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So you're a bit of a mess. Or you're stumbling upon a mess. What happened? There's blood everywhere, what the hell? Is it your blood, animal blood, the blood of someone you murdered? Hell, maybe you ran out of tampons. Anyway, no matter how it got there, you're (or someone you know is) covered in blood. Can it be explained away? If not, is someone going to prison? The hospital? Going to die of blood loss? Get in trouble for playing catch with the blood bags? Man, we don't know. The point is you have a mess to clean up. Or roll around in gleefully, you nasty fucks.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• While this meme is bound to have a lot of potentially triggering content, content warnings for anything ott or very extreme are probably a good idea!
• Have fun!

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He could endure the pain silently and with little fuss. The soothing words and touches, the comfort offered by the other man, that is nearly enough to break him. Credence leans heavily into the contact, head resting on Gellert's shoulder, tears slowly but steadily dampening the fabric of the other man's shirt.

He wanted to believe him so badly, believe that it wasn't his fault, that he could not possibly be held responsible for the horrible things he's done. But he has had nearly two decades of guilt beaten into him and it is nearly impossible to let that go. "I'm not." Not a wizard, not beautiful or strong. He shakes his head slightly but doesn't withdraw from the warmth of the arm around him, no matter how much his mind insists that he should. He's cold and tired and everything hurts. Just this once he will allow himself to have some small measure of comfort.

"It's a sin." Magic, the comfort he finds in the other man's touch, his very existence. "It's wicked... I'm wicked." Soft and resigned, even a little apologetic. Then he shifts, moving to retake his own space, separate from the other man. Sure that admittance will make the contact unwelcome now. "I'm sorry... thank you." He starts to hand the coat back to Gellert when he notices the tear, the splattering of blood, and looks down at him, really looks at him for the first time, eyes wide and frightened.

"Are you-" No clearly not okay and here he was tending to Credence's wounds. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." If only he weren't so useless he'd have noticed, maybe been able to help.