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A new life together

Being with someone can change your life. But what if you can't have your old life back? For your own sake, the sake of your relationship, or by no choice of your own, you have to leave the old you behind. It can go from anything to changing a behavior to changing your whole identity, and all of it