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So you're a bit of a mess. Or you're stumbling upon a mess. What happened? There's blood everywhere, what the hell? Is it your blood, animal blood, the blood of someone you murdered? Hell, maybe you ran out of tampons. Anyway, no matter how it got there, you're (or someone you know is) covered in blood. Can it be explained away? If not, is someone going to prison? The hospital? Going to die of blood loss? Get in trouble for playing catch with the blood bags? Man, we don't know. The point is you have a mess to clean up. Or roll around in gleefully, you nasty fucks.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• While this meme is bound to have a lot of potentially triggering content, content warnings for anything ott or very extreme are probably a good idea!
• Have fun!

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[ooc: feel for you, no prob of course! I'm good with brackets :) ]

[Steve is... horrified, because every time he thinks he's done with this, that Bucky's done with it, that maybe Bucky can go ahead and have something approximating a normal life? They're dragged back into it.

And it is they're dragged back in, it's not he's dragged back in, because Bucky will never have to deal with anything like this alone if Steve has anything to say about it.

Steve's shield zooms through the air, bounces off the shoulder of a hapless Hydra goon, then a tree, then the shoulderblades of another, who cries out and falls. Steve throws himself into a forward roll and picks it up again.

Where's Bucky?!]

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[ Someone in a movie once said 'Life is pain. Anyone who says any differently is trying to sell you something'. That's paraphrased, Bucky doesn't quite remember the whole quote, but truer words have never been spoken.

Life is pain, and then you die. Or you die and they keep bringing you back because it's all part of the great experiment. The living weapon.

The living weapon currently being mobbed by half a dozen men in hopes that if they rush the Asset, he can't pick them off one by one. If he was normal, it'd work. Good planning there, Hydra. But Bucky hasn't been normal since the 107th got captured at Azzano. His moves are too fast for anyone but another enhanced person to follow; punching, kicking, and ripping an arm off one guy who tries to shoot him in the chest. More Hydra personnel are heading toward him, perhaps spurred on by the sirens.

The free for all is at the base of a hill, near one of the park's many bridges, maybe fifty or so yards from Steve. ]
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[...there. Down the bottom of the hill. Steve knows he shouldn’t, knows that in fights you keep your damn mouth shut unless you need to signal someone, but - ]


[- rips from him anyway, because there’s some part of his hindbrain that tells him that he has to keep reminding Bucky who he is. That he’s not just the Winter Soldier, that he’s not a tool, not a weapon, that he’s a person and he doesn’t deserve any of this crap.

Did he just rip off someone’s arm?

Steve springs up onto the small bridge nearby to take out the couple rushing towards the melee. He’s started to attract his own attention now too, which wasn’t helped by him yelling like that, but it’s better if he can take his own share of this. Bucky’s coping okay, and the brief look Steve got of him didn’t show any real injuries beyond a few scrapes, so he’s probably not going to keel over from loss of blood after all this is done. Probably. Unless Steve missed something, which is always possible and always a hideous thought.

But the brief look Steve got of Bucky’s face wasn’t as heartening.]