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It is almost impossible to pinpoint how many weeks have gone by since Fenris first met the elven prince on the outskirts of Mirkwood. He'd been traveling so long, he couldn't recall when the landscape had changed enough he no longer recognized any of it. He found the forest to be quite beautiful, and deadly. Fenris would joke later about how he met his new friend by staring down an arrow.

Luckily Legolas took him in with little questions, and the king had decided not to jail him or throw him out. He might be exotic-looking, but he was still an elf. Since then, he's spent quite a lot of time with the prince. Something he's been increasingly thankful for.

Fenris leans over a balcony, taking in the beauty of the forest as it slowly changes with the waning light. The opportunity to appreciate such a thing is not lost on the former-slave, it's why he takes the time to enjoy it while he can. When he hears someone behind him, he doesn't even bother to look. He can recognize Legolas' soft footsteps anywhere.

"Come to join me, my prince?" He says the latter in jest, a smirk evident in his voice.

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