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Powered and Source


a sci-fi au meme

50 years ago, or 75 years ago,or 20 - it's hard to recall such precise numbers in the haze and hardship - the world almost ended. While the timing itself is remembered by few, the event serves as a sharp divide of before the Fall and after. The Fall, in all its terrible and explosive splendor, sent societies spinning on their heads, no matter if its intimate nature are unclear. Once again, humanity has had to claw its way out of the primordial pit, all its achievements sent to ruin in the face of a nuclear flare. What little governmental structure remain amongst the survivors is tyrannical, but astute. When those in charge noticed that offspring of those who hadn't been killed by the Fall were beginning to be born with unique abilities, they chose not to persecute this "new generation." Instead, they jumped at the chance to have a homegrown army to protect the fragile rebirth of man, learning little from the old mistakes.

These gifted individuals fall into two categories: those with psionic powers and abilities used for offense and those who have healing and rejuvenating properties. Apart, these are interesting parlor tricks, with psionics, called Powereds, being about to move items with their minds for a few inches or pick up heavier ones they shouldn't be able to or healers, called Sources, fixing up superficial wounds. The true potential lies in when a Powered and Source are brought together, however. Each Powered has a Source that is their match and vice versa, the lock to their key, right down to the very genetics. When the right pairing made, a Powered can move mountains or create energy weapons beyond compare, a Source can provide near infinite energy to their Powered or even bring living beings back from the brink of death. To belong to either of these groups is a high honor. So high, in fact, that as soon as a child shows promise, they are whisked away by higher authorities to be matched with their lifetime Powered or Sourced and begin their training, where, despite the risks, they will find better living conditions and more resources than they could have ever dreamed of out in the desolate, dying world.

This pair grows up together, becoming dependent on each other. Even if their personalities clash, the pull in their very nature evens things out; it is, after all, a psychic bond that connects Powered and Sourced. Without the presence of their Source, a Powered might find themselves enraged or worried or unsettled. On the other hand, a lonely Source may become listless or despaired. As two is where they find complete harmony, and their unity shows in the combat or espionage skills.

On record, romance between matched pairs is strictly forbidden. Off the books, though, it happens more times than not, with two people growing up together virtually since childhood who are programmed to be co-dependent, and it is highly encouraged by those higher up due to abilities being strengthened through both emotional connection and physical contact. There's no risk in it, in their eyes, only gain as they can terminate a pair quite easily. A Powered is useless without a Source, so the ultimate weapon has a kill-switch...and a useful weakness for blackmail purposes There are always whispers in barracks of someone who's doing a task because their Powered's or Source's life is at stake.

Once battle training is complete, each pair is assigned to an eight-man cell, comprised of four matched pairs like themselves. What these teams do depends upon their skill sets and training levels, with anything from peacekeeping to public relations to assassination being on the dossier. Yet the imperative is for those on front line is clear: protect your Powered or Sourced at all costs, even on the backs of the others on your team.

Without them, you are useless. Without them, there is no place for you in this world.

tl;dr sparknotes this because we want to get to the meme: Sentinels and guides had a baby with YA dystopian lit. After a near extinction level cataclysm, people began to develop abilities that fall into two categories: Powered (sentinel/warrior) and Source (guide/healer). Their true powers are only revealed when they find their one genetically compatible match. A shadow government kidnaps these individuals, puts them into lifebonds, trains them for combat, then sends them out in teams to do all the dirty work. Codependency, mind-bonding, unhealthy love, and bloody murder probably ensue.

  • In the subject line, place your character name, canon, preferences, and whether your character will be a Powered, Source, or either.
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  • What will your character be doing? Being a late bloomer and only now meeting their partner? Training? On a mission? Enjoying some rare down time? Comforting their partner? Aftercare after the battle? Getting blackmailed? Climbing to the top of the ladder and infiltrating the government? Realizing their partner's getting a little too bloodthirsty? Falling in love with someone else's Powered or Source - absolute anathema. Facing certain death? It's up to you.
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[ ooc: sure, we could give that a shot. would you mind giving me the setup and I'll figure out how to get Angela in there after him? ]
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[ooc: okay, let me know if this works or if you'd like me to change anything! we can also do brackets if you'd rather.]

