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Pulls back over my head

the momentous blanket fort meme

slumber party in a blanket fort? slumber party in a blanket fort.
everything you need to make this the most rad of all blanket fort
slumber parties is now at your disposal.
ready, set, go!

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"You're gonna set off the smoke detector," Steve tells him, kneeling down to peer in at him, and then settling onto his stomach to keep him company. He doesn't need s'mores, although there's a good chance he'll steal a graham cracker if the opportunity arises.

"What brought this on, anyway?" He hopes it just nostalgia and nothing serious.
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Bucky shrugs without bothering to look up, hunched and curled up tight over his candle flame. That's probably not a great sign. A mouthy, sassy Bucky is a sign of him feeling like himself; When Bucky gets quiet, not speaking unless the words are pried out of him, then he's having a rough day. Recovery is not a linear progression, and sometimes utterly random and unexpected things can send him into flashbacks and dark moods.

Still, he has this nice safe tent, and a campfire, and sugary food. He's coping, and not doing too badly at it. He doesn't flinch away when Steve settles close, but he doesn't offer him marshmallows either.
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One of those days, then. Steve winces inwardly and looks down at the floor so he won't inadvertently give Bucky sad puppy eyes. Handling a quiet Bucky is tricky. Not that he's afraid of setting him off into a violent mood; that has yet to happen. But drawing him back out is a delicate process. Sometimes Steve fails at it utterly, ends up feeling lost and hurt, which sends Bucky into a guilt spiral and makes everything horrible.

He moves to take off his shoes and socks, leaving them outside the fort, and then squirms in closer, folding his arms and resting his chin on them. "They make giant marshmallows now. Have you seen 'em? Twice that size. Probably harder to toast."
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There's a little crease between his brows as his mostly static frown deepens. He's considering, though. His gaze roves from the marshmallow on a skewer over the candle, to the broken-up candy bars and graham crackers.

A marshmallow that big, you could use the chocolate and crackers whole to make a sandwich. But if they don't toast well, then it's a moot point. It's focusing on the little things like this that help him.

"Poor tactical choice, if they don't toast right." It comes out slow and a little rough, but hey, it's a whole sentence.
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Steve would never have considered marshmallow size a tactical choice. He's not going to question that, though. Bucky is clearly not in a mood to debate semantics. "I don't know," he says. "Over a bigger fire it might work. Or squished flat on a griddle or something? Except then they'd stick."

This is a silly conversation, but maybe that's what he needs.
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Steve needs to up his s'mores strategics, clearly.

Again he has to think seriously about this. "Can't heat them together. Chocolate melts faster." Silly helps, because Hydra definitely would not have encouraged the Asset to have anything to do with roasting marshmallows or eating chocolate or hiding under blankets.

"Did we do this? S'mores?" He swallows, expression still in that mostly-flat state that says he's not in a good place, mentally, but his voice has a hint of a tremor. "I don't remember them."
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S'more making was not covered in any of Sun Tzu's writing.

"What if you froze the chocolate first?" Steve asks him in a sleepy voice. He's not really drowsy, but he's trying to relax and help Bucky relax at the same time. Maybe soothing will help.

He presses his lips into a thin line at that question, and shakes his head a little, regretfully. "Not really. We tried to toast marshmallows in an alley once and set a dumpster on fire. I think that put us off the attempt for good."
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"I meant... in the... the Howlies..." Bucky draws his gaze up from his marshmallow, although he retains the presence of mind to also lift it up from the flame so it won't burn. He blinks at Steve, his train of thought arrested.

"We set an alley on fire??"
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"Didn't have access to marshmallows then." They had chocolate bars on occasion, though. Quick energy.

He smiles at the question and answers mildly, "Not the whole alley! Just the dumpster. And some of the newspapers on the ground by it."
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Bucky continues to give him that how-did-you-derail-this look, then ducks his head and takes crackers and chocolate to assemble his s'more. He bites into it and chews, then says in a sticky mumble, "Bet it was your idea."

Yeah, Steve is definitely helping.
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Bucky knows, no doubt, that Steve is nowhere near as innocent as most people believe him to be. Still, he does innocent looks very well, and his eyes crinkle just a little at the corners as he smiles up at him. "I had borrowed a boy scout manual from the library, and we got matches off a guy leaving McGinty's Bar. You didn't try that hard to talk me out of it, as I recall."
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"Unhunh." Bucky knows better. Even in his currently rattled mental state, fighting off dark memories of Hydra, Bucky knows better. Being with Steve really does help him, that earlier lifetime of good memories bubbling up from underneath the bad ones.

"What other bad ideas did you have?" He wants to hear about this, wants Steve to reminisce and help push back the dark.
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"Well, there was that one time I decided we should build a soap box car. There was no local derby or anything, it was just something to do. I think we were about twelve?"

He rolls over onto his back and crosses his arms behind his head turning his face toward Bucky and smiling. "We scavenged up a couple orange crates and borrowed some tools from a neighbor. You had a way better idea how to use them than I did. It actually went pretty well to start with, except then we needed wheels for it..."
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He listens, munching his way through the gooey snack, then licks his fingers (even the metal ones) and promptly puts another marshmallow on the skewer. It's subtle- all his expressions are pretty subtle, when he's feeling more like the Winter Soldier than some dumb kid named Bucky Barnes, but he looks just a little bit more relaxed hearing Steve fall into story time. Whether or not he remembers any of what Steve is talking about is hard to say, but sometimes stories like this do dredge the memories up.
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Steve is looking increasingly relaxed and content. Maybe he's lost in nostalgia, himself. Lying around in a blanket fort exchanging stories with his best friend is a good way to put him in a mellow mood, although he's still keeping an eye on Bucky to make sure he's not making anything worse.

"So, everyone knows the best wheels for a soap box car are the kind you get off a baby buggy. Unfortunately, we didn't know anyone with a baby or a buggy. But your sister had a buggy for her dolls, and we figured she wouldn't notice if we just borrowed the wheels for a couple days..."

Bucky may guess where this is going by now, but Steve glances at him as if to make sure the mention of his sister doesn't upset him.
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When Steve glances his way, he's frowning, trying hard to remember the details of what Steve describes. Sometimes he tries too hard, groping for visual imagery, for any hint that he actually remembers these events in their own right, and stressing himself out straining for that is probably counterproductive.

He catches that glance, and he knows that Steve is watching him, so he lets out an irritated huff of breath and tries to relax again. "Seems improbable. Was that part my idea?"
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"I'm not 100% sure whose idea it was," he says a little gently. "Probably both of us. But what neither of us realized is that doll buggy wheels don't have to be quite as sturdy as real baby buggy wheels do."

"So. We took the wheels off the doll carriage and put them on the soap box car, and it rolled pretty well. We pushed one another up and down the road a couple times, and then I got the bright idea to try and roll down the hill between Elm and Jefferson. We figured there wasn't much traffic in the early morning, so we'd try then."
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His eyebrows rise, and the look of 'how stupid are you?' he's giving Steve is at least 50% Bucky. Maybe more than that. He's also not asking that question aloud because he is already convinced that Steve is not always the sharpest crayon in the box.

"Who went first?"
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Steve almost laughs at that look. "C'mon, Buck, we were twelve. Our brains hadn't grown in yet."

"We got there right as it was getting light, and you got cold feet right away. It wasn't a very steep hill, but it was enough that we had to put a stick under the wheels to keep the car from rolling on its own. You kept saying you weren't sure the brakes would stop it, and what if the milk truck came by at the wrong moment, and sometimes the cops would be on Jefferson Street in the morning at this hour...and I got pissed off at you and I got into the car and said I would show you it would be fine."

"I must have gotten in with some extra force, because the wheels jumped the stick before I was all the way in, and it started rolling downhill and picking up speed with me half in the seat and fumbling for the steering-rope. You started chasing after me yelling curse words and calling me an idiot, and the thing was swerving all over the road--"

Hes laughing in earnest now, waving his hand as if to show the drunken path the car took. "I don't know how fast the damn thing went, but you managed to catch up about twenty feet from the bottom of the hill and you threw yourself onto me and the car, and we both went spinning into the grass as the side of the road. The car rolled over a few times and two of four wheels got bent or flattened, and you and I didn't even notice at first because we were tussling in the grass and calling each other names."
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Bucky listens to this story with a mix of skepticism and fascination. His eyebrows go up and stay up, and all of that is probably a sign he doesn't remember much of this incident, but he's enjoying the story anyway.

He also goes through another s'more while Steve talks.

"That... sounds like us, yeah." He smirks just a little, looking thoughtful, and more like Bucky in some indefinable way. "You were an idiot, by the way."
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"It wasn't my proudest moment," he admits, still laughing a little. "I bit you. On the right forearm. It bruised later."

Because sometimes, Steve fights dirty.

"Anyway, we wore ourselves out, and then we had another fight when we saw how badly we'd fucked up the wheels, and took everything back home and tried to hammer them back into shape. We actually managed to get them back onto the buggy, but they still looked like they had been stomped on by an elephant, and they barely rolled at all."

He shakes his head. "Your sister was so angry. I ended up giving you my allowance and whatever I could earn for the next three weeks, because you got told you owed her a replacement. But we managed it."
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"You...?" He shakes his head a little, working on another marshmallow over the flame. "Biting is a very effective strategy. And it was definitely on you to buy the replacement." The bit about strategy says something about where he's at in his head, still, but he's smirking a little because he can't seem to get that off his face, and his shoulders have come down from around his ears.

After a moment to check the latest marshmallow, he shoves the end of the stick with it right into Steve's mouth. Maybe it's a reward for a story well told, and a job well done.
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"I learned to take whatever advantage I could early on," he grins up at him. "And I course I bought the replacement. You were my best friend."

He's about to add a 'still are', when suddenly there's a marshmallow in his face. "Mnghf?!" He sputters and laughs as he takes a bite. "Nm. Bucky...! Was that a reward?"

It could have been a first degree burn to the lips. But he's not complaining.
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"'S a good story." Even if he can't remember more than tiny flickering fragments, it's still helpful to hear. He withdraws the skewer once he can without yanking marshmallow away from Steve.

"I like your stories. Our stories?"