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You're tired of being a goody-two shoes. It's time to join the mob! That's right, time to join the world of organized crime. Whether you're mafioso, yakuza, triad, something entirely different - you're in for a treat. It doesn't matter what family you're in, what side you're on, what your end goals are, things are going to be wild, dirty, and violent all along the way. Maybe you survive, maybe you don't. Maybe people you care about don't. Maybe you need to get revenge. Whatever. The world is your oyster.


1. BIG BOSS It's you, the one everyone looks to. Everyone has to listen to your orders or they'll meet a swift end. Try not to be too cruel.
2. RIGHT HAND MAN You're the trusted second to the boss. Are you happy with your position? Do you want to take over the family? Do your best.
3. BODYGUARD Self explanatory. Keep your boss (or whoever they tell you to) from dying. Or getting arrested, probably. Do you need to kill someone? Better make it clean.
4. RANK AND FILE Any other position. Treasurer, gun runner, enforcer, whatever. Maybe if you're good, you'll move up the ranks.
5. CIVILIAN You're not in the mob, but maybe they're leaning on you for protection money. Or you're dating someone in the mob. Wow, that boss is cute. Maybe you're a doctor paid off by the mob under the table.
6. POLICE Whether you're a corrupt cop being paid off or someone that really wants to put them away or even a rookie trying to make their name with a big collar, we have you covered. Do what you want, we're not the cops--shit, wait, we ARE the cops.


1. JOB WELL DONE Everything went great on your last mission! It's time to celebrate, probably with lots of booze.
2. JOB GONE WRONG Don't tell the boss, but nothing went right. Simmons was shot, we lost the cargo, and we almost got collared. Actually, do tell the boss about the cargo so no one thinks you stole it.
3. BUSTED Hope you enjoy prison because you just got caught and you're probably going to prison for tax evasion.
4. PUT OUT A HIT The current mission is: kill someone that did the family wrong. Can you do that? Can you escape if a hit is put out on you? Why is this done on a buddy system, anyway?
5. DOWN TIME Look, even crime families have time off. Hanging out, pretending to do real paperwork, actually doing real paperwork, whatever it is, it's not outright action-packed villainy.
6. LET'S GET DANGEROUS Any big-time jobs lately? Arson, making a statement to another family? All-out war? Damn, you've been busy.
7. BLENDING IN Let no one say the mob are heartless! Are you throwing a big party to show off your charity for the little people? Giving money to local kids? Making people put dates on milk bottles?
8. OVERTHROW It's time for new boss, same as the old boss. Do you get them put in prison? Kill them? Do you manage to get away with it or are YOU the one getting sent up the river?
9. A DEATH IN THE FAMILY Someone important to all of you has died. Did your boss pass away? Was the second-in-command murdered? How's the funeral? Do you need to get revenge?
10. ON THE HUNT Stop right there, it's the fuzz! You've been hunting this big fish for years, and now you think you've finally got something to get them put away for good. Go get 'em, slugger!

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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