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Have you ever just felt like you were born in the wrong time? No? Good, because the past actually sucks. Anyway, it's still interesting to shove your characters into those time frames, so right now it's time for Victorian Era Shenanigans. You know you're intrigued.


UPPER CLASS This is divided into three sections: royal class, which at the time was royal family and spiritual leaders. The middle upper class was for officers, baronets, and lower level lords. The lower upper class included your general rich asshole: wealthy families and large scale businesspeople that built their fortunes.
MIDDLE CLASS Middle class is in two subsections, higher and lower. The only differentiation here was between salaries and social standings. Higher middle class was more likely to be able to secure any kind of upward mobility. Lower middle class people usually worked under higher middle class. A mid-level merchant as opposed to the person working for them.
WORKING CLASS Working class were the hard laborers and tradespeople - the skilled class and the unskilled class. Think an undertaker as opposed to a gravedigger.
UNDER CLASS The lowest of the low in society's eyes, we have the poor: people who were destitute and relied on the charity of others, orphans; and prostitutes, who were under much debate at the time as far as decency went. Also, they were being murdered by Jack the Ripper, so you know, ymmv.


ROMANCE Did you know that Anne Brontë wrote what is considered the first sustained feminist novel in a Western society? Well, now you do. In this, take your main characters, watch them suffer for 300 pages, and eventually they'll realize they're meant for each other. It's all a bit gothic though, isn't it? Dreary, brooding. Sometimes awful things happen. But we've got love (sometimes) and marriage (more often) in the end.
HORROR Did you know that a vampire is haunting this small town? Werewolves the next town over? Ghosts in every manor? Did you hear about that scientist that went mad? What kind of place is this? Maybe that masqued ball isn't a good idea.
SCIENCE FICTION You've got a time machine, or you live in a steampunk dystopia set in Victorian times. Perhaps you have a flying machine that's quite advanced or you've traveled to the bottom of the sea or the center of the earth.
MYSTERY Do you want to be the greatest detective that ever lived? Or perhaps their sidekick. You're not as bumbling as people 200 years from now may try to say you are. Solve thefts, catch Jack the Ripper (good riddance), do whatever! Just put your brains to the test.
SLICE OF LIFE The simple things. Perhaps you're a lord throwing an expensive party. Perhaps you're showing off your charity by inviting the lower classes. Perhaps you're a merchant on a trade ship to another place. It's your daily life and you're living it. Just be yourself.
FANTASY Perhaps you want something lighter. You want to travel down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass or be a princess or live in a fairy tale meeting mystical creatures.

As always, these are just suggestions and you can pick your scenario from your genre. Also, not all examples are Victorian era but we do what we want in these parts because the meme cops aren't going to get us (even though we're not them). Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun! Make sure to post a short backstory in your top level comment so people know how to work with your AU!

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Tony Stark | MCU | OTA

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Probably going to end up some kind of Science Fiction because Tony, but he scales backward pretty well. Genius, wealthy, playboy, philanthropist, futurist. The old 'eccentric well off lord' trope works pretty well for him, always innovating and not being terribly social. Probably got nabbed by pinkertons or some kind of thug instead of terrorists, has some manner of clockwork heart instead of an arc reactor. Since it's easier to hide and safer to keep his identity under wraps the iron man is known as his body guard to pull from the comics a little so we can throw identity porn tropes into the mix as well, fun for everyone!
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[ooc: If you're interested, I can see Mary perhaps meeting him at a party for the upper class, either in England or America (she could be visiting family there). Maybe his reputation proceeds him and she decides to introduce herself and then we can see where it goes from there. If that sounds good, I can start.]
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[ That sounds excellent! ]
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[ooc: let me know if I should change any of this!]

What Mary had thought would be a rather boring social event for her uncle's business had turned interesting rather quickly. The party was for some big deal that he had closed in New York. Mary presumed that it would be a lot of stuffy old men hitting on her. While she wasn't wrong in that regard, the interesting part began when Tony Stark walked into the room.

