave your comment blank.
♥ There's a catch. For those who leave top comments, your character is the one having the revelation about those who respond to you.
♡ Comment to others and thread all this out.


1. You two were having fun, until...boom. Right in the fondness. Things got real.
2. Just like in kindergarden, they were mean to you.
3. They were caring for you or comforting you, showing affection or healing.
4. They were teasing you.
5. You were arguing. I hate you! I LOVE you! Oops.
6. Clumsiness can lead to embarrassment or accidental kissing.
7. They got the Hollywood makeover, and oh, no, they're hot!
8. You were staring too long and your heart started beating faster.
9. They were like a brother or sister to you until now, and you never saw them that way before.
10. Someone said that you two make/would make a great couple, and now you can't stop thinking about it.
11. You've been pretending to be together...and now the feelings are real.
12. They have to leave - forever!
13. You are heading off to battle together, and one or both of you may die.
14. You are heading off to battle them!
15. Just like the middle ages - or maybe it is the middle ages - you've learned that they're promised to someone else.
16. You've learned they're with someone else of their own will.
17. Jealousy is an ugly trait, but even though they're not with that other person, you can't help but jump to conclusions. Why do you care so much?
18. Now that you've realized your feelings for them, they will be yours. They will be.
19. They call you out on your feelings, or ask you why you are the way you are.
20. The attraction's one-sided...right? It has to be.
20. You're in denial, your life's a trial. Surely you can't be thinking this about them!
21. You're playing it off, even if you look weird in front of them.
22. RUN AWAY, you can't deal with this. Yes, literally run away.
23. You recognize your feelings, but sadly put them aside for the greater good
24. This was supposed to be just sex, yet as you're coming, you're realizing how deep this is, actually...
29. SUDDEN SEX because completing a trifecta here.
30. W I L D C A R D

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