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1: I got a free grilled cheese. I did not even have to talk about the Iris.

2: She is throwing knives. It scares me.
Update: Broken ceiling. Glass everywhere.

3: You stared at a Swedish man for 5 minutes then asked him, "Shouldn't you be yelling at dragons?"

4: text him!
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okay but is she throwing them at YOU

because if not youre good
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A number of them have come my direction... though I do not know if I was the intended target.
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1. (have a kraken OC!)

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but what kind of cheese is in the grilled cheese???

this is important, because if it's sharp cheddar

it's the king of grilled cheese (˙▿˙)
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I do no know as I am not an expert on cheese.

How can one tell?
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[personal profile] whitedevilofthesea 2017-05-14 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
it's a really deep yellow

well, more like a yellow-orage

and when you eat it, it's got a sort of tangy, sharp taste that lingers for a little while

(*´∪`) making a grilled cheese with it is delicious
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It is yellow-orange in color, but I cannot speak about the taste. I do not eat.

[ He actually has no use for a grilled cheese sandwich. ]