Of course she knew who he was. Everyone did, even across the pond. Mary found him to be just as eccentric as he was described, even though she wondered if half of the stories in the papers were true. She had ever intention of finding out.

Mary bided her time, not flocking to him like a moth to a flame as the few unmarried young ladies at the party did. Truth be told, a lot of the men flocked to him too. In the meantime, she talked to other people at the party, eying Tony every now and then to see when he might not be surrounded by admirerers.

When he went off to get himself another drink, Mary saw her opportunity. She excused herself and went to stand next to Tony at the drink table.

"Mr. Stark," she said with a nod. "I hope you won't find this terribly rude on a first meeting, but I have heard that you have a heart made from metal and glass. Is that true?"
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sorry, work ate me x-x

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Another solid deal struck, another round of appearing in public and gladhanding to remind people that yes, he was brilliant, worth investing in, and above all else: remarkable. It'd keep them interested enough in what he might make in the future to buy him a little wiggle room with the rumormill. No one was quite so ready to smear mud on the name of someone that was quite so charismatic in person after they'd had a turn on the dance floor with him.

Usually. Money talked, after all.

So far everything seemed to be more or less the usual crowd. The investors, the curious, the flirtatious. He did spend a fair amount of time with the last group. There were just so many and quite a few were both lovely and not terrible conversationalists. Speaking to any one group long enough to earn a second drink was rare- rarer still was so forthright and curious a question without any sign of shame.

It was forward enough to earn a bright crackle of laughter as he tapped the center of his chest- were it not for the many layers (undershirt, shirt, waistcoat, coat) the tink of glass might've been heard. "Rude, no. You're not wrong either. Mind you most wait until after dinner and we're in some manner of undress before asking, Miss-?"
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it happens

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"Lady Mary Crawley," she replied, holding out her hand to him. "Harold Levinson is my uncle." Tony probably would not have guessed that by looking at her and certainly not after hearing her talk.

"Are you suggesting to a lady that her intent was to see you in a state of undress?" Mary raised an eyebrow at him. Many women might be scandalized by such a comment as his, but he intrigued her a lot more than he offended her. She was a widow besides, and knew how to hold her own. Flirtation was always something that she had been good at.

"How does the heart work?" she asked, honestly curious.
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credence barebone. fbawtft.

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[ so it's basically just like ~20 years earlier than before. still an orphan, still in the church, still kind of alarming.

can go magical au (naturally) in which he's still an obscurial or non-magical where he just ... idk works in the church??? work with me here. ]
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Charles Buter//OC//OTA

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clarke griffin | the 100

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( going for the middle upper class daughter of a dead officer who enjoys painting and medical journals even if she'll never be able to pursue that doctor dream sob. bring me all your ghost & vampire stories, politically arranged marriages, and cross-socioeconomic romances, i'm mostly here for my au/horror/shipping fix honestly. )
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There is something I must tell you.

[ It's the first time they've been alone together since their families made the arrangement; Alexander Heda stands still in the garden, coat a bright red against the greenery, posture stiff with nerves. Their eyes do not meet, and despite the urgency of the tone, there is a hesitation now. They cannot afford it. Their chaperone only gave them a very short time together even with downright bribery. She thought Alexander wanted to steal a kiss, which was sweet, but she wouldn't allow enough time for the possibility of something else stolen lest a scandal was raised — little did she know Alexander had a revelation far more scandalous than a simple kiss. The Heda family's secrets were multitudinous. For one thing — she wasn't a 'son' at all. ]

Know that — I have no wish to insult you. Our fathers arranged all this without either of our say so, but I would not find our marriage so terrible a burden.

[ Lexa flicks her eyes briefly to Clarke, warm gaze half hidden beneath her sandy lashes. ]
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hell fricking yes !!!

