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bodyguard shipping meme

the bodyguard shipping meme

You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
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Not necessarily.

[If only he had not strayed too far away, keep himself to the more crowded parts of town, then all of this might have been avoided.

Now wasn't the time however to lament on what could have been. There was still a battle going on and he should retrieve his sword before anything else unpredictable happened. A knife was better then nothing, but a sword was better then a knife.

Moving quickly, he picked up the blade from the ground, moving into a defensive position right away. Not that he had to be overly cautious now that only one man were left and Cain had him occupied. Even if it was clear that he had no intention to end the battle.]

And you are telling me to not fuck around.

[No matter how much he disliked to take another's life, he knew that death here would be bless compared to bleeding out somewhere or the fate that awaited if his father's men would get to the man. Killing the man here and now would be an act of mercy.

Knowing that still did not make him feel any better, but there wasn't much else he could do. Cain would just go on playing with the man like a cat with a mouse. So he did what he had to do, stepping in close and warding off an attack, before thrusting his blade straight into the other's heart. A quick death at the very least.]
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[ Cain nodded in smiling satisfaction when the last was done. Leaned to wipe the flat of his sword off on the thigh of the most-recently slain attacker. Inhaled a quiet breath of the coppery-scent of blood so close, his eyes alight and fey when they turned back to his charge. ]

I'm not your father. I'm here to protect your body, not from the goddamned consequences of your decisions. You wanna keep sneakin' out on me, fucking fine,

[ He straightened, indicating the dead men, ]

But this is what it gets you. Or worse: maybe one day they gut me and take you.

[ He stepped a little closer to his charge, lips lifted faintly from his teeth, looking wolfish and sharp, ]

You gotta think about this shit. What happens if they catch you, Jeile? If they're just hired goons, they're gonna notice that you look good enough to eat. And they're not likely gonna return you in the same condition they caught you, even if your father shucks out the ransom.

Or maybe they're not hired men, but the servants of one of your father's political enemies. They'll just slit your throat, not even bother playing with you or giving you back. And you-- you're gonna risk all of that just for a chance to feel like a normal guy? To walk around without a fucking guard?

You hate me that much?
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[It wasn't the first time he had gotten scolded for being reckless and foolish. He had gotten scolded many times for sneaking out in the past and for several other reasons as well. This was the first time however that one of his guards had scolded him and being so graphic about it. It had always been the warnings about that he might come to harm or even get killed, but Cain's words weighed more heavily.]

...I know all this already. And I'm hardly good enough to eat as you put it. I'm not my brother.

[His dear and beloved little brother that could do nothing wrong. While he acted like he saw fit, Aram always did what expected from him. He was the perfect son, everything his father and his stepmother could wish for.

Jeile got snapped out of his jealous thoughts at the last part Cain spoke. He looked at the other almost like he just had gotten offended, like it had been Cain attacking him and not the dead men.]

You think I hate you? Wherever did that stupid idea come from? It is my stepmother that hates you. She thinks you are an uncouth mongrel that have no right to walk around our high standing home.

What I do hate is that other have to come to harm to keep me safe. Why is my life worth to protect just because of a title? Without that title I'm just a person like yourself and those men. A word don't make me into something higher then any other human being.
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[ Cain tipped his head back to laugh, a little. It was a husky, low sound, just a few short breaths of laughter. His teeth flashed whitely in the gloom of the alley. ]

That bitch is laced up so tight her corsets have squeezed out all her feeling. But I don't give a shit. Your father knows I'm the best, and he's the one who pays my contract.

[ His attention zeroed in on Jaile. Went glassily hard and unblinking. The metal of his sword shimmered as he turned it in his hand, and carried its point low. He moved forward a step, using its point to tap at the inside of Jaile's boots, between his legs. ]

Hell with your brother, too. And your goddamn inane sensibilities. Your title doesn't mean shit unless you make it mean something. These thugs? They weren't caring about it- the only thing they had in mind was money. They'd probably have done the same if you were some rich merchant's son.

