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So you're a bit of a mess. Or you're stumbling upon a mess. What happened? There's blood everywhere, what the hell? Is it your blood, animal blood, the blood of someone you murdered? Hell, maybe you ran out of tampons. Anyway, no matter how it got there, you're (or someone you know is) covered in blood. Can it be explained away? If not, is someone going to prison? The hospital? Going to die of blood loss? Get in trouble for playing catch with the blood bags? Man, we don't know. The point is you have a mess to clean up. Or roll around in gleefully, you nasty fucks.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• While this meme is bound to have a lot of potentially triggering content, content warnings for anything ott or very extreme are probably a good idea!
• Have fun!

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[we can go with nursing one of the other's injuries after a particularly fun dangerous fight. would you like me to start, and do you have a preference on the injured party?]
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((If you're amenable, injured Peggy would be interesting, so he can freak out and be worried while trying not to offend her and probably failing. If you would like to start, just to establish what happened, that would be great. If you prefer I start, though, just let me know and I will.))
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[Their mission was meant to be an easy one. Go in and do as they'd done before; rescue more of their men from the captivity of HYDRA and get out safely. Yet somewhere along the way their plans went awry with their enemies managing to get the upper hand and split the small group of soldiers, including Steve and herself, up. In attempt to find the others, Peggy found herself up against two of HYDRA's own. Fortunately the separation hadn't lasted long and neither had the two she crossed paths, and blades with. Or had it? Some of the details were a little fuzzy after the adrenaline rush was gone and the pain kicked in.

Thankfully they were all safe back at base, now, even if they were a bit the worse for wear with nothing requiring immediate medical attention for. At least not the others.

She knew she hadn't fared as well as the men this time. But Peggy simply dismissed the unseen injury as a sore muscle and nothing more when asked about the unusual slowness of her walk. To get where she was in the militarily she had to prove herself capable ten times over than any man in the camp had, with the possible exception of one other. And that meant countless times refusing medical attention when she had her share of wounds. She knew the repercussions of appearing weak and Peggy Carter was far from the sort. This time was no exception when she dismissed the offer to be seen by the doctor, assuring those concerned it was nothing a good night's sleep wouldn't fix.

Except it wouldn't. She was about to find out how bad the damage actually was after having excused herself from the rest of the debriefing, making a beeline for her room.

Once there Peggy carefully shrugged her jacket off her shoulders, letting it slump to the floor as she shuffled towards the small mirror propped up against the wall. With a sharp hiss through gritted teeth she curled her fingers around the white blouse stained with a single red blotch up out of the waist band of her skirt to reveal the stab wound.]

Lovely. Worse than I expected.
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[Secretly, Steve really prefers when the Howling Commandos run missions with Peggy accompanying them. It doesn't always happen--in fact, it happens less and less these days as she's often needed elsewhere--but there's something about having her there that makes him feel like the situation is more under control than when it's just him and the boys. She's far more experienced, she radiates competence, and she knows him better than anyone alive except Bucky.

It's a great thing to be able to trust someone not only to have his back in the line of fire, but also to tell him when he's making a mistake, or reassure him when he's accurately calculating a calculated risk.

When they were separated in the fight, he was more alarmed for his half of the group than hers, but once they came back together and the adrenaline wore off, he started to notice something off in her body language. The change to his hippocampus is a blessing and a curse. He can't forget a detail any longer, which means he's finally got all of his damned times tables memorized, but the myriad variations on the sound of mens' dying screams are also stuck in his brain. More importantly now, though, the way she walks, the angle she holds her back and shoulders at, and the timbre of her voice are seared into his brain, and they're all a few degrees short of their normal.

Something's wrong, and when she refuses medical attention, he frowns after her.

He manages to escape the debriefing a few minutes later, and raps on the wall as he enters her hallway. From a distance, she gets the warning sound of him clearing his throat and calling out:]
Man on the floor!

[As if it wasn't a mixed-gender barracks at this point anyway. Unconventional and necessary. A moment later he taps at her door.]

Peggy? I know you're in pain. Don't try to tell me you'd let me or anyone else get away with slinking off hurting and not seeing a medic. I won't believe you.
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[As she bunched the blouse up once more to pull it up and tuck the hem under her brassiere to be out of the way while she patched the wound up Peggy heard Steve's signal against the wall, followed by the obvious. Before she could even close her eyes and say a prayer he'd not stop at her door he was already there, knocking. With a painful sigh and roll of eyes the brunette turned herself away from the mirror and limped for the door, one hand holding onto the wall for precaution, still allowing her boot heels to stomp against the wood with the vibration of the annoyance she didn't care to hide. The piece of her that was grateful Steve recognized she wasn't up to par was stuffed down by the anger that he thought she was hurt and in turn couldn't hold her own in the field.