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( the arrangement of this marriage had been one of the last pieces of business officer griffin had seen to before his rather untimely passing. in that light, it was almost his dying wish, and was respected as such by both his widow and devoted — if incredibly unenthusiastic — daughter. abigail griffin had been pushing for the finalization of their union as of late, determined to secure her only child's comfortable future before their status slipped out from under them. clarke herself is of the quiet mind that their wealth and respect earned would be more than enough to keep them afloat even if she never married, but bites her tongue in mixed company and allows her mother to fret uninterrupted.

she abandons her activities when he comes calling, dons the rich blue dress her mother insists brings out her eyes and compliments the gold in her hair, and when alexander heda suggests they walk in the gardens of her estate, clarke agrees. outside is bright, but cool as the sun begin to descend. it's calmer, too, without the presence of her loving, but incredibly overbearing mother. it is also a prime opportunity to learn exactly what sort of man it is she is to marry in a few months, away from stuffy conversations over meals and friendly negotiations.

but he begs off their chaperone, and she finds herself moderately confused. )

I'm certain it won't prove to be one, sir.

( her lips are pursed, eyebrows drawn. she's very visibly trying to decide is she ought to be insulted on principal, or if alexander was trying to be polite in telling her of his intention to break off their engagement himself, amongst beautifully flowering rose bushes. )

Self made decision or not, ours will surly be a marriage of merit to both sides.
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[ She admits her agreement only reluctantly. Clarke's mother is widowed, and her family no doubt needs an income and an heir. Lexa's family escapes some unpleasant rumors, and reintroduces them into society well enough that her younger sister may finally debut. Coming out, it's called; presenting themselves as eligible for marriage, as Clarke must once have. Lexa has her own sort of coming out to do.

A heavy sigh. A marriage of merit — one that has been long planned — and yet Lexa can't let Clarke, who is beautiful and bold, go so blindly into it.

I have no wish to end our arrangement. But I would understand if you decided we must.

[ Dire, dire. She doesn't mean to build the tension, but her usual bluntness is smothered by the secret stuck in her throat. But there is no time for slow revelations, for explanations and apologies; she must get the truth out before the chaperone returns. A bright flush stains her cheeks and she stares grimly into the middle distance. ]

The truth is— I'm not a man at all. That's why Papa is so eager to find me a bride.
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( everything had been going so fine and dandy and prim and proper, and then —


the veneer of well bred politeness cracks. clarke's eyes light up with an intensity reminiscent of her father, mouth set in a grim line quite unbecoming for a young lady who ought to be shy and solely focused on charming her betrothed. but what sort of idiot would she have to be not to feel a disclosure such as that like a slap to the face, offending (none) all of her delicate sensibilities and tilting the world on a very confusing access.

they've no time to waste, and yet she spends several long moments openly gaping before warily forcing out: )

I... Don't understand your humor.

( possibly because it doesn't ring true as a joke; because there's something a little too right and blinking at alexander — was... was that even his name? her name? — and realizing the features of that stoic face seemed to fit much better if she looked at him as a woman. those eyes, those cheekbones, those lips... )
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.-. hi

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[ It's true; with careful coiffing and a powder to lighten her lips, another to darken her jaw and brows, she had been able to present her features as simply effete, but once the secret is revealed like a seeing eye puzzle she shifts and becomes obvious.

The lips in question press together once, impatient with that reaction even as she expected it.

This is no joke. I would never — it has simply been a necessary deception. For my family's well-being.

[ She forces herself to stop avoiding eye contact and look back to Clarke, her eyes fierce with passion. ]

I shouldn't be telling you before everything is finalized. But I cannot lie to you any longer.
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[ i basically want lady and the tramp are you down ]
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( um YES ABSOLUTELY that is the main reason i hit this meme up ngl )
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i have taken a lot of liberties

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[ The Blake family was prestigious once. Or rather: they were prestigious until their secrets slipped out and scandalized high society. They'd been shunned, driven out, and the strain of it all had killed Aurora Blake. What little they have left (the entirety of his mother's library, and a few pieces of jewelry he's saving for Octavia) is boxed along a wall of the flat they share with Lincoln. There's not much left, but there's enough. Octavia has never gone hungry. Bellamy prides himself on that.

