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Pulls back over my head

the momentous blanket fort meme

slumber party in a blanket fort? slumber party in a blanket fort.
everything you need to make this the most rad of all blanket fort
slumber parties is now at your disposal.
ready, set, go!

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[personal profile] jurisdevil 2017-04-16 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Mind if I join you?

[ Matt can smell the s'mores beneath the blanket tent, and honestly? Huddling up underneath there and eating some sweets sounds like a really comfortable plan.

He crouches down and tilts his head a little, waiting for a response. Dressed in a t-shirt and sweats, he's certainly cozy enough to sit in a blanket fort. ]
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Inside the tent, he can more clearly smell the recent stench of fear-sweat, and the tension that hovers like a cold fog. He can also smell burning sugar though, and chocolate, and graham crackers.

The answer is slow, voice a little rough and halting. "Guess s'okay."
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The other smells reach him as well, and Matt approaches with a bit more caution. He doesn't want to startle Bucky, or make him feel uncomfortable.

As he enters the tent, Matt pulls off his tinted glasses and places them aside. Better not to hide anything, even his eyes.

"Is everything okay?" He sits down opposite of Bucky, hands resting in his lap.
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Bucky studies him, and he was pretty sure from body language alone that the man is blind, but it's reassuring to see his eyes bare anyway, and know for certain. Especially when he's in a mentally twitchy state.

"No." He turns his marshmallow over the flame, watching the surface tint slowly to gold. It's a lot slower over a candle, but remarkably effective all the same. The other man's hands stay in his peripheral vision, and that's nice.

He exhales slowly through his nose, a heavy kind of sigh. "It'll pass. Just bad... ugly stuff. In my head."