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Mind the (age) gap

the AGE GAP meme

1. Post with your characters, including what role you'd like your character to play (older/younger) and your preferences (no one under ____, no number 2, roleplay only, etc).
2. Tag around, either choosing options at random or using some kind of RNG.
3. Don't be naughty~. Or do.

1. All of this is roleplay. You're acting a part.
2. This is real. You're actually living this.

(possible) SCENARIOS
1. PARENT & CHILD: So, have you been bad? You know what happens to bad kids...
2. OLDER SIBLING & YOUNGER SIBLING: If the parents aren't in the picture, someone has to take care of business.
3. OTHER FAMILIAL RELATIONSHIP: Keepin' it in the family.
4. TEACHER & STUDENT: Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me...at least not during schools hours.
5. DOCTOR & PATIENT: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless you want to play.
6. CUSTOMER & STRIPPER/DANCER/HOOKER: Older people have the money, younger people need the money. Surely something can be worked out.
7. JAILBAIT: One of you better watch out, because this is trouble with a capital T.
8. THE BABYSITTER: ...you've seen the porn. I don't have to describe this.
9. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURES: If you don't see something you want, make it up.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-04-30 09:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Perhaps fate was being nice to him after being terrible to him so many years ago. Probably not, but there was a bit of comfort thinking about it in that way. It's not a very well kept secret that Badou has a serious oral fixation. Cigarettes are his favorite, but he's also been known to substitute lollipops, chocolate and some not-safe-for-work objects.

Badou can't help but laugh. "That's not a very scary threat, y'know." It's only a surprise that Mihai's first aid kit is fully stocked because of how many times it's likely used every week. He smiles up at Mihai, this was one of his favorite rituals... well, his favorite as long as he wasn't bleeding profusely. Luckily today was a non-bleeding day.

The redhead raises both arms straight up in the air, expecting Mihai to get the hint to pull his shirt off. "Ready for inspection, doc."

As far as his torso go, there's not much there. A few scraps here and there and some bruises, but nothing major. Just his normal skinny, pale-as-fuck, freckled body.
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-04-30 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
He laughs right back, because god but Badou makes him feel young again. Gives him a new lease on life that he had all but given up on when he had lost Melina and then Ian. He won't ever forget them, but with Badou around, the loss is a little easier on him. A little less painful. He sometimes hopes it is that way for the red head. That he eases the loneliness that comes from missing his brother.

"I could make it scary." He won't. Mostly because he's soon busy helping strip that shirt off and gets a good look at his young lover. To run rough fingers over his body, kneeling between his knees to get closer and make sure he doesn't miss a thing. Slowly tracing old wounds and playing dot to dot with the freckles. "I need to feed you more. You're still too scrawny." It's said out of care and not out of insult. He knows Badou will never be built like him and he's fine with that, but he does worry.

"And what's this. I don't remember this bruise. You didn't get into a fight while you were out, did you? No one messing with you?" As he speaks, he leans in to give the bruise a small kiss, letting his scruff tickle it before he moves back to put a plaster on it and go to the next one. "If there is, you know I'll come out of retirement for you." Yes, he knows Badou can take care of himself. He's a scrappy little asshole. But Mihai knows that he's still as good as he was 30 years ago. It's always good to have a hitman on your side.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-04-30 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
It's been so long since he lost Dave the emptiness was almost something he'd gotten used to, only painful in the dead of night when he was kept awake by his thoughts. Which.. was actually more often then not. He knows there's no way his brother could still be alive but he's never stopped trying to find out why he'd been targeted in the first place.

Mihai filled the void in his life rather nicely. To have someone to come home to, to learn things from, to care about. He needed that in his life, especially now that things were becoming more unpredictable by the day.

"Ooooh~. Should I be worried?" It's amazing how playful Mihai could still be with everything that's happened in his life. Badou is more than pleased to be the new center of it, especially when he gets sappy. He bites his lip, humming happily as Mihai's calloused hands work down his smooth skin. "Scrawny or not you still seem to like it. I'd just run it off anyway." On accident, running away from assholes trying to put holes in him.

Badou starts to answer but is cut off when Mihai's fucking beard gives him a fit of giggles. "Unless you plan on trying to cap the roof I fell off of or the piles of boxes I fell in, you can stay in retirement." His insane coordination (and sometimes lack thereof) was sometimes a hindrance to his health. "Although I think that one's from Heine. Good luck with that one." That albino asshole was always elbowing him in the ribs.

