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bodyguard shipping meme

the bodyguard shipping meme

You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
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[Thank goodness that Cain could be reasonable. For once. Jeile sucked in a deep breath, working on calming himself down. It worked pretty well by thinking of his stepmother. That woman had nothing that would keep his interest up. Sure she was a beautiful person, but not one he found interesting.

By the time his little problem had been dealt with, Cain had already arranged the dead bodies into a row. Picking up his blade from the ground, he moved to look over the bodies.]

Really? Let me see.

[Taking the blade, Jeile's face shifted from curious to stern in an instant as he laid eyes on the craftsmanship.]

This was a hired assassination attempt, no doubt about it. The question is why. What have I not been told about?

[Letting out a deep and frustrated sigh, Jeile handed the blade back.]

There is only one person that orders those kinds of blades and he is distantly related to me on my mothers side. I really don't like it when things can be connected to her side of the family.
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[ He loved to watch Jeile move. From the corners of his eyes he watched the other man cover the distance, one corner of his mouth tugging up a little.

And then peered over with interest at the blade as his charge made the assessment. His lips thinned a little, and he shifted his weight uneasily from foot to foot. Jeile outmatched him in raw cunning, and was vastly better-educated; but he could also navigate the strange waters of noble politics and treachery. He rolled his lower lip between his teeth, humming a small, thoughtful sound. ]

So we got a finger on who. Is there any way we could make sure that the sword wasn't stolen or... is meant to make it look like who you think it is?

And, how would we investigate the motive? Look into what the hit-caller's been doin' in court?

[ He looked to Jeile for guidance, a small, dark furrow between his brows. ]
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It is not a forgery. All the detail are correct. It could however have been stolen to be used as incriminating evidence. The thing is we are still looking at someone within the family to do something like that.

[Jeile sorted through his head on potential suspects for such an act. He didn't associate as much with members on his mother's side of the family as he did his father's. It had to do with that intrigues involving his father was so much clearer. His mother side however was where it all became needlessly complicated. It had simply benefited him more to keep a polite distance and just accept the invite he absolutely had to.]

The motive is probably court related. Not that I can see why I would become a target as I have declined becoming a member of the court several times.
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Got it.

[ He frowned, exhaling a soft sound, and rubbed at his forehead. ]

Well. You want me to light-finger my way somewhere to nose around, I can do that. Or we can just let your father handle...

[ He waved a hand to indicate the bodies, the dead men, the proof of treachery, ]

All this. But, Jeile... why don't you just join court? None of this will stop, whether you do or don't... and if you could be as effective as I know you would you could... make a difference. At least make all this shit mean somethin'.
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It will be for the best to let father handle this. And I will feel more comfortable with you close by.

[There would not be any sneaking out on his own for the near future. It might even turn out that he would not be able to leave home at all due to potential risks.

Jeile looked over at Cain, shaking his head slightly.]

I don't see myself fit for court life. Not yet at least. I'm still young and have plenty of time to join if I would change my mind.

Besides, court life would kill my free time. My studies would suffer greatly.

[Never mind that he had finished his studies years ago and simply took up new subject all the time that interested him despite not having to.]
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[ He might be a mouthy fuck, but when it came to brass tacks, Cain knew his place in the chain of command. He paused, fingers probing at the place his clothes had been cut, feeling for the wound stinging along his ribs.

His fingertips came away red. He frowned at it, and snorted at Jeile. ]

You're making excuses, Jeile. And every dear you delay is another year you might not be able to make up.

[ But he straightened when he heard the familiar rapport of bootsoles on cobblestones. Jeile's father would be arriving with the guards. Sighing, he shook his head, and assumed a military 'at ease' posture with his hands clasped behind the small of his back. ]
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[Eyes narrowed as he noticed the tear in Cain's clothes and the bloodied fingers. So he had gotten hurt in the fight and not said anything. Jeile was not pleased. Cain was an excellent guard, if a bit rude when it only was the two of them, and he did not want to lose him for something as silly as an unattended injury.]

Whatever if I'm making excuses. You are hurt and said nothing about it. You are getting that tended to as soon as we get back. Understood?

[It wasn't often he took a position of authority, but this time he did. He was worried about Cain even if it did not look too bad from what he could see, but even something small could be devastating.

But he would have to leave fretting for later. The sound of boots closed in and Jeile turned to face the opening of the alley. That would be his father with the guards. And as expected it were. Jeile gave a bow to the older man.]

Greetings father.

Hopeless child, what have your free spirit gotten yourself into?

[Jeile gave a detailed report about the incident, praising Cain's timing to smooth over that he had managed to sneak away from him in the first place. His father looked rather tired at the end of it. Not that he blamed the older ale as it must be hard at times to look after him.]
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My lord.

[ He said it with relish, even as the armed men entered the alleyway, watching Jeile with unblinking intensity. He... liked it when his charge was like that. Quick and commanding.

