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I've started a florist's

420 MEME

Once a year it approaches, the Dankest of Days: April 20th. “ The code first came about in the fall of 1971 because the Waldos planned to meet at a statue of Louis Pasteur at the school at 4:20 before they went on an expedition to score some free weed from a plot of marijuana plants abandoned by a Coast Guard service member,” reports Techtimes, which goes onto thank the Grateful Dead for popularizing the term.

However it truly got its connotation, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t associate 420 with our good old friend, pot.

Whether your characters light up at the leisure of a green medical card or they kick back on Wednesdays with their plug, you’re here cos you want to play your characters smoking.

And hey, if you partake along with them, we’re not judging.

information referenced from https://www.leafly.com

INDICA: “ The high from a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social. The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and couchlock.”

SATIVA: “The high from sativa strains are often described as uplifting and energetic. These are great for daytime use and a favorite for medicinal users because of the pain relief properties.”

HYBRIDS: “Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. Expert breeders select the top sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant and have the effects to match.”


  • anxious—
    don’t forget, sometimes cannabis can cause anxiety reactions… Is your character fighting anxiety or getting into it?

  • aroused
    yep, you even have a smut option

  • creative

  • energetic

  • euphoric

  • focused

  • giggly

  • happy

  • hungry

  • relaxed

  • sleepy

  • talkative

  • tingly

  • uplifted

  • fight fatigue, cancer, migraines, depression, anxiety, pain, and PTSD

  • stay on task

  • and finally, fuckin party.

  • That’s right— there’s no shame in kicking back and getting recreational— after all. Have a weed smoking party, visit your dark therapist, grab some edibles at the dispensary, or check out your local college campus.

    Theoretically. Have fun! And uh, try not to get caught doing anything illegal.
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    We can figure out the nature of the AU as we go :)

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    This really wasn't the sort of thing that a royal should be partaking of, but when Ignis caught him and Prompto and Gladio around back of the motel passing a joint around he became infuriated. It didn't matter if the source was some waitress that Gladio had been flirting with at Kenny's; if they were going to do it they ought to do it right and with proper quality ingredients.

    Gladio and Prompto were out on a snack run, which left Noctis with the bodyguard they recently picked up, hired by Cor and there to aid them as needed. The prince glared at Sasuke through narrowed eyes, continually blinking as he tried to focus on something. He chewed his mouthful of brownie thoughtfully and then flopped back on the cushions with a sigh.

    "Nope. Don't see it."
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    I fucking love you

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    Sasuke returned the glower with a level stare. It would have been easy to grouse right back, but he was being paid for this. (That didn't guarantee anything long term if the lot of them weren't going to remain professional themselves, but.)

    He did know exactly what the prince's problem was, though - there had been a dozen comments within minutes of his assignment.

    "It's the hair," he responded evenly. "I don't think our faces are much alike at all, no."
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    Remain professional? Uchiha please. This is Prince Noctis of Lucis and his Crownsguard you're talking about here. You'll never find a more regal crew of idiots driving cross country in the king's favorite car.

    Noctis finished his mouthful of brownie and then took another bite before laying out lengthwise on the couch. His boots gracefully arced through the air across the room as he kicked them off, all while hoping that this batch that Ignis made wouldn't make him as sleepy as the stuff Gladio got. It was bad enough they made fun of him for sleeping so much as it is.

    "I mean...you have fire breath right? And I have a god of lightning watching over me. And I can make all the weapons I need come to me when I need them. Completely different." With a wave of his hand he summoned his favorite royal arm. The fishing rod swished softly as he waved it lazily at the ceiling fan.
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    Give him a week. ...Two days. ....A few hours, with Noctis high.

    Sasuke arches a brow in the same parabolic arc as the sail of those boots as Noctis summons a fishing pole.

    Completely different.

    ...But he feels the urge to needle.

    "Lightning is my natural element, actually. Fire just runs in the family." And for good measure, he tugs down the coverings over his wrist wraps, flashing the kanji for blade. "I don't think I have a fishing rod stored in these, though."
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    Noctis remained in his lazy flop, just turning his head when Sasuke replied. His eyebrow curled up, well sideways at this angle, at the kanji. He'd seen so many people who would get tattoos like that with words like 'family' and 'power' and 'barbecue chicken laundromat'. He chuckles a bit too much at the thought. It wasn't the only language spoken or read in Insomnia, but he was glad to see that someone outside the Wall was using it properly.

    At least he was willing to give Sasuke the benefit of the doubt. If he was any more serious Noctis might suspect this was all an act to make himself look tougher than he is. "Well weapons run in mine. And magic...well, I can enchant things and then make them stronger. Like energy drinks. Or fire ore. But no fishing rod eh? Lame."

    (ooc: the names are all latin, but signage in Insomnia seems to be a mix of english and japanese. Clearly a Manhattan/Tokyo mashup in design concept)