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Mind the (age) gap

the AGE GAP meme

1. Post with your characters, including what role you'd like your character to play (older/younger) and your preferences (no one under ____, no number 2, roleplay only, etc).
2. Tag around, either choosing options at random or using some kind of RNG.
3. Don't be naughty~. Or do.

1. All of this is roleplay. You're acting a part.
2. This is real. You're actually living this.

(possible) SCENARIOS
1. PARENT & CHILD: So, have you been bad? You know what happens to bad kids...
2. OLDER SIBLING & YOUNGER SIBLING: If the parents aren't in the picture, someone has to take care of business.
3. OTHER FAMILIAL RELATIONSHIP: Keepin' it in the family.
4. TEACHER & STUDENT: Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me...at least not during schools hours.
5. DOCTOR & PATIENT: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless you want to play.
6. CUSTOMER & STRIPPER/DANCER/HOOKER: Older people have the money, younger people need the money. Surely something can be worked out.
7. JAILBAIT: One of you better watch out, because this is trouble with a capital T.
8. THE BABYSITTER: ...you've seen the porn. I don't have to describe this.
9. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURES: If you don't see something you want, make it up.
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[personal profile] perpetua 2017-05-04 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
You're really self-conscious, aren't you?

[ She'll deny blushing. She'll do it if he points that out, and she'll get mad. Nuzzling her face on the crook of his neck, his soft cheek against his bearded one. Truly, the girl is a cat, and if she's a cat, then what does that make him?

A dog? Her hands work on the buttons easily. My owner? She faces him, leaving it open but still in its place, smiling her usual easy-going smile. ]

Afraid that I'll dislike you? You have the weirdest weak points.

[ It's not a difficult thing to do, to take over his lap and sit there. Keeping him grounded between his bed and her. She buries her hands in his hair, her breath warm and sweet. ]

Then... if you don't want to undress, I'll just have to stick close like this, right? Since you said I could do what I want... this much is fine, isn't it? I should be enough to warm you up, right?
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-06 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Not self-conscious. Just a fact. I'm old. I'm worn thin and I've seen too many things nearly kill me to come away clean. Pretty girl like you shouldn't have to see that. [ Then again, a pretty young girl like her shouldn't have to be turning tricks just to eat and have a roof over her head. It's a shame. A damn shame. Especially when she smiles at him, all sweetness and light and he can feel himself losing his objections in the face of it. ]

You wouldn't be wrong to dislike me. It might even be the smartest thing you do. You might live longer. [ Because he knows he track record better than anyone. The people he liked tended to live very short lives. ] But I did say you can do what you want, so if you want to undress me, go ahead. Just let me have a moment.

[ He'll pull from her grasp just enough to undo his shirt the rest of the way so that he can reach inside and pull his hidden piece. The sleek black gun goes from the leather holster just under his shirt to the bed stand, just close enough to get to it in an emergency but far enough away that it won't be a problem. ]

There. Now, little miss, you can warm me up however you like. I think I've just gotten a bit of a chill.
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[personal profile] perpetua 2017-05-06 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
You think I'm pretty.

[ She clings to that, the satisfied twist of her smile too strong to let itself be damped by his self-loathing and warnings. Does she care that little about her own safety? Or is she too confident in her chances to care? Whatever the reason may be, it makes for a strong enough shield against the man's weariness and gloom. ]

I think you are handsome, too. Gloomy face and all.

[ She pushes his shirt down and out of the way, hands tracing the scars mapping a still strong frame. Even if they are painful to him, Lacie still likes the picture they make; throughout his life, surely he never turned his face from am important fight, the brave, weary ox.

His belt is a heavy thing, but she makes quick work of it. She has a lot of practice, after all. What would happen, if he were to hate me? Shamelessly, she nuzzles his neck and then his cheek, red eyes bright and warm upon his gloamy, striken face.

If he hated me, if he didn't care at all... ]

... Say, Mihai. If I stay with you through the night... If I were to ask you to hold me tight...

Would all of that be very painful?
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-11 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
Only an idiot wouldn't see that you are. [ He mumbles it because he thinks her more than just a little pretty and he worries if this is somehow betraying the memory of Melina. But at the same time, he's certain she wouldn't have wanted him to be alone. Though she might have questioned his continual attachment to ladies of the evening and side-eyed just how much younger Lacie was than himself.

Yet, here he is, letting her undress him, holding her and enjoying the slight warmth of her body against his. Her small hands on his battle warn body. He has to wonder again why him. Why of all the men in this god forsaken city, why she had chosen him.

He doesn't let that linger long because she has his pants open and he is but a man. He knows he is reacting to her touch. To her closeness. To the scent of her when he presses his nose to the crown of her head to take in her scent. The scent, not of a girl, but of a young woman.

Yet she still manages to lay open an old hurt. He frowns and tightens his arms about her.
] It would be, if only because it's not a thing I've gotten to do before. I would have married her, you know...but even then, I never woke to her next to me. Not once.

[ He understood why. Because a whore wasn't paid to sleep. A prostitute fucked and left after getting paid. He had never paid Melina. She had never insisted. What they had had hadn't been Hooker and John. It had been real and warm and everything neither of them actually deserved but fought to have anyway. But because of what she was and who he was he had never had what Lacie is offering him now. ] So yes, it'll hurt. It'll hurt like hell, but I still want it. I'd like very much to sleep tonight with you in my arms and wake in the morning with you still there.
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[personal profile] perpetua 2017-05-11 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
I know.

[ Her voice grows softer still, gentler and more quiet. This wound he's showing her, these words they are exchanging– they are all secret, precious things meant for their ears alone, too raw to be uttered any louder. In his little apartment, hidden by the storm– surely, to grant them this little peace, this night will be very long.

She cups his face, the weight of his arms around her a thrilling thing. She fits nicely against his bigger frame, hips moving to rest comfortably on his lap, relishing the growing feel of him. This much distance suits them– no spaces, no closeness forced, but chosen by them freely, all soft curves and strong lines matching and melting comfortably. ]

I'll make it better.

[ Her lips feel soft against his own, her breath warm and sweet. ]

I'll make sure it stops hurting, I promise.
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-26 01:54 am (UTC)(link)
[ He doesn't want to tell her that she can't really make it better. There's no making it better. She can make it fade and maybe that's all he needs. Because she is a beautiful and sweet girl who is so focused on him and making him not hurt anymore. But he worries about her. About how much this will hurt her. ]

I believe you, Lacie. I believe you will. [ His kiss is gentle and careful at first, as if he's worried that he'll push her too hard. ] But you have to tell me if I go too far with you. I am not a client. You don't have to do anything with me that you don't choose. I want you to know that. That I won't use you like other men. [ No. If they were going to do this, then he was going to treat her as he had treated Melina. ]