But your title gives you power. Power to do something real, a kind of power most people will never goddamn get. Are you gonna throw that away just because you feel you don't fucking deserve it?

[ He smoothed forward, and now something about his presence was menacing, and he pressed his body forward against Jaile's, forcing him to either tolerate the touch or step back against the wall of the narrow alley. ]
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[Jeile wasn't going to say anything in his stepmother's defence. She was a stern woman and they had never gotten along. She even held the rare power of being able to scare him, a rare talent indeed. He could feel unease or unnerve, but he seldom got scared.]

But I have done nothing to deserve it! I got born with the blasted thing! If I had done something to prove that I deserve it then I would not mind holding the power this title gives me.

[Now it just felt like he had cheated himself the power. Proving that he deserved something was totally fine, but it should not be handed to him on a silver plate. He had trained hard to reach the combat skill he had after one of his old tutors had said that he had a too soft heart to ever become a skilled fighter. Now he had gotten more skilled than the old fool just to prove himself.

Having Cain so close to himself made Jeile swallow and without thinking take half a step back. He wasn't used to having people that close to himself and it would be a lie to claim that he had never let his eyes linger on the other man. Tall, dark, handsome and extremely rough around the edges. The last thing he needed while adrenaline was still pumping through his body would be Cain all up in his face.]

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[ Cain was too brazen to hide the way he'd sometimes looked at Jeile, as rapt with hunger as a caged beast watching a ready meal just waiting on the other side of his bars. But those moments were rare, confined to the times Jeile has his blood or temper up, or otherwise done something to impress the former soldier.

Jeile stepped back, eyes blown wide, a bead of sweat from the exertion of the fight clinging to the side of his throat, his fine hair in a little disarray. His breaths were light and fast, his cheeks faintly ruddied from the fight and the argument. His back touched the wall behind him.

Cain drove the point of the sword down sharply in the earth between the cobbles between Abel's toes. So hard that the sound was a clanging crash of metal on stone, that it'd ruin the good blade, and it stuck there in the earth, trembling between the thighs of both men, preventing Jeile from easily slipping or turning away.

Cain set one hand flat on the wall over Jeile's shoulder, let the other bury itself in the other man's hair, ruining the handsome fall of it still further. Gripped him in place so that he could lean forward, slotting their mouths together in a desperately hungry, feral kiss that was a tight clutch of teeth and tongue. ]
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[With slightly confused eyes, Jeile looked over at the hand right next to his head and then back at Cain just in time for fingers to tangle in his hair. He was on his merry way to protest since it took ages to tame his hair, his locks living a life of their own. But he found himself unable to as lips pressed against his own.

A surprised yelp was let out, followed by the sound of his own blade hitting the cobbled ground with a clang. His hands went up to clutch in Cain's uniform, seemingly ready to push him off. It didn't happen however. For a few seconds he just stood there, trapped between the wall and Cain before he returned the kiss with a hunger of his own.

This wasn't proper in any way. He was kissing his bodyguard right out in the open where anyone could see them. Not to talk about the dead bodies they had as company. If anyone would see him like this then that would cause quite the scandal.]
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[ Cain didn't let the kiss be a short one, let the pale tip of his tongue tease against the swell of Jeile's lower lip until it parted for him and the wedge of it could glide along the points of Jeile's teeth before twining eagerly with his ward's own. He suckled the taste of the other man greedily, panting for breath. Let a full-throated groan vibrate from his mouth into Jeile's, his own eyes shut tight against the rest of the world.

The pressure of the hilt of the sword at his groin was hard and uncomfortable against the proof of his arousal, kept him from grinding forward and doing worse. And when need for breath forced him, he leaned back, panting for breath. Dipped his head lower, using the top of his tongue to lick a hot stripe up his charge's bared throat, just for the taste of that one bead of sweat against his tongue, the brief, barely-bitter tang of salt.