However, she knew better than to argue with him through the door. It would only create a scene should anyone walk by. Especially if anyone happened to be Dum Dum or any of the other Howling Commandos. There would be no coming back from this should that happen.]

Would you mind lowering your voice, Captain! [It came out as a barked order rather than a request.

Propping herself against the wall on one side of the door frame Peggy let the shirt fall back down so she could slide the lock out of place and turn the handle simultaneously before swinging it open with barely enough space to yank one sweet but insufferable Steve Rogers through. Which is precisely what she did. Without notice she snaked her arm through the threshold to grab at the front of Steve's chest, snagging his jacket in a firm grasp before pulling him into the room with a sudden but short lived burst of energy and shutting the door behind them, making sure it to slam it as much as she wanted to do just that.

Not bothering to be cordial, Peggy laid a hand over the wound, equally to hide it and to apply pressure as she brushed passed Steve and headed towards the cot. Easing herself gently on top of it and at the edge she sat, glaring up at him. If the stomping didn't convey her irritation at the intrusion, well, the glaring might. Hopefully. She was too exhausted to make any other gesture. Even if he was right, damnit.]

I'm fine. It's nothing I can't mend myself. Which is why I didn't need to see the medic. With that said, and with knowing you wouldn't relent, you have one of two options to select. You either can help me and keep quiet thereafter, or you fetch me the small bag of supplies under this cot before leaving and still keep quiet. Which will it be? [It was taking more energy than she thought it would to keep being guarded.]
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[Steve Rogers is immune to prayers, evidently, with the possible exception of 'God bless America'. He fully expects her to be annoyed with him for tracking her down and calling her out, and he's trying to steel himself for a confrontation already. Every thump of her bootheels makes him less certain of himself, as she approaches the door, and his shoulders creep up toward his ears in a wince he can't quite control.

Well, she did shoot at him once. Sort of. The expression she sees on his face when she does open the door is probably very reminiscent of that incident, the way he peeped uncertainly around the edge of a circle of vibranium.

But then she grabs him and yanks him through the door, and if anyone were there to watch, it no doubt looks like a scene right out of a screwball comedy, the way his eyes go wide and he staggers after her with a little flail of his arms. And now she's giving him a glare of death from the edge of her cot, which is good because if she weren't, it might occur to him he's in a dame's room, and not just any lady, Peggy Carter.

He takes a breath and straightens, trying to collect himself, smoothing his jacket, and watching her with a mix of wariness and concern.

He gets it. He really does. How many times has this kind of scene played out between him and Bucky, with Steve nursing some kind of cut that wouldn't stop bleeding thanks to his anemia? Of course she doesn't want to see the medic. It's a matter of pride.

Steve gives her a little, worried frown and a slow nod.]
I can help. My mother was a nurse. I'm not exactly medic material, but...

[Shrug. He crouches to get the supply bag.] I'm not squeamish, anyway, and I can wrap a bandage.
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[The anger and annoyance plastered across her face at Steve for meddling in her business disappears when he freely mentions a part of his life prior to Project Rebirth. To anyone else it might not seem like much, but for Peggy it was more than just a simple comment. Especially a piece about his mother. It was insight into the man she first noticed back on base with his small body wrapped around the grenade. Reading files only went so far. So while they were on the subject she was going to get as much out of him as she could. Because you know, distractions are good.]

Did your mother often stitch up those badges of honor you earned from the alley fights you've told me of? [It was a genuine question with no malice to it.

Having propped the hard pillow between her back and the wall Peggy then reaches for the bag once it settles next to her on the bed and rummages through it, pulling out the flask first and settling it on her lap followed by a small leather zippered case.]
If you were easily made faint at the sight of blood I'd have you seriously reconsider the line of work you're in, and your part in helping me, now, Captain. [She half teased while twisting off the cap to the flask. Under different circumstances she would have offered Steve a taste first out of politeness. Right now she didn't and instead raised the flask, threw her head back slightly and took a swig of the vodka. Finishing it with a small shudder and cringe Peggy held the flask for Steve to take.]

Whenever you're ready and without warning pour the rest on the wound and for the love of God, keep your eyes on the wound while you do. Don't look away. That's all I have and I've no way of procuring more. [She instructed before lifting the shirt back up with a slight wince in pain and closing her eyes in anticipation of the sting to come. The bleeding eased up some from the long and narrow wound. Thankfully it missed anything vital Peggy still knew it would need stitching.]
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[He's too focused on his task to notice the shift in her expression, but his own face takes on a wistful look for a moment. He doesn't talk about his history much; she knows as much as any of the Commandos except Bucky. Here and now though, when it's just the two of them, he's inclined to spill a little more.]