He takes a moment to appreciate the image of Mihai between his legs, tending to him. Long fingers combing through silver hair, mussing it a little. "You don't have any plans tonight, right?"
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-04 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Mihai frowns a little at the words. He heaves a long low sigh that ghosts across Badou's stomach. He knows his face lines with concern, looking more his age and then some than ever before. He knows Badou's job is dangerous. He knows that the young man will get hurt. It's inevitable. But he wished that he wouldn't take so many needless risks. Mihai loathes the day that he has to scrape his lover off the pavement from falling off the wrong roof. But he has no room to scold or complain. He's just as bad when he goes out. He's sure Badou worries just as much if he'll have to find Mihai bled out in some dirty alley.

So he swallows the lecture and just keeps lightly tracing Badou's sides. It's his turn to laugh now. Of course Heine was involved. And while he knows without a doubt that there's no way he can kill that little shit, if he really hurt Badou Mihai would give it one hell of a go. But he'll burn that bridge if he gets to it. For now, he just wants to focus on Badou.

He closes his eyes for a moment to enjoy the fingers messing with his hair. There had been a reason he grew it out and it wasn't just because it made him look hot. "Plans? I'm retired. My plans all involve food, a good book and time with you. Not much of a plan, hmmm?" He presses another kiss to Badou's torso.
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Goosebumps rise on Badou's stomach as Mihai's breath chills it. The hands in the old man's hair start to massage gently. He knows his various jobs are to blame for a lot of Mihai's frown lines, and he kind of hates himself for it. Maybe he should ask the shop for more hours. Most of the time the housewives weren't packing heat.

Finding Mihai dead, or worse being the cause of it, was something that kept him up at night. At least the nights he wasn't enjoying the company of his older lover. Mihai is his one little escape of happiness, he wouldn't know what to do without him.

As much as Heine got him into trouble, he is still Badou's best friend. Their partnership was strange but Badou never doubted Heine would eventually save him... eventually.

The redhead grins wide. "I dunno, 'time with you' always turns out to be pretty interesting." He shudders at the second kiss, spreading his legs just a big more on instinct if nothing else. "Don't you think you should check my legs? I think I may have scraped something..."
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He just closes his eyes to enjoy those thin fingers threading through his hair. He knows that Badou is the only one he can really relax like this with. The only one he doesn't have to constantly check for his exit points and what weapons were closest to him that he could grab the quickest. With the younger man, those thoughts are secondary to everything else, just noise in the background of more important thoughts.

He laughs a little and opens his eyes once more to look up at Badou. "Encourageble brat. I've created a monster." He is teasing because honestly he's glad that Badou is into him enough to make such suggestions. Sometimes, when the red head isn't around, Mihai starts to wonder if maybe he's just a little too old for him, that he'll stop being seen as attractive.

"You know, I probably should. You really do get into some fine messes and I can't half-ass this." That said, his wondering hands smooth down to Badou's belt line so he can start unfastening his pants. "Stand up for me?"
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-05-06 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
Badou was a little more trusting in people, but he didn't blame Mihai at all for how he was. Being an assassin for as long as he had been and then retiring was unheard of. It's a miracle the man is still alive, for multiple reasons. For that Badou is grateful.

He'd always had a small crush on the larger, much-older man. Even when they first met. It surprised him, and kept him awake many nights wondering what was wrong with him. When Mihai had made his mutual attraction obvious, it was impossible for Badou to resist. It's been a while now, but he still feels the same. Hell, it's worse now. His silver fox still knew how to make him beg for it. "You say that like you don't enjoy it."

"Fuck yes, you should." He bends over, taking the cigarette out of his mouth just long enough to kiss the top of Mihai's silver head. "Anything you want." He stands as Mihai asks him to, looking down at his older lover with a soft smirk.
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"You bet your ass I enjoy it. Just remember, I'm old. It takes a bit for this old engine to crank over." A joke at his own expense, because honestly, he doesn't have that problem at all. He's more than capable of popping a boner and Badou is a primary source of his wood at any given moment. The red head really is too attractive and just being with the young man does wonders for his libido.