I'll kiss you for that, later, he swore to himself. And kept to the background, when Jeile gave his report to his patriarch. Cain might be his employee; but he hated how the man talked to his son with a deep, black vitriol that he his competently behind an impassive face. He bowed, when addressed at last, and gave over the items of note he'd pulled from the corpses for review and investigation. ]

Taken from the bodies, sir. I thought you might be able to make some heads or tails of it. One of the men also carried a blade that my charge noted as significant.

[ He offered it up for review, bowing low. ]
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[The man took the items and quirked a brow over at his son at the mention of a blade and then turning back to inspect the blade. Jeile could see the spark or recognition in his fathers eyes. If they both recognized it then he had not been wrong to assume its origin.]

I can't say for sure that the blade isn't stolen, but it gives a clear way of where to start looking.

[One of the guards took the sword and two others broke free from the group to flag Jeile on either side.]

This is not the time nor place to be talking about this. You will return back home son, and Jeile, for once try to do as told.

Yes father.

[There was no point in arguing about it. Jeile had a feeling that his father knew more then what he let on, but this wasn't the place to be having that kind of discussion. So it simply was for the best to be escorted by the guards over to a waiting carriage and step into the door opened for him.]
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[ Like a loyal hound, Cain moved to go to his charge's side as soon as Jeile started to move. Offered a hand to help him step up into the carriage, and moved to follow him into it, blank-faced and impassive.

Like hell he was going to let the man he was meant to protect be shuttled off without him.

He sat across the carriage from Jeile, posture militarily straight until it lurched into motion. And then he raked his hands through his hair, sighing. ]

Are you alright?
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[Jeile cast a longing look out through the window and sighed. It would be some time before he would be able to get into town again. Sure It had turned into a rather unpleasant visit in the end, but he had enjoyed himself for at least a bit.]

I am fine. The talk went as I expected it. Father knows something, but don't feel like telling me.

[He turned his green eyes to look at Cain instead of the town moving by outside.]

What about you? Is that injury bothering you?
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[ He leaned between them, catching up Jeile's hand between his own. ]

Don't worry about me, it's pretty shallow and just stings. I was a soldier, this is... nothing. I'll have stitches, clean it out with alcohol, and it'll be just fine.

[ He gave Jeile's hand a small squeeze, watching the other man's face. ]

I'll find out what he knows. You don't deserve to be in the dark.
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I worry if I want to. This might be just a small injury, but what if it had been a more serious one? Then you would need proper time to heal and rest and a new guard would be assigned to me while you recover. I... I would miss you.

[A small heat dusted his cheeks. He would miss Cain if the other would have to be away from him for one reason or the other. He had found the other ma a refreshing part of his life from the very start. That rough attitude pulling him in. No one talked so crudely with him. Not to talk about that his previous guards had treated him like he were made out of glass and would break at any given moment.]

And I can deal with father. I know what to do to gain the information I want.
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[ Cain breathed the other man's name with a pensive frown. It was... one of the few times anyone beyond his own family had extended that kind of emotional sentiment. And he wanted it, craved the kind of close connection his life as a soldier had lacked, craved... a sense of belonging that didn't come with strings attached.

But there were strings. Whatever Jeile felt in his heart, he was a noble. There was no changing that, and even in the worst case, if his father cast him out and he was as penniless as any other man... there'd be no changing how most commoners would feel about him, either. If they engaged their desires and were intimate, the risks would be severe, the punishment immediate. And romantic entanglement would be even more fraught, would be foolish.

He drew Jeile's hand up. Lightly nipped the bend of the other man's knuckles rather than kiss them, with barely any pressure at all-- just the brief, faintly grazing touch of the tips of his teeth. He tried to reach for his rougher demeanor, cover his vulnerabilities with it, and smirked.

But above the expression, his eyes were serious. Made the words a promise. ]

Don't worry, princess. I won't leave you.
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[A soft chuckle slipped free from his lips at the nipping of his knuckles. It was such a sweet mockery of the act that he himself had performed many times. It was so typically Cain to do something like that and a warm smile formed on his lips.]

I will hold you to those words my knight.

[If Cain would insist on teasing him by calling him princess then he would start calling Cain his knight. Only fair in his mind. And all princesses needed their knights to save them from danger. Not that he were some defenseless maiden, but he could still play along. Jeile knew fully well how to be playful when the mood hit him.]
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[ Shit. He liked that probably more than he should. Heat lanced through his body, and he swallowed quietly. He smirked at Jeile, still gripping the other man's hand to keep him close. Drew the pad of his thumb fondly over the line of the other man's knuckles. ]

Call me that again.
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Call you what again? My knight? Gladly.

[Now is was Jeile's turn to smirk and bring Cain's hand to his lips to press a kiss to it. Still holding on to the other's hand, he leaned in close so he could place a kiss on his cheek as well.]

I trust that you always will keep me safe my knight.