Lincoln's partly to thank. He's the one who got Bellamy the job on the Griffin estate to begin with. Lincoln's their groundskeeper, and now Bellamy's his assistant, and at the Griffin women's beck and call. If Abby Griffin made the connection to the ruined Blake family, she hadn't said anything. She's been kind. But that doesn't mean Bellamy doesn't chafe under the humiliation of her employ. His life is comprised of Abby Griffin and her daughter's whims. He saddles the horses and readies the carriages and carries their parcels, and they pay well but Bellamy can't bring himself to be truly grateful. Bellamy looks at their packages or the shops they enter and feel sick with anger. The money they take for granted could have saved his mother's life and made Octavia's a thousand times easier than it is now. But he can never tell them that.

Or he didn't intend to, until he loses his patience and snaps at Clarke on the way back to the estate after having waited with the carriage for hours after escorting her into town for the secret errands she attended to once a week. But instead of crying or ignoring him, Clarke just shouts back at him. She shocks him, but not enough to keep him from exploding in turn. But when they return to the estate, he's not sacked. It's...strange. He turns up expecting Abby Griffin to let him go, but all she tells him is that Clarke's asked for him to take her into town to the shops. ]

Have you told her? What I said to you?

[ He asks when she turns up in the stable. He doesn't turn to look at her, but his hands are unsteady. He busies himself soothing and gentling the horse he'd been guiding into the last stall.

The disrespect was bad enough, but Bellamy had been treading close to the kind of radical ideas that would get him branded as a troublemaker. And he needed the money this job brought him. He'd spent all night listening to Octavia toss and turn in her sleep and berating himself for letting his temper overrule the need to provide for her. ]
Edited (ok fixed it) 2017-05-18 03:22 (UTC)
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and created something beautiful aaaaah

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Obviously not.

( and if her tone sounds a little bitter and scathing, it's because she is. appropriately affronted and ruffled by their previous interaction, but not angry enough outright to storm after her mother and demand his employ terminated. hadn't been when he'd shouted slights at her in the carriage, nor when they'd returned to her estate after a carriage ride filled mostly with tense silence, quietly boiling tempers. and while she'd initially stomped up the stairs and thrown a decorative throw pillow, scathing remarks and insubordination weren't enough to turn her petty.

in fact, an hour or two later, clarke finds herself introspective, allowing his accusations to replay in her head a few times over until they carry more sense than vehemence. did he really think she took her inherited wealth and respect for granted? was that how most everyone else saw her, always dolled up in fine fabrics when out and about, or partaking in appropriately feminine activities like painting and walking in the garden? these thoughts hadn't presented themselves to her before; no, clarke's sense of worldly injustice was rooted in the fact that painting and smelling flowers and dressing nicely all she was allowed do, where bellamy's seemed to stem that she had all the time and money and comfort to do those things.

in her defense, she hadn't know — still doesn't — that once upon a time, he'd come from power, wealth, and influence of a similar degree; had subsequently lost it all by the misfortune of secrets refusing to stay in the dark, and then learned the true cost of living. how demeaning must it feel to serve someone the world has afforded all the good things it had taken from you?

would that someone had told her as much, even hinted at it. she might have left him alone to lick his wounds and seeth, instead of making it a point to travel into town, towards the shops and some disgraceful secrets clarke held herself.

but no, she's standing in the stables dressed in impeccable whites and yellows, arms full of neatly wrapped parcels. she regards him cooly, and even if she hopes he takes some comfort in her response — she hadn't said anything and likely wouldn't ever; he hadn't lost his job, he would not be shunned from similar working conditions by every other family in the area — there's the no biting back dry follow up. )

Though the next time you feel the need to make clear just how little you think of me because of my status, you could do so without screaming. ( not even missing a beat: ) Are the horses ready?
Edited 2017-05-18 10:20 (UTC)
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[ She's angry. Bellamy can only take a few moments of petty satisfaction over it before his enjoyment fades. They'd come to an impasse. He'd come to an impasse. Maybe Clarke hadn't told her mother just how revolutionary their new employee was in his views, but she might next time. Bellamy resents the uncertainty of it even as he questions just why she'd have refrained this time. ]

And my raised voice is the most objectionable thing to you? [ Bellamy's needling deliberately; Clarke had made herself clear on just what else about his accusations she'd found objectionable. ] You weren't exactly sticking to dulcet tones yourself, princess.