A proof he shows when Badou stands by kissing his jean clad hips before working on getting those pants off, underwear and all. Hands sliding up and down long legs, just feeling over them. Giving them a squeeze. "You'd think with all the running you do, you'd have on hell of a set of legs. But here they are, just as skinny as the rest of you." His lips tattoo little playful kisses to sooth those words. He keeps right on kissing. Badou isn't the only one with a slight oral fixation.
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"Oh really? I don't remember you having any trouble getting it up before." He chuckles, running one of his hands through his own long orange hair. Taking another long drag from his cigarette, he plucks the spent bud from his mouth and snuffs it out in the ashtray on the nearby small table. He knows he won't need a new one for a while, Mihai is as much of an addiction as nicotine is. ... Perhaps more.

Badou licks his lips, humming at Mihai's kisses. That is until the old man hooks his fingers in his waistband and tugs down his skinny jeans and briefs. He exhales when his cock is exposed to the air, followed quickly with another laugh at Mihai's seemingly waning patience.

His pale freckled skin only continues down the rest of his body. Hair is fine but the same bright orange as the rest of it. His shaft right now is still mostly flaccid, but they've just barely gotten started. But with Mihai groping his long legs, that won't last long.

"Hey, they're pretty damn nice." He hums softly whenever Mihai's lips press against sensitive skin. It's been a long time since being naked in front of Mihai was embarrassing, now it just turned him on. "It hasn't turned you off yet, anyway."
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-12 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
He nuzzles a thigh, making sure to give it a hell of a nice little beard burn for his troubles. Mostly because he likes how Badou sometimes reacts to the tickling but scratchy sensation of his facial hair against freckled skin. But it's a momentary thing before he at least tries to pretend he's not just feeling his lover's legs up and actually checking for wounds.

First sliding them down and then around back. Up. Up more. His hands grabbing two firm handfuls of ass cheeks. "I found something else just as nice." He kneads his handfuls, obviously enjoying how Badou feels in his hands. "And wouldn't you know. I haven't had dinner yet. I think I found what I'd like to eat." The next nuzzle has a graze of teeth in it, just enough to tease. Sometimes it's a wonder if Badou gets more marks from his work or from Mihai when he's in one of these moods.
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His body goes rigid as that coarse silver hair scrubs against his thigh, making the redhead laugh and squirm. "You asshole, don't scrape my damn skin off." It's said without the bite he would have with Heine, Mihai knows by now that any insult he tosses at him is a term of endearment. But that spot was definitely going to fucking itch later, and he will not let Mihai forget he caused it.

Badou only has a few scrapes and a few small bruises on parts of his legs, nothing that needed any special attention. Well, nothing more special than Mihai's groping. He goes up on his toes when Mihai's big hands knead his ass, exhaling a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. "Oh so ya don't have any complaints about my ass? Good to know."

His mouth hangs open for a moment, blue-eye darkening as Mihai worked his magic. Sometimes he couldn't believe this part of his life was fucking real. Maybe he just collapsed at home and fever-dreamed all this shit. But of course that wouldn't explain the love-bites and bruises he got when Mihai was rough with him. He didn't mind of course, it made fantasizing about his older lover more vivid.

"You wanna eat me, ya dirty old man?" It's hard for him to keep a poker face, the tease and interest are definitely in his voice. Of course he wants the smoking hot man in front of him to have his way with him. "I promise I'm tasty."
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-05-26 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
Insults are just another way for the two of them to show their fondness for one another. He has lost track of how many times he's called Badou a 'shitty brat' to his face, usually right before kissing him. The harsh endearment has him chuckling against the thigh he's given a little beard burn.

"Oh, I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could find something to complain about." Just not about this. Mihai could happily bitch about anything else until the cows came home, but when it came to his sex life with Badou, he had zero complaints.

"And maybe I do what to eat you. Kiri told me I should watch my health and eat more salads." He indeed wouldn't mind tossing Badou's. "Or maybe I'll just skip the greenery and go right to dessert." His mouth wonders until he flicks his tongue over Badou's dick and then smirks again. "Up to you, you damn brat."
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Oh how Badou loves all of Mihai's colorful petnames for him. Sometimes he hears them in his head when he jerks himself off when Mihai isn't around. He gives the old man's hair a slightly harder tug.

"You think you could, huh?" It's almost a challenge the way he says it. Not that Badou wants him to find anything to complain about, of course. He just can't help but tease him back. "Don't tell me you think my ass is too tight or somethin'."

"But if you eat your salad you can fuck me with my favorite part of you." Badou practically whimpers, his cock twitching at the quick lick. Such a small touch is pure torture. He of course liked more than Mihai's cock, but he can't deny how much he enjoyed being fucked by him. The old man could get him to do anything with the promise of a good romp.

