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He hadn't realized what it meant at first, the way dying weeds would revive when he was around and scrapes and bruises seemed to heal faster than normal when he paid attention to them, but it became obvious soon enough. With the emergence of his potential came the fear, a looming dread that the authorities would come for him to make him one of theirs. He couldn't bring himself to tell his dad, forced himself through all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify why he shouldn't - it would only cause trouble, maybe his suspicions were wrong, maybe the authorities wouldn't bother coming for him, if his dad didn't know then maybe somehow that would ensure nothing would happen. This was a problem Jamie couldn't think his way out of, and so he kept it to himself and tried to pretend it didn't exist.

He can't ignore it when they finally come for him, though. The vehicle slides up in front of the apartment building in the dead of night, eerily silent, but Jamie - a restless sleeper ever since he realized what was happening to him - notices it as he prowls past the livingroom window. Spots the figures exiting the vehicle and approaching the building. Is pretty sure that one of them makes eye contact with him.

The only thing that enters his mind is that he can't let them near his dad. It is this thought that drives him out of the building, through a side door where he catches the attention of one of the agents, and then he runs. Mindlessly, in a panic, with no further plan than that. Lead them off and get them after him and hope they leave his dad alone.

It's a slim hope and a terrible plan, but it's all he has right now.

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