He hadn't realized what it meant at first, the way dying weeds would revive when he was around and scrapes and bruises seemed to heal faster than normal when he paid attention to them, but it became obvious soon enough. With the emergence of his potential came the fear, a looming dread that the authorities would come for him to make him one of theirs. He couldn't bring himself to tell his dad, forced himself through all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify why he shouldn't - it would only cause trouble, maybe his suspicions were wrong, maybe the authorities wouldn't bother coming for him, if his dad didn't know then maybe somehow that would ensure nothing would happen. This was a problem Jamie couldn't think his way out of, and so he kept it to himself and tried to pretend it didn't exist.

He can't ignore it when they finally come for him, though. The vehicle slides up in front of the apartment building in the dead of night, eerily silent, but Jamie - a restless sleeper ever since he realized what was happening to him - notices it as he prowls past the livingroom window. Spots the figures exiting the vehicle and approaching the building. Is pretty sure that one of them makes eye contact with him.

The only thing that enters his mind is that he can't let them near his dad. It is this thought that drives him out of the building, through a side door where he catches the attention of one of the agents, and then he runs. Mindlessly, in a panic, with no further plan than that. Lead them off and get them after him and hope they leave his dad alone.

It's a slim hope and a terrible plan, but it's all he has right now.
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Fellow agents would argue that when their quarry makes a run for it, that it only makes their jobs more difficult. On the contrary, Angela finds this sort of event both convenient and a little exciting. Once the agents by the house receive the word that their prey was on the move they retreated to the car without so much as a sound and the vehicle itself leaves calmly a few moments later. They cannot be ones to draw suspicion their way after all...

Meanwhile, a figure on a nearby rooftop smiles down from the shadows, watching the young man scurry through the space between nearby homes, duck through neighbor's yards, and finally take a turn into the dark alley that would lead him out to one of the main streets. It would be all too simple to have planned for this; to have a van out at the end of the alley, cutting off his escape, but there seemed to be no sign of it. It's entirely possible that he managed to outrun or, at least, outmaneuver the trained personnel assigned with his capture.

"Contrary to popular belief," echoed a woman's voice from above in the tight corridor, her tone light even as it cut sharply through the crisp night air. "Running late at night is a terrible way to exhaust yourself to sleep."

Angela stretched her feet out over the edge of the fire escape's railing and let herself drop to the floor below. Thin blades of light formed wings that softened her descent, her heavy boots making barely a sound as she landed at the end of the alley with her back turned to him.

"Let us not forget to consider what your father will think, when he discovers your bed empty in the morning." That was not so much a threat as it was a promise. This is how it was going to go and it was this boy's choice to have it happen this way.

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The voice alone was enough to elicit a squeak of terror and stop him dead in his tracks, head whipping back and forth in a panic to locate the speaker; in the handful of breaths it took him to start to move forward again, the figure had dropped seemingly from the night sky, light-wings startling in the darkness of the alley, and cut off his escape. Jamie stammered nervously, backing up a step and glancing behind him.

"N-no, he - he doesn't have to, you don't need to take me, I won't tell anyone I promise I didn't even tell my dad - "

His voice cracked a little on that last word; he was more scared than he could ever remember being in his life, for himself but mostly for his father, because he had no idea what they might do to him.

"Please don't hurt him," he whimpered finally, voice hoarse and high-pitched. "Just - let me go home, please, nothing'll be different I won't do anything please..."
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With a pinch of her shoulders the fire-like wings vanished from sight. The edges of her suit and the inner curve of her horns are all that illuminate her figure as Angela finally turns toward the frightened young figure. She clicked her tongue in disappointment at the way this scene unfolded.

"Tsk, no, no, no. That is not how this works, mein Kind." Angela's frown was soft, as was her volume, giving none of her impatience away. "From before you ever grew aware of your abilities you belonged to us. I am simply here... to collect."

She gestured to the side with the tip of her staff. Angela pursed her lips and shrugged her shoulders loosely. "I have no interest in your family. They do not show the same potential as you. Or... any, really."
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He shook his head, backing up another step. "I d-don't belong to you," he stammered, timid but stubborn. The movement of the rod she carried, slight though it was, prompted a flinch, as though she might use it to wreak some kind of horrible magic on him, but when nothing happened he spoke up again.

"I don't - I don't have any potential, I promise, I can't do anything at all honest so - so there's no point taking me, just let me go home, please let me go home."

He was coming to realize that his words weren't going to have any effect, and he wasn't sure if anyone else was pursuing him - surely they would have caught up by now, if there were - but maybe if he kept talking, kept putting some distance between himself and the woman, he'd have a chance to turn and run, find another route of escape.