Leaned back a little, inhaling sharply, sharp-eyed and wet-mouthed from the ferocity of their kiss. ]

Stop ruining good things by thinking too much. And if you don't like the way the world is around you, then start changing it. No one will fight for what you want as hard as you will.

Be a politician. Put more power in other people's hands, if you feel like you don't deserve it. But stop risking yourself. It's a goddamn waste, and I won't lose you.

You goddamn ass.

[ He said it with a smile, the insult clearly fond, and wrenched up the sword from where he'd jammed it, turning to go inspect the bodies. ]
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[Hey he wasn't complaining. The kiss might have come as a surprise. More so then the attempted ambush. But it sure was an enjoyable surprise when it came down to it. It wasn't every day he got to taste another man. Who was he kidding, he never got the opportunity to kiss other men and certainly not in this way.

When the kiss broke, his face was flushed and his breath came out in short gasps. That had been intense. A soft moan spilled over his lips as a warm tongue trailed over his neck. Green eyes glanced down at short, black hair, a small smile playing on his lips. That had been nice.]

...Are you seriously going to kiss me, then lecture me and then leave it at that? That is cruel of you.

[Jeile kept his back pressed against the wall behind him, not even attempting to bend down to get his sword. The kiss had caused a certain situation in his pants that would be awkward to deal with if he bent down.]
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You were expecting me to be kind? Tch,

[ He gave a shake of his head to get his bangs out of his eyes, grinning. and bent his legs to crouch at the side of one of the bodies. Inspected the clothes, quickly, looking for any sign of allegiance, identity.

His eyes flit back to his charge-- and then below the other man's belt-- and his grin widened fractionally. He could afford to be smug, knowing that Jeile wanted him. ]

Besides, someone'd see us. My pay'll get docked for you getting in this shit situation in the first place; if your father even guessed how bad I want to grab you by the hair and cast you onto your bed, fuck you 'till you were wrung-out and hoarse from begging me to give you more..

I'd definitely be out of a job.

[ So saying, he leaned to rifle through the dead man's pockets, turned up nothing but a bit of money and a loose button. Sighing, he pocketed the cash and moved to the next body. ]
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Oh gods, stop making it worse!

[Jeile hid his now beat red face in his hands, trying desperately to block out the images that Cain just had planted in his head. It did not help knowing that his room had thick walls were sound not easily would slip out. Surprisingly enough it would be rather safe for them to have some fun there.

But there certainly was a point in that they should not go at it out here. Far too many eyes that could see and he didn't want to lose Cain as his bodyguard. He was actually the first one he liked and that not only because he quite frankly turned him on.]
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C'mon, princess, why would I stop when you look so good blushing like that?

[ He tipped his chin up and blew Jeile a quick kiss that was... only half-sardonic before bending back toward his work. He chatted idly while turning the dead face this way and that, peeking under his sleeves, inspecting for tattoos that might indicate criminal affiliation before also working at his pockets. ]

Who've you taken for a lover, anyway? Looking that good, you know you could have your pick of anyone, right...?
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Because you might not want father to spot me with a hard on.

[He did not want his father to see him like this. That would be far too embarrassing. A bit tussled up after a fight was no big deal, but this would be a disaster.

Jeile sent a glare Cain's way through his fingers as he just went on talking. If things went on like this then it would be impossible for him to will the erection down.]

You know damn well that I hold no lover. They would have to walk past you.
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It'll be long minutes before any guard that saw the scuffle makes it back to him, lordling, and more before he gets here...

[ There was an uptick of his tone and brows that made the words vaugely solicitous. But his hands stilled their rifling and he watched Jeile with unmasked hunger, ran the tip of his tongue over the points of his own teeth.

Damn right they'd have to walk past me, and I'd just wrap my hands around their neck and lift them up and up 'till their feet were dangling, I'd crush in close to smell you on their clothes and I'd whisper that I'll put their fucking eyes out if they cock it up--

But even better than the thought of that was the idea, the stunning, gorgeous possibility that he might have even a snowball's chance in hell at being Jeile's first, that he could watch virgin flesh part around him while gripping that slimmer body against his own, to feel his heart hammer from the inside...

