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the quote prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a quote/lyric/poem. try a sea of quotes or tumblr if you need help searching for a quote.
  • reply to them with a setting based on the quote/lyric/poem.
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Tekhartha Zenyatta | Overwatch

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[ It isn't the first time Zenyatta has been the victim of Omnic racism, and he knows that it will not be the last. Were he afraid of facing this kind of treatment, he would not be wandering the world among those who loathe his kind.

So when a mostly empty beer bottle shatters against the side of his head, Zenyatta merely nods a curt bow at the sneering man who had thrown it. Zenyatta otherwise seems unfazed. (He does wish that he had more time to admire the butterfly that had distracted him in the first place, but that is of little importance.) There's a fresh new scrape marring the chrome of Zenyatta's face. And yet, Zenyatta intends to continue walking (hovering) down the street without a word of anger.

The sneering man doesn't seem done with Zenyatta, however. "What? You one of those mute scrap heaps, or are you too dumb to realize you got hit?"

If your intent was to test my awareness of being hit, then I must tell you that I am aware. Peace be upon you.

[ Zenyatta's voice remains calm and unprovoked. He offers another curt bow and motions Genji to follow him. ]
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[ Zenyatta gives an exhausted sigh as he leans against the wall of the transport. The battle had been long and tense. If he was human, there would be aches and pains up and down his body. Instead, he has a number of tasks to complete to keep his systems in order, each one demanding his attention. Especially after the power surge of energy caused by Transcending. He needs a nice, long meditation session to bring himself back into balance.

But, he isn't doing that right now. There were a number of strategic errors he committed despite the mission's success, and he's busy replaying the mission in his mind. What could he have done better? What other action could he have taken? Where there signs he could have noticed that would have helped him realize an enemy sniper hid on the balcony?

Times like these remind Zenyatta that he was trained as a monk and not as a soldier. These battlefields differ greatly from the mountains of Nepal. He pauses his replay when he senses someone approach.

Ah, Captain Amari. Are we ready to depart?
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[Captain Amari. Now there's a title she hasn't heard in a long while - a couple of years, to be sure. She nods by way of reply as she ambles onto the transport, her Kinamura slung muzzle-down across her back.] We are. The pilots are completing their final system checks; we should be departing shortly.

[She sits down with a slight grunt of pain. A lifetime of use and abuse on her joints is catching up to her in all the wrong ways - what she wouldn't give for a fully-stocked medbay right about now. She spares Zenyatta a cursory glance, running a hand along her jaw. She'd disposed of plenty of omnics back during the crisis - even if Zenyatta was a good deal more humanoid than a Bastion or an OR-15, fighting alongside one was still something she'd have to get used to. She trusts him, of course - she would never have gone on the mission if she didn't. But finding a rapport with him will take time.

If the battle had been hard on him, it was no kinder to her. Her age was catching up to her, and even now, hours after the last shot had been fired, she can feel the stiffness setting in. She rubs one hand along the small of her back, as though this will help alleviate the aches and pains of old age.]

How are you feeling?

[To elaborate:]

I imagine today was quite a shock to the system, so to speak.
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[ Zenyatta had picked up the title from one of the previous Overwatch members, possibly Genji, and saw it fit to keep the title to be respectful. Even though he is no longer part of the Shambali monastery, Zenyatta is still a Tekhartha. ]

While there is much I need to adjust to, I am doing fine. It is nothing some meditation will not fix.

[ The lack of expression on his face doesn't hide the slight way his voice trails off at the end. It's not a lie but not the full truth either. ]

Are you well? I could give you an Orb of Harmony.

[ He says a little too quickly, a little too eager to help, a little worried that Ana received some injury he did not notice. Like not noticing the sniper. Maybe he just has a problem with noticing snipers in general, and he needs to update his awareness of them. Could that be a real flaw in his systems? ]