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Mind the (age) gap

the AGE GAP meme

1. Post with your characters, including what role you'd like your character to play (older/younger) and your preferences (no one under ____, no number 2, roleplay only, etc).
2. Tag around, either choosing options at random or using some kind of RNG.
3. Don't be naughty~. Or do.

1. All of this is roleplay. You're acting a part.
2. This is real. You're actually living this.

(possible) SCENARIOS
1. PARENT & CHILD: So, have you been bad? You know what happens to bad kids...
2. OLDER SIBLING & YOUNGER SIBLING: If the parents aren't in the picture, someone has to take care of business.
3. OTHER FAMILIAL RELATIONSHIP: Keepin' it in the family.
4. TEACHER & STUDENT: Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me...at least not during schools hours.
5. DOCTOR & PATIENT: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless you want to play.
6. CUSTOMER & STRIPPER/DANCER/HOOKER: Older people have the money, younger people need the money. Surely something can be worked out.
7. JAILBAIT: One of you better watch out, because this is trouble with a capital T.
8. THE BABYSITTER: ...you've seen the porn. I don't have to describe this.
9. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURES: If you don't see something you want, make it up.
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[ He doesn't want to tell her that she can't really make it better. There's no making it better. She can make it fade and maybe that's all he needs. Because she is a beautiful and sweet girl who is so focused on him and making him not hurt anymore. But he worries about her. About how much this will hurt her. ]

I believe you, Lacie. I believe you will. [ His kiss is gentle and careful at first, as if he's worried that he'll push her too hard. ] But you have to tell me if I go too far with you. I am not a client. You don't have to do anything with me that you don't choose. I want you to know that. That I won't use you like other men. [ No. If they were going to do this, then he was going to treat her as he had treated Melina. ]