His attention on the other man was raw, his attention intense and unblinking when he added, voice rough with wanting, ]

I'm a jealous fuck and I want you to be mine.
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[Just the way Cain looked at him was enough to make sparks run through his body and those words did not help at all. There was something about that possessive attitude that Jeile simply found irresistible. He let out a frustrated groan and glared over at his guard.]

Goddammit Cain, stop talking like that or I will never get it down.

[Most times he had better self control when it came to his desires and fantasies. Most times however he did not have Cain around, the subject of his desires and fantasies to put more fuel on the fire.]
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[ Beneath his practical, darkly-colored clothing, Cain's body was all taut muscle, bunched and corded with electric energy that hadn't subsided from the fight. He bore Jeile's frustrated look with hungry attention, looking all-too-much like a predator that might spring at any moment.

And sucked in a breath. Laughed a little, to dispel the tension, though his gaze still lingered overlong. ]

Hah! Alright, alright...

[ There was work to do, and Jeile wasn't wrong, that his father would take any evidence of impropriety... exceedingly poorly. He turned back to the dead bodies, rooting through personal effects. There wasn't much to be terribly incriminating, but he tucked what might be substantial-- the closed letter, the ring, a few other potential odds and ends-- into the inner breast pocket of his coat.

And then began to drag the bodies into a neater arrangement, a stately row for the inspection they'd no doubt get. ]

One of these guys had... a pretty decent sword, Jeile.

[ He picked it up by the flat of the blade. It'd been the same one to cut against his ribs, he remembered. He inspected the fine etching on the pommel, formed into the open jaws of some beast that gripped a little, common stone. ]

Might be a good clue about their master. Anything you recognize?

[ So saying, he offered it to the other man. ]
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[Thank goodness that Cain could be reasonable. For once. Jeile sucked in a deep breath, working on calming himself down. It worked pretty well by thinking of his stepmother. That woman had nothing that would keep his interest up. Sure she was a beautiful person, but not one he found interesting.

By the time his little problem had been dealt with, Cain had already arranged the dead bodies into a row. Picking up his blade from the ground, he moved to look over the bodies.]

Really? Let me see.

[Taking the blade, Jeile's face shifted from curious to stern in an instant as he laid eyes on the craftsmanship.]

This was a hired assassination attempt, no doubt about it. The question is why. What have I not been told about?

[Letting out a deep and frustrated sigh, Jeile handed the blade back.]

There is only one person that orders those kinds of blades and he is distantly related to me on my mothers side. I really don't like it when things can be connected to her side of the family.
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[ He loved to watch Jeile move. From the corners of his eyes he watched the other man cover the distance, one corner of his mouth tugging up a little.

And then peered over with interest at the blade as his charge made the assessment. His lips thinned a little, and he shifted his weight uneasily from foot to foot. Jeile outmatched him in raw cunning, and was vastly better-educated; but he could also navigate the strange waters of noble politics and treachery. He rolled his lower lip between his teeth, humming a small, thoughtful sound. ]

So we got a finger on who. Is there any way we could make sure that the sword wasn't stolen or... is meant to make it look like who you think it is?

And, how would we investigate the motive? Look into what the hit-caller's been doin' in court?

[ He looked to Jeile for guidance, a small, dark furrow between his brows. ]
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It is not a forgery. All the detail are correct. It could however have been stolen to be used as incriminating evidence. The thing is we are still looking at someone within the family to do something like that.

[Jeile sorted through his head on potential suspects for such an act. He didn't associate as much with members on his mother's side of the family as he did his father's. It had to do with that intrigues involving his father was so much clearer. His mother side however was where it all became needlessly complicated. It had simply benefited him more to keep a polite distance and just accept the invite he absolutely had to.]

The motive is probably court related. Not that I can see why I would become a target as I have declined becoming a member of the court several times.
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Got it.

