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bodyguard shipping meme

the bodyguard shipping meme

You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
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[ It is a change. All too often, it's Buffy who is in danger, who has to go out and meet the threat head-on. More often, Giles has been able to stay in his library or in another place of relative safety doing his best to assist her from afar.

Well, he's never too far if she needs him, but now the tables have turned. It's rather a case of him knowing too much, but that's the way he's always been, as far as he can recall.

There's only the slightest hint of tension as Giles turns to glance at Buffy. ]

Yes, that's the general idea. I'd hope that they don't get as far as actually kidnapping my brain, however.

[ What? He's a bit fond of his brain. ]
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[ Buffy likes it much better when she's in danger. She can be more proactive that way.

She knows that and it means more to her than she can tell him.

If there weren't a little bit of tension then she wouldn't be doing her job very well (which is annoying him, naturally). Her nose wrinkles at that. ]

Do you think they'd actually kidnap your brain and leave the rest of your or would they kidnap you and take your brain out later? Maybe they're planning on putting it in a robot that will be at their beck and call or turning you into Jarvis.