Yep. Until Bucky got old enough to take over for the more minor injuries, anyway. She did more than that, though. My father died before I was born. She raised me all by herself. Working ten hour shifts in the TB ward, and then coming home to a sickly little must have been hell, but she never showed it. [He stands awkwardly beside her, once he's delivered the bag, watching what she takes out of it. He looks visibly skeptical at the vodka, especially when she drinks it. Steve has strong feelings about vodka, most of them negative.]

I could've nicked some iodine from the infirmary for you. [He tells her dryly, taking the flask.] Bet it would even taste better.

[His smart mouth fails him when she bares her back, though, torn between dual impulses of embarrassment and concern. He makes a small, wordless sound and crouches to get a better look at the cut, trying to ignore the awareness that he's seen an awful lot of her bare skin. ]

Some of the edges look ragged...but the bleeding's pretty sluggish now, at least. [That will change after they start treating, he presumes, and pulls a clean handkerchief out of his breast pocket. Without any further indication he's about to proceed, he holds the fabric just under the wound, and pours.

He will definitely not think less of her if she swears.]
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You and Sergeant Barnes were thick as thieves, I'd imagine. Dare I ask what major injuries you've survived before all this? [She can't help but raise an eyebrow with the question. She was intrigued by what the super soldier deemed minor and serious.] If she had you to come home to I highly doubt it was any sort of hell. Truly.

[Before she can continue the conversation of his past she laughs. Which in turn prompts another jolt of pain through her back and out with a groan.] While I appreciate the thought, I can't get you into anymore trouble than I might already be doing. Besides, the nurses and doctors are more likely to take notice of a missing bottle of iodine than cockeyed soldiers would a bottle of moonshine or whatever their preferred poison is, Captain.

[Whether it's the small yet effective chug of alcohol, or perhaps the pain, the amount of exposed skin she's revealed goes unnoticed until she feels the soft fabric of his handkerchief brush her skin and causes her to glance down at the exact moment alcohol makes contact.

It takes every ounce of self control not to scream out the sting that follows. Instead Peggy lets her eyes snap shut trying to fight back the discomfort and brace for anymore with her toes curling up in her boots and allowing fingers to dig against the mattress balling into fists around the fitted sheet. Even though she manages to stifle the scream there's a low mumble audible to only them.]
Bloody hell!

[Waiting a few seconds to recover and collect herself before opening her eyes and risk the possibility of seeing Steve looking offended by her language Peggy reaches over and pulls the gauze roll from the zippered pouch. Flicking her wrist she starts to unravel the gauze, careful not to drop it.]
I think bandages should suffice here. If you'll be so kind... [Offering over the rolled end of the material Peggy laid the other end flat against the wound, keeping it in place.]
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Well...I mean, there was always something. You've seen my file. [Asthma, scoliosis, pernicious anemia, arrhythmia, stomach's quite a laundry list. Actually, in light of all those health problems, it's not unimpressive that he was able to keep up with the other recruits as well as he did. Which wasn't that well, but evidently sheer force of will held him up when the rest of him failed to.]

But I had a broken nose once, and a couple fingers. Cuts that needed stitching. Dislocated elbow. [Shrug. Only some of those were due to fights he lost, ultimately. He was never that careful with himself, and did the usual falling out of trees and flinging himself over fences many boys do, with worse results.]

...and that's a really nice thing to say. Thanks. [He's not sure it's that simple, but it's certainly true his mother loved him and took some joy out of having a son.

He quiets, focusing on the wound rather than the conversation, until after she recovers from the pain. His eyebrows go up at the words, and if it were one of the Commandos using that kind of language, he might chide them just to be funny, but ultimately he's got a pretty foul mouth himself, in the right circumstances.]

Easy. You're good. [He soothes tentatively.] You've got it licked already. You're bleeding again, though. You sure about just bandages? I mean, it's probably going to scar. I think it'll heal up okay as long as you keep it clean.

[He accepts the bandage gamely, though, privately resolving to find some more material for her later. Dressings are supposed to be changed regularly, he knows, and she's certainly not going to be sitting around waiting to recover before she starts working again.]
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I have indeed. [And it is quite the file to go through. Prior to escorting him for the experiment she'd gone through it several times at least. Despite seeing for herself the bravery Steve possessed when Colonel Phillips tossed a dud their way it wasn't until the car ride that she understood completely why Dr. Erskine had chosen Steve.]