[ Maybe he's losing his mind. The strain of providing for a family, or the near constant reminders of how the high society surrounding the Griffins had so easily cast his mother aside combining to destroy any semblance of self control he might have had prior to his employ. Or worse, it's the sneaking pleasure he'd felt at Clarke's furious, flushed face. Rattling her composure had been an accident, but after all was said and done, Bellamy was surprised to find the relief of finally saying all his complaints aloud gave way to an admiration of Clarke's reaction.

She's pristine again, not a hair out of place, and Bellamy aches over how badly he'd wanted Clarke's serene certainty for Octavia. It's easier to frame it that way than think about how he'd rather get Clarke furious and shouting again. ]

It'll be a few more minutes to hitch them up. You're free to wait.

[ Though he assumes she'll retreat to the porch, and cast judgement on him from a safe distance. ]
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( oh, well if he'd given his leave for her to stand around

she decidedly loathes the way he calls her princess; visibly ruffles at the tainted endearment, rolling her shoulders back and drawing herself up a half an inch taller like she wants to fight him about, well, everything — from him jaded notions about her character based on her wealth, to the extra time they would be waiting whilst he finished hitching the horses to the carriage and they could both climb aboard. but her arms are full, and some of the parcels have fragile contents that couldn't withstand being hurled at his head. and that wasn't the particularly ladylike course of action to take.

but clarke isn't one to back down from a battle of wits and verbal lashings, especially not when they've already crossed lines in terms of their professional relationship and dropped all pretense in their constrained, polite guises. and really, hadn't it been a relief of sorts? not to have to bite her tongue and simply nod her head regardless of her own opinions; to be a real person, with a little bit of a temper and plenty of her own issues that were so regularly overlooked? to an extent, it felt like it.

(and if bellamy blake took some sort of secret pleasure in her burning, seething gaze and the thin lipped scowl across her mouth — well, at least he got something out of it too.)

this wasn't a stepping stone towards dishing out all her personal secrets, or an invitation to try to view the world as she did, rife with unfairness outside of just economical constructs. but the combative park of clarke desperately wants to prove him wrong in his assumptions about her personage. even if earning the respect of her driver, her employee made little sense, that was why she had called upon his services again today, and why she didn't cower and retreat when told to wait. just stood and watched as two of their horses were harnessed and led to their breechings, boiling judgement giving way to cold calculations as she stared down his every move. she has to fight down the urge to strike up useless conversation a few times, to snap about little things she thought bellamy was doing carelessly. and when those long minutes are up and they're finally ready to depart, she doesn't ask for a hand getting up into the bed of the carriage, and he doesn't offer one.

but riding the entire way into town blanketed by heavy silence is asking too much. they're past the gates of her family estate, out of sight of the house, and if she turned in her seat she could barely see the tips of the roof through the trees that lines the dirt road. but she's too busy burning holes in the back of bellamy blake's skull to bother craning around. finally, somewhat aggressively: )

What have I ever done to you to earn such passionate dislike?
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jim kirk ( star trek aos )

[personal profile] winscenario 2017-05-17 11:54 am (UTC)(link)
[ navy captain, so middle upper class. bit of a reputation for being reckless and sleeping around but known for being a good and fair captain, loved and respected by his crew. sticks to his principles no matter what, and can often land himself into trouble because he's far too curious.

also willing to add some scifi to the mix; maybe he's got all these ideas about ships that fly and stuff?? idk whatever you wanna roll with. I'm open to any prompt. ]
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[ ooc: hey, if you're interested, maybe some kind of au where they're commissioned by the crown to do all sorts of adventures in a sky ship?? kind of similar to the stardust ships... ]
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[ ooc: sounds like fun! absolutely up for it \o/ ]
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Arthur Pendragon | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

[personal profile] streetprince 2017-05-17 01:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Well. He is The once and future king.