"Don't you wanna fill me up with yer old man, dressing?" It was fucking cheesy, but he didn't care. "You know I like feeling it drip outta my ass."
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"I know I could." He gives a little groan at the tug to his hair. That moan vibrates against the flesh he had licked. He's always liked that and he's not ashamed to let Badou know. "And it is too tight. But that's what lube is for." He teases and gives the cock before him another lick, this time shifting a little so that he can give the sensitive head a little suck before pulling away again and chuckling.

"That was terrible, you little shit. Look. I'm all soft now." He's not. In fact, his trousers are very tight now. "You're going to have to do something about that." Mihai shifts back on his heels so he can stand up again. Stand up and step forward to place a firm slap on that tight ass. "Get that fine ass of yours to bed, unless you're so eager that you'll do it here on the floor." Not that it would be the first time they've done that. Mihai doesn't think there is a horizontal surface that they haven't screwed on.
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"F-fuck" Badou whispers as those loverly vibrations travel all the way up his junk. Mihai is such a fucking cheater when it comes to teasing the every loving shit out of him- and he loves it. "It wouldn't be so tight if you plowed my ass more, babe." If he could, that's all he'd do. Unfortunately they normally don't have time to fuck all day. It's a rare treat when they do. There's another -much louder- whimper at that split second feeling of Mihai's hot mouth around his sensitive head. The man's chuckling felt so cruel.

"I'm just fucking awful, aren't I?" He chuckles, glancing down at Mihai's straining pants, licking his lips as he remembers just how juicy it can be. The slap produces a sharp cry from the lithe redhead, immediately sticking his ass out for more. He always got off from Mihai's spankings.

Long fingers trace Mihai's cock through his pants. He nips at Mihai's lips before flicking his tongue against them. "Let's go to bed babe." Badou pulls away quickly, practically skipping into the other room, doing his best to swing what hip he has. Jumping up on the bed, erect cock flopping, he gets on his knees as he anxiously waits for Mihai to join him.
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-06-01 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
Of course he's a cheater. He hasn't survived this long without being a cheating fuck when it suits him. And right now, it definitely suits him. He laughs a little at the suggestion. As much as he would indeed like to just fuck Badou all day and all night, Badou actually still has work and he has his odd jobs that Kiri gives him. And sometimes, when he's bored, he wonders if he could convince the red head to let him work at the shop, part time. Or maybe he just wanted to screw the young man over his work desk. Hard to tell.

"Terrible." He reiterates and smirks at how that fine ass seeks more of that sharp punishment. He can't count the number of times he had gotten this damn brat to cum just from the way his cock rubbed against a thigh while he was getting his ass warmed.

Then Badou is gone and he can't help but really laugh. He swears he's not laughed this much in years. Badou really has brightened his life in ways he couldn't have imagined. But he follows along a lot more stoically than Badou, just watching how he swishes and bounces his way to their bed.

He stops at the door and uses his foot to kick it closed. Not that they need it. They are the only ones here. It's just habit. After all, he's about to get naked and he needs the door shut and locked for his own peace of mind. Then he's giving Badou a show, slowly taking off his shirt and dropping his pants to leave him in his shorts so he can stalk to the bed and plop a knee on it so he can draw the younger man close and pull him towards him to kiss him deeply.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-06-03 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
The shop would definitely be a lot more exciting if Badou ever finds out about Mihai's want to help him out. It wasn't a bustling place and his downtime was normally spent cleaning, stocking, and rearranging things. And there's no way Badou would ever turn down a quickie in the back, or even at the desk. In fact he wouldn't mind fucking Mihai someplace public, it would definitely add a new spice.

Badou definitely got off on Mihai's 'Daddy' status even if he's never called him that. He often did shit just to get the older man to spank him. Of course they always fucked afterwards, but that 'foreplay' is always one of the redhead's favorites.

Hearing Mihai's laugh behind him only brings a smile to the redhead's face. Real smiles and laughter weren't found very often in the Underground, and he's more than thrilled when he can make the old man do either. It's nice to see, even nicer to be the reason for it.

Badou has never minded Mihai's need to be locked in as it also puts Badou at ease. There's much less chance for anyone they know to randomly let themselves in. He whistles low as Mihai undresses, sitting back on his heels as he enjoys the show. It's so easy the way Mihai pulls him close and Badou's long arms twine around the back of his neck. The way his cock brushes against Mihai's thigh gets Badou moaning, opening his mouth for Mihai to explore and claim as he wishes.