Seems we have somethings in common. I've dislocated my elbow once as well. [She admitted freely.] Along with having dislocated both my shoulders. I only ever once broke my hand hitting a wall. Apparently I have a temper. [In case he had no idea. Peggy was no saint of a child herself. Everything and anything her older brother Michael had managed to get himself into she was quick to follow suit. That is to say when she wasn't leading.]

For the record your nose healed nicely on your face. [Her attempt to flirt compliment him was a disaster, she knew. Her blame was on having her thoughts preoccupied with winding the bandage to get a proper compliment out.]

I'm fairly certain they'll be enough for now. Later on I'll check to make sure the bleeding quit before I dress it again. [In the middle of pulling the bandage around her abdomen she stopped short to give Steve a perplexed stare.] Do I look like a woman who worries over a scar, Captain? Especially in a spot where no one other than me can see it? [Distracted in her questioning and hurrying to fasten the last end of the wrap Peggy's hand gently brushed Steve's, lingering for a second longer than it had to.

Pulling it away she tucked a strand of loose hair back behind her ear.]
What I should have said was thank you. [It was somewhat of an apology in case she might have come off as snappy.] I mean it. I'm far too stubborn to ask for help and it's nice to know I'm not the only observant one.
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[He smiles up at her as she catalogues her history of injuries, eyes sparkling a little.] Hitting a wall, huh? What, the guy you were aiming for ducked just in time?

[He's noticed the temper. Probably it's one of the things he likes about her. He can relate to righteous indignation, and, if he's honest, he can relate to slow-burning rage, too.

He huffs at the compliment, ears turning pink in the low light of her quarters.]
It's not exactly the same face, but thanks.

...and that's a trick question. [He complains, going a little redder when she touches his hand. He holds still, though, only withdrawing when she pulls back first.] There's no right answer there, you can't fool me that easy. Just promise you'll let me help if you need backup when you change the dressings.

[Sitting back on his heels, he studies her earnestly, unconsciously puppyish.] I've got your back, Peggy, and I know you've got mine. You don't have to thank me.
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Actually, yes, he did. Although I might not have landed the swing on my intended target, I can safely say it was still effective. I don't believe I've ever seen a grown man turn tail as quickly as he would when he'd catch sight of me. [She doesn't bother to hide the gratification or the amusement in her voice.

Settling her palms down against the mattress to rest at the side of her hips Peggy watches him for a moment, studying his features, but making it a point not to stare. She doesn't want to make him uncomfortable. Though she isn't sure she hasn't done so already.]

Smart man. Seems you've picked up a few pointers about how to talk to women. [Whether it came from spending time with the other men, or from those floozy dancers he toured with, she refuses to ask. And her statement isn't to provoke him, either. Just an observation.

A small smile tugs at the corners of her lips and she nods without any hesitation in promise.]
You have my word, Steve.

[Somewhat nervously she shifts the weight leaning from one hand to the other before managing to slowly sit up straight.] I know I don't have to thank you. [The color rushes to her cheeks as she reaches an arm out, fingers carefully but firmly curling around the collar of Steve's jacket to give a light tug towards her.] Simply put; I want to. [Her words are barely above a whisper in the off chance someone, somehow, could hear the two of them, now. Hopefully, she wishfully thinks, he's had enough pointers to catch her drift.]
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I'd have liked to have seen that. [He looks genuinely delighted by this story. It doesn't matter what the guy did to offend Peggy; he's sure he deserved the scare, and pleased to celebrate her victory. She's ready to take on the world, like him, and a damn sight more effective at it, even now.

He blushes faintly at the comment, and shrugs.]
Talking to women got a little easier when I realized it's not that different from talking to anyone else.

[Particularly with her. They're in the same fight, and that means they have the same interests. It might get trickier again if they both last out the war and get to go home. But then, everything will be trickier after what they've been through. No point fretting about it now, while there's so much work left to do.

He returns her smile, but when she takes hold of his jacket and tugs him closer, it falls away to be replaced by surprise. Probably if he wanted to resist her pull, he could, as strong as he is, but he's pliant at the moment, more than happy to go where she wants him to be.

And he catches her drift, as evidenced by the intensification of his blush and the flare of his pupils. He swallows hard, with a faint click, and takes a breath.]

There's probably some rule against officers fraternizing in another officer's quarters. [He murmurs softly, but his face is close to hers now, and he's watching her raptly.]

...But it's not like it's the first time we've bent the rules, is it? [He smiles again, perfectly still with one hand on the mattress beside her, the other on his knee. It's not his place to close the gap and initiate a kiss. Not with Peggy. She's too important for him to get this wrong. But he gives a subtle little shiver, hoping.]