He did however move among the underclass for most of his life so that option works just fine too. If you would prefer a fast-talking criminal to a king then Arthur is still very much your man.

All genres welcome.
Edited 2017-05-17 13:41 (UTC)
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Nancy | Oliver Twist

[personal profile] ivegotmypride 2017-05-17 02:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[Lower class, thief and a prostitute. So, y'know. Canon.]
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Jillian Holtzmann | Ghostbusters

[personal profile] studyofmovement 2017-05-17 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[steampunk adventures? spoopy gothic horror? actual victorian shenanigans? lay it on me.]
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Matt Murdock | Netflix MCU

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[Every era needs lawyers. And with the state of law enforcement in this period, a masked vigilante has plenty of work to do, too. Open to any scenario except fantasy.]
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Sherlock Holmes || Sherlock BBC || m/m

[personal profile] desecrated 2017-05-17 05:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[[Probably still making his own career under his big brother's very large thumb.
Way more in the closet than he is already, though maybe a bit more clear on what he wants. And probably to live to be a good deal older with the person he loves might very well be a fairy tale in this era.

Either that or make him a very miserable working class citizen. No time travel required, it just is what it is.]]
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Frisk | Undertale | OTA

[personal profile] dustless 2017-05-17 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)
//Most likely a street urchin.
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Jane Potter | Harry Potter(63)

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[A wealthy young woman (maybe a witch, who knows!) who spends a lot of her time at boarding school. She's more than a handful.]
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let's try non-magical au i'm feelin it

[personal profile] fishpetals 2017-05-19 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
[ lily and jane have been attending the same boarding school since they were children. while jane's family is old money, lily's is... well, not. really, all lily wants to do is learn - she's ended up relatively popular despite this bookishness, potentially because of her kindness mixed with a healthy dose of not taking anyone's shit.

(speaking of not taking anyone's shit, she really doesn't like janes' sense of humor.)

today is a leisure day and lily plans to spend it relaxing on the grounds (you guessed it) reading. it's been a good week, all of her work is done, and it allows her to sit in one of her personal (more comfortable) dresses rather than the stuffy uniform dress they must wear on a daily basis.

still, sitting calmly under the shade of a tree on the grounds probably makes her a target of some kind, so she's got an eye out at the same time. ]
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[Lily Evans was beautiful. Jane had known that since day one. She loved the way her hair fell in soft ringlets, how pale her skin was, and her eyes. Those beautiful green eyes framed by long eyelashes. She wanted to count those eyelashes that kissed her skin, just look at her.

She wanted to kiss her.

So Jane had long ago decided to deal with these feelings by going out of her way to get Lily's attention from her. She wanted to impress her, to be her friend, and maybe maybe maybe get her to want to kiss her back. It was stupid- she was engaged to be married to a wealthy young bachelor the moment she graduated. But still.

Leaving her usual gaggle of girls, Jane set off on the leisure day, holding her skirts up a bit around her ankles, exposing her black leather boots. It makes taking long strides around the grounds easier, and it isn't long until she finds, oh, hello beautiful under the tree.]

Lily. [She says, trying to conceal her smile.] What're you reading? [She bends over to try to take a look, casting a shadow on Lily's pages.]
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Mary Crawley | Downton Abbey

[personal profile] thequitecontrary 2017-05-17 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[Not far off from her actual time period. She's an upper class lady. M/F for any shipping.]
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Dorian Gray | The Picture of Dorian Gray | OTA

[personal profile] theothermrgray 2017-05-18 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Canon: Wealthy Upper Class dandy, spends his days surrounding himself with beautiful things, has a picture in his attic that gets uglier the more he sins...]
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Jeile Astale Ei Daemonia Eucharistia | Meru Puri | m/m

[personal profile] idioticprince 2017-05-18 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[Hey this is basically canon for him. Just less magic, but he still is equally royal.]