Fuck he loved him.
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-06-07 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah. Early on, Mihai had made it pretty clear he didn't want to ever hear that particular word. It meant to much for him, reminded him of one of his biggest loss and his largest regret. So long as Badou never called him that out loud, Mihai was more than happy to indulge the young man's disciplinary needs.

In return, Badou makes him feel young and handsome again. Like he's still thirty. He preens a little at the whistle and he stands for a moment to let the younger man look over his scars, marks from all the years of hell he has lived. And cleche though it might be, heaven is right there with red hair and long legs.

Long legs he fits a thigh firmly between so that Badou can rub against him as he willed. His hands sliding to Badou's chest to push him back onto the mattress to lean over him to kiss him deeply, tasting Badou's brand of smokes and something that's uniquely this young man. He adores that taste and he indulges in it fully, kissing deeply until he has to breathe and then only so he can kiss at the man's jaw and neck.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-06-08 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Badou loves their dynamic, he likes having someone older to look over him, to take care of him. He loves pushing Mihai's buttons to get some 'discipline', but he'd never once been tempted to call him that word, especially after Mihai asked him not to. He respects his lover too much.

There were nights that all Badou did was trace and kiss those scars. Like giving them some love will make them better. At least he hopes it gives Mihai a good memory to associate with them.

"You're such a fucking tease," Badou grins, remarking on Mihai's boxers still being intact. "Covering up one of your best parts." The older man easily pushes Badou over, not that he resisted at all. Fuck, even if he did Mihai is easily stronger than he is. Badou slides his tongue along Mihai's, humming softly at the taste of his lover.

As Mihai moves to he jaw and long neck, Badou is wasting no time pushing down the waistband of his boxers. He wants his old man as naked as he is. "I hope you don't plan on fucking me with these on."
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-06-10 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
"Learned that from you. Never say an old dog can't learn a new trick or two." He teases between kisses. He knows that he's being mean, but he can't count the number of times he has sworn that Badou had been flirting with him. And in places where he had to just calmly watch and deal with it instead of doing what he really wanted and throwing the younger man against a wall and giving Badou what he was trying to tease for.

He gives the red head's throat a little nip and laughs against it. "One of my best parts. You only love me for my cock." He knows that's not true and he'll honestly never force Badou to admit such things. Because love and feelings are hard and this...this is easy. This is good.

His tongue travels to the drop of Badou's collarbone and he feels the tug at his boxers. "I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I have a fetish where I want to fuck you hard while you're naked as the day you were born and I'm still in my full suit." Which, face it, he's had quite a few fantasies about. Jacked off a few times to the idea of it, but nothing he would just spring on his younger lover. They're already deviant enough with how much of a gap there sits between them.

"But this time, I'll let you take them off." He even cants his hips and slides his hands down Badou's arms to help with getting his boxers at least to his knees. He can wiggle out of them from there. That leaves him bare and the wiggling presses his hips forward against Badou's, grinding his growing hardness against the younger's full erection.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-06-12 05:31 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh? And how many more tricks do you have to show me?" Badou definitely flirts with Mihai when they are out in public. It gives him a thrill knowing he can drive the old man wild with a look, a simple touch, or toss of his hair. Of course sometimes he's much more blatant about it, like he's asking for Mihai to fuck him in public... which he is.

Badou purrs at the nip to his neck, grinning like a madman. "I said 'one of', it's not the only thing I love." Fucking was definitely much easier than feelings, even though with Mihai they go hand in hand. He definitely loved his older partner and tried to show it more than say it. In lives like theirs it was easier that way. Though he's also a sap at times so.. it could happen one day.

"Hmmm, you do look pretty damn fuckable in that suit." The redhead is definitely interested in the idea of it. Really anything Mihai wanted he'd at least try once. "You might have to cuff me to keep me from undressin' ya though."

"So kind Mihaeroff~". He makes no attempt to hide the fact that he's watching Mihai's cock emerge from his boxers. Badou exhales shakily as their cocks rub together, and he can't help but grind back against Mihai. One hand on Mihai's waist, the other wraps around both of their shafts. "You're so fuckin' sexy, babe.."
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[personal profile] seniormoment 2017-06-15 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
"I don't know. How many more years do I get to keep you? Because I have all sorts of tricks." He knows that in their lives, they might not even have tomorrow, but Mihai likes to think about it. About watching Badou growing old, hopefully hanging on long enough himself to see that brilliant hair turning a lovely shade of silver. He knows how utterly foolish it is, how dumbly romantic to want to grow old with this man but he hasn't felt that way about anyone since Melina and this time...This time he refuses to lose to his own bad luck.