...And I can have the kindness to not sneak away from you again.
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[ Cain had never been good at stopping himself from doing something foolish. His heart thundered in his throat, and he hooked his hand under Jeile's jaw, turning it so that he could press a more forceful kiss to the other man's mouth. He parted his lips, drew the tip of his tongue over the swell of Jeile's lower lip. Suckled it briefly into his mouth. ]

You'd damn well better not, Jeile.
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[While self control was an art Jeile mostly had mastered there were time when that self control flew straight out of the window. Those times being when he badly wanted something and he wanted Cain. It was foolish and risky, but he could care less about it.

The more forceful kiss was a welcome one and Jeile didn't hesitated this time to return it, pressing even closer to his guard and resting one of his hands on the other man's thigh, humming into the kiss with satisfaction.]

I have to say that it took me quite some time to find an opening to use to get away from you, Cain. You have been watching me like a hawk.
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Of course I have. You're--

[ He leaned up for another, slower kiss, threading the wedge of his tongue into the other man's mouth, eager for just a little more of the taste of him. ]

Gorgeous. Am I just supposed to--

[ He turned his head, nipped lightly along Jeile's neck, kissed down the column of his throat. One hand tugged Jeile's hand up between his legs so that he could grind himself against the other man's palm, make himself gasp. ]

Somehow not look?
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[Jeile easily parted his lips for Cain, granting the other man entry to his mouth, twisting his own tongue around the invading one. Gods, he just wanted to be consumed by the other.]

Ah~ It is not professional out of you to look at me like that.

[He smiled and tipped his head to the side, giving Cain more skin to play with. Gently, he rubbed his hand over Cain's crotch, feeling satisfied over that gasp. Knowing that he held an effect on the other felt oddly good.

Sadly they were running out of time to play like this. The view outside of the carriage showed that they soon would be back at the mansion.]

We have to stop this for now. I am however willing to pick up this discussion in the privacy of my room.
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Fuck professional, I'm a soldier and a fuckin' dog, not one of the clean, primped and polished fucks your father likes. He just picked me because he wanted the best--

[ His fingers moved, one hand gliding up Jeile's arm, the other slipping to hook around the back of the other man's thigh as if he meant to tug Jeile into his lap... and then groaned with disappointment when he was commanded to stop. Leaned forward all the same, flicking the tip of his tongue along the lobe of his charge's ear. ]

Playing a dangerous goddamn game, inviting me there.

[ But the soft, velvet whisper was all he gave, before leaning back, trying to resume his appearance of disaffected, martial stiffness. When the carriage stopped, he exited first, and offered up a hand to help Jeile on his way.

More because he wanted to than that the other man needed it. ]

My lord.
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Well I do like you and you are the best guard I have had.

[He would have liked to go on. To just ask the driver to drive around town a few trips so they would have plenty of time alone in the carriage together. But he knew that wasn't an option, disappointing as it were. And also frustrating as he had started to work himself up again.]

Perhaps I like the danger.

[Jeile gave a wink before he leaned back and put on a face that told nothing of his advances on his guard. If they were to do this then they needed to be secret about it and he so badly wanted it.

The carriage came to an halt in front of the big doors of the mansion. Jeile accepted the offered hand and exited the carriage as well.]

Thank you, Cain. Now go and have that wound looked over. The servants will go crazy if you bleed on the rugs.

[With those words he stepped inside, aiming his steps towards his room. Once inside of the familiar room he freshened up from the battle and shed the outer layer of his clothing. He also fully gave up on attempting to tame his hair and instead just freed his lock from their ribbon prison, letting them cascade around his face and shoulders.]
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[ Cain had an unmistakable flush crawling up his throat when Jeile insisted on the element of danger, and took a steadying breath. Calmed himself enough to play the part he needed when they exited the carriage, and thinned his lips at the other man's insistence.

He bowed his head, relenting to the duty. ]

As you please, my lord.

[ He waited to watch Jeile step inside, throat tight... and exhaled a hard breath.

He used the servant's entrance to go to his own narrow bunk in the guard's quarters. He preferred to patch up his injuries himself, rather than be fussed over by others; he tore his clothes off in a rush and used his own suture kit to see to the wound, splashing it liberally with alcohol to clean it, and then again after the few stitches were applied. A seasoned soldier, he'd treated many of his own injuries in the past, and his body beneath the uniform was littered with old scar tissue.

When he'd patted it dry, and cleaned his face from the sweat of pain and willed his hands to stop shaking, he pulled on a different shirt and jacket from his spare collection of clothing in the small dresser.

He practically sprints up the cramped servant stairwell to the upper levels of the estate, and slowed only to come to a dignified pace to move along the hall toward Jeile's room, and slipped into it with impassive features but a pounding heart. ]
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[First Jeile had stared intensely at the door while waiting, like that would speed Cain along. When some time had passed and the door still hadn't open Jeile had to admit that he could be more productive with his time.

So to pass the time while waiting he got himself some light reading. Light reading in this case being an old book about history. Huge and heavy and written with a completely different spelling making the whole thing just a huge mess that more or less needed to be deciphered.

It had nearly sucked him completely in when Cain walked through the door and Jeile lifted his gaze to look at the other. A smile formed on his lips and he put the book aside, standing up from his seat to move towards his guard.]

My knight, how are you faring?

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