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Come to my window

Come To My Window
shipping meme

You know the drill from every nineties movie/tv show known to man, because apparently there were no doors in the nineties: you, oh poor you, are stuck up in your room, and then, a rock is thrown at your window! Why, who would do such a thing? No, it's not some kind of burglar coming in to steal all your...private room things, it's your childhood friend from next door (who totally has a crush on you/you're nursing a crush on), your free-spirited boyfriend or girlfriend, or another rebellious love interest who has a long, long ladder and no need for conventional entrances. Why are they here? To finally confess their secret feelings for you? Give you your first kiss? Sneak you away because your parents don't approve? Maybe they have a crappy home life and just need somewhere to stay.

Whatever the case may be, open those window panes and get ready for sneaking in, sneaking out, and possibly making out.

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[Do you mind an OC?]
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[Not at all! <3 <3 ]
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Was she studying again? Kazuko couldn't tell from her vantage point on the ground, looking up at a second story window with the curtains mostly drawn closed. How was she going to get any kind of attention from her current position? If only she had a ladder, but that was silly, ladders made too much noise. She was more the quiet type, sneaking around unheard until someone turned around and then, surprise, there she was waiting to say something. There was a tree. That was her most promising lead, so Kazuko began the arduous task of climbing up the tall oak tree until she could slide out onto a branch parallel to Makoto's window.

Now she could see something at least. Her friend was near her desk and there was a book open, but that was about all she could see. Kazuko looked all around and finally spotted something that would get some attention. Summoning a gust of wind, she caught a couple acorns as they fell from the branches. The wind also made the windows rattle. A moment later, there would be an unmistakable plink against the glass when she flicked one at the window.
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Makoto was so engrossed in her homework that she didn't really notice when the wind rattled the windows. That was just part of the atmosphere, and was therefore irrelevant to her study. But then the 'plink' sound reached her ears. That.. wasn't normal. Was there a squirrel assaulting her window? Or, even worse and far more likely, was Morgana just being annoying again?

That cat. She'd flay him alive if that were the case. Not that she advocated animal cruelty, but Morgana was a special case.

But... there was something outside the window that caught her eye. Or, more specifically, someone. In the tree. Outside her window.

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Kazuko made herself comfortable on the limb, legs dangling over the edge as the cool breeze swept through her hair. That had to get some kind of reaction. Windows usually didn't make such sounds on their own, and she knew Makoto was the sort to notice when something wasn't usual. When it came to being unusual, Kazuko was at the top of most lists. She often wondered if that was why Makoto seemed to pay so much attention to her, or was she just wanting that to be true? They'd been friends for a while, but lately she'd been wondering if that's all it was. Not one to dwell too long before taking action to uncover information, there she was, ready to flick another acorn at the window. It wasn't like she'd never dropped by before, but usually it was still light out, and she used the door.

Her hand was outstretched, two acorns spinning around above her palm. If she aimed just right maybe she could make them both hit at once. That should be louder, right? No, wait, Makoto was turning around! Kazuko closed her hand, taking hold of the two acorns, and smiled brightly. "Hi!" She called out, unsure if her voice would carry through the glass. So she also waved, which meant dropping the acorns to the ground.
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Well if the voice didn't, the wave certainly got the point across.

Makoto quickly got out of her chair and went over to the window. It was late, so she was already in her sleepwear. Which was really just a t-shirt and a pair of too-short shorts that she'd never be caught dead outside of her bedroom in. Not even in the rest of her own home.

She tugged the window open. "Hey! Hi! Um! You.. wow you really climbed up that tree didn't you."
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Kazuko was absolutely certain in her ability to get the attention of others, one way or another. That was why she was so good at encouraging others when they were having trouble, because she made her presence known when cheering them on or offering helpful advice. Right now she wasn't sure what she was doing, but she was doing it, and there was no turning back now since Makoto had seen her. As she waited for her friend to open the window, she couldn't help but notice how short the shorts were. Her cheeks felt warm.

"Yep! I really climbed it just so I could see you." She grinned and leaned closer, not so much that she was going to fall but enough that she could have reached for the window if she'd wanted. "Look, I think I actually got a little stronger because of it." To prove her point, she held up her arm and slid back her sleeve, showing off that in fact she had some muscle, but no more than before.
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Makoto humored her. "Yes, you're very strong. Now, will you come in before you fall out of that tree? I'd feel bad, you know." she said, leaning out of the window and extending her hand to Kazuko.

Of course, Makoto's sister was also involved in the legal system and accident or no, it would look bad if someone broke their neck and died on the property. ...Because of course that's where Makoto's mind went. As improbable a scenario as it would be.

"But seriously. Get in here." she said, smiling. "Or did you plan on serenading me?"
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Kazuko lowered her arms and pouted for a second. It was all an act of course, one she performed many times, often ending with her tongue sticking out. She didn't go that far this time as she was feeling that her position was somewhat precarious on the branch while leaning over so far.

"I could totally serenade you but your neighbors might be upset." She knew she had a good voice, but she was also somewhat loud, and since it was already dark outside, she didn't want that much attention. So she took hold of Makoto's hand and pulled herself inside. That was the plan, anyway. "Ack!" Kazuko caught her foot on the window sill which made her very unbalanced while trying to climb inside. All she could do was reach for Makoto and hope that they didn't both end up falling over because of it. Then again, maybe that wouldn't be so bad.
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Makoto just had tot laugh at Kazuko's pouty face. She had, in fact, seen it more than a few times, and it always melted her heart just a little. Not that she could ever let it show, because then it would just go to Kazuko's head.

"Pshhhh. They just wouldn't understand what we have." Makoto said. The sentence might have been mistaken for a joke, except for the completely serious tone of voice with which Makoto delivered the line.

But when Kazuko tripped and reached for Makoto, the girl acted without thinking, grabbing Kazuko's arm and tugging her through the window before she could fall in the other direction and potentially hurt herself much worse.