His kisses stop at the younger man's collarbone to work, nipping and sucking hard until he knows it'll bruise. "I think I have just the cuffs for that. So maybe next time, hmmm?" He might even do it in a more public setting, just to give Badou his jollies as well.

But that's for another day, if they make it that far. Right now, he's more than happy to live completely in the present. No past to haunt him, no future chaos to worry about. Just now. Now and Badou. "Only because you whine when I'm mean to you, Nails." He snipes back, with a playful tone. A tone that drops into a low groan when he feels that hand wrap around and press his cock and Badou's together. His hips shift to try and encourage the younger man to stroke them both that way.
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[personal profile] badou_nails 2017-06-15 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Badou smiles, responding softly for once. "As long as you'll keep me, babe. I wanna see all of your tricks." He didn't like to think about the future, probably because his life has already seen one too many shit storms to make any long-lasting plans. But whatever happens, he wants Mihai to be in it, and maybe be able to blame some wrinkles on him one day. The old man wasn't the only sap in their relationship.

His free hand goes to Mihai's hair again, massaging and tugging the silver strands as the old man gives him a nice bruise. "Mmmmmn does this mean you're gonna take me out? I'll get my ass in my nice suit for ya." Badou grins, licking his lips.

Badou doesn't mind having something to look forward too, even if it's small. It gives him something to live for, as sad as it sounds. "Well you should be nice to the ass you pound." Badou sticks his tongue out at the silver-haired man, squeezing their cocks just a bit as he pumps them together. His hips tilt back and forth just a little to add some more friction, loving how their cocks feel together.
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It's nice to know in a way, that Badou is just as serious about this as he is. Whatever they're calling it, it's nice to know that even if all they have is tonight, that they can at least pretend to think about spending the rest of Mihai's years together. It's honestly all he's ever really wanted and it's nice to have it with Badou, even with the little starts and sputters along the way to whatever this was.

He groans at the little tug to his hair. He loves that Badou knows his weak points, knows what drives him wild. "I will. I haven't taken you out on a proper date in a while, now have I?" Mostly because their attempts at actual dates usually got interrupted, a mixture of his bad luck and Badou's habit of making enemies with the investigation work he does. "So you get that nice suit so I can throw it on the floor later." And this time, he swore that if ANYONE interrupted their date, he was going to shoot them in the face.

"And if I decided to be mean to it and really give it a pounding? What then?" He teases back, purposely shifting up a little and catching that jutting tongue between his lips to steal a small frech kiss. Only a small one before he pulls away to groan at the feeling of Badou's cock sliding against his own, hips rolling unconsciously to match the younger man's.

"Shit. You keep that up and you're going to have to wait a little for that pounding." After all, he's not a young man anymore. It takes him a little longer to recover from an orgasm. But he thinks he can hold himself off for them to rut against each other a little longer.
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sorry for the wait! D:

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Badou didn't need to name their relationship to make it real. He knew in the way Mihai looked at him that they had something more than just physical attraction. Hell if it were only that there's no way he'd have a key to Mihai's place. This was special and he'd do everything in his power to keep this slice of paradise in the otherwise dumpster fire that was his life.

"Mnn yeah, you need ta fix that." Badou makes enemies faster than he can keep track of, not to mention the insanely super-powered dogs from his past. Never a good combo when trying to have a nice evening out with his lover. "Oh? Should I wear anything under it?" Badou wasn't a stranger to surprising Mihai with different undergarments, or none at all. And yes, if anyone tries to interrupt him he will be more than happy to help Mihai with the face-shooting.

"Ah, but pounding it is being nice to it." Badou chases the short kiss, nipping and licking at Mihai's lips. He moans softly when Mihai adds friction by thrusting against him. He tightens his grip just a little, doing his own thrusting. The clear fluid starting to drip from his cock adds a nice bit of slickness.

"C'mon babe, don't make we wait too long.." He whines just a bit, "I've been thinking about your big old cock in my ass all day." Badou learned about Mihai's slow recovery time quite a while ago, but the old man has quite a few tricks to keep his young lover happy.

it's okay things happen <3

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