[ He frowned, exhaling a soft sound, and rubbed at his forehead. ]

Well. You want me to light-finger my way somewhere to nose around, I can do that. Or we can just let your father handle...

[ He waved a hand to indicate the bodies, the dead men, the proof of treachery, ]

All this. But, Jeile... why don't you just join court? None of this will stop, whether you do or don't... and if you could be as effective as I know you would you could... make a difference. At least make all this shit mean somethin'.
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It will be for the best to let father handle this. And I will feel more comfortable with you close by.

[There would not be any sneaking out on his own for the near future. It might even turn out that he would not be able to leave home at all due to potential risks.

Jeile looked over at Cain, shaking his head slightly.]

I don't see myself fit for court life. Not yet at least. I'm still young and have plenty of time to join if I would change my mind.

Besides, court life would kill my free time. My studies would suffer greatly.

[Never mind that he had finished his studies years ago and simply took up new subject all the time that interested him despite not having to.]
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[ He might be a mouthy fuck, but when it came to brass tacks, Cain knew his place in the chain of command. He paused, fingers probing at the place his clothes had been cut, feeling for the wound stinging along his ribs.

His fingertips came away red. He frowned at it, and snorted at Jeile. ]

You're making excuses, Jeile. And every dear you delay is another year you might not be able to make up.

[ But he straightened when he heard the familiar rapport of bootsoles on cobblestones. Jeile's father would be arriving with the guards. Sighing, he shook his head, and assumed a military 'at ease' posture with his hands clasped behind the small of his back. ]
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[Eyes narrowed as he noticed the tear in Cain's clothes and the bloodied fingers. So he had gotten hurt in the fight and not said anything. Jeile was not pleased. Cain was an excellent guard, if a bit rude when it only was the two of them, and he did not want to lose him for something as silly as an unattended injury.]

Whatever if I'm making excuses. You are hurt and said nothing about it. You are getting that tended to as soon as we get back. Understood?

[It wasn't often he took a position of authority, but this time he did. He was worried about Cain even if it did not look too bad from what he could see, but even something small could be devastating.

But he would have to leave fretting for later. The sound of boots closed in and Jeile turned to face the opening of the alley. That would be his father with the guards. And as expected it were. Jeile gave a bow to the older man.]

Greetings father.

Hopeless child, what have your free spirit gotten yourself into?

[Jeile gave a detailed report about the incident, praising Cain's timing to smooth over that he had managed to sneak away from him in the first place. His father looked rather tired at the end of it. Not that he blamed the older ale as it must be hard at times to look after him.]
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My lord.

[ He said it with relish, even as the armed men entered the alleyway, watching Jeile with unblinking intensity. He... liked it when his charge was like that. Quick and commanding.

I'll kiss you for that, later, he swore to himself. And kept to the background, when Jeile gave his report to his patriarch. Cain might be his employee; but he hated how the man talked to his son with a deep, black vitriol that he his competently behind an impassive face. He bowed, when addressed at last, and gave over the items of note he'd pulled from the corpses for review and investigation. ]

Taken from the bodies, sir. I thought you might be able to make some heads or tails of it. One of the men also carried a blade that my charge noted as significant.

[ He offered it up for review, bowing low. ]
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[The man took the items and quirked a brow over at his son at the mention of a blade and then turning back to inspect the blade. Jeile could see the spark or recognition in his fathers eyes. If they both recognized it then he had not been wrong to assume its origin.]

I can't say for sure that the blade isn't stolen, but it gives a clear way of where to start looking.

[One of the guards took the sword and two others broke free from the group to flag Jeile on either side.]

This is not the time nor place to be talking about this. You will return back home son, and Jeile, for once try to do as told.

Yes father.

[There was no point in arguing about it. Jeile had a feeling that his father knew more then what he let on, but this wasn't the place to be having that kind of discussion. So it simply was for the best to be escorted by the guards over to a waiting carriage and step into the door opened for him.]

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