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Something cute for your Wednesday

The Fluffy Smut Meme

Smut can be fun to play, but a lot of times, you want something more. You want to play the connections between people, not just the "wham bam thank you m'am" aspect. Foreplay is fun, and relationships even more so. When feelings are involved, sex can be taken to a completely new level.

This meme is for people who want a little love in their smut or something tooth-rottingly cute to play.

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, etc.
  • Comment to others, using the RNG to pick your prompt. Or do things the old fashioned way and pick your own.
  • Play!

1. First Time: Finally, you guys are taking the next step. You're bringing intimacy into the relationship. Hopefully, things will go well...

2. Celebration: Whether it's Valentine's Day or a birthday, today's a special day. Is there a better way to celebrate than being together?

3. Spontaneous: Maybe you're both in the kitchen, or perhaps at a friend's house for a party. Whatever the case is, you can't keep your hands off each other. You need it now.

4. Romantic Date: Isn't it nice to do something together? Question is, though, will you use the darkness of the movie theater or the space under the table to your advantage? If you can wait, there's always the bed later on.

5. Love Confession: You've just told that special person how you feel. Now, you're going to show them.

6. Trying Something New: Once your comfortable with a person, you may fall into too much of a rut. Luckily, there are many ways to spice up your love life...and not all of them involve handcuffs! Just a few of the more fun ones.

7. Reverse: The person who usually tops or instigates the contact can get a break. Today, the submissive is the dominant, because there's a degree of trust here.

8. All About You: You're going to treat the person you love to the ultimate pampering. Roses, champagne, good food- and, of course, good sex.

9. Honeymoon: You've tied the knot. It's time to consummate the relationship, even if you already have before. No judgement here; the honeymoon's a clean slate.

10. Making a Baby: Your biological clock is ticking, and you want to bring new life into the world with the person you love. The time's right, the person's right, now all you need to do is let nature take its course.

11. Fail Sex: When you've been together long enough, your special moments are bound to go wrong once in a while. Oh, well. At least this person cares for you enough not to laugh...a lot.

12. For the Last Time: What's fluff without a little angst? It's like peanut butter and jelly and goes together perfectly. The two of you are about to be separated, maybe for a long while or maybe even forever.

13. For the First Time in a While: You've been apart for what seems like ages, and now you're back together. That means you can make up for all the lost time and show your sweetheart that you still care, no matter what.

14. Making You Feel Better: So, your significance other is having a bad day, is sick, is jealous, or something else. Time to make them feel loved!

15. I'm Sorry: There was a fight. Who knows what it was over; you don't even remember? But now you feel bad, and want to patch things up.

16. Goofing Off: Not all sex has to be super serious, man. Play around, eat food in bed, watch your favorite TV show while doing the deed, whatever. Just have fun! #yolo

17. Choose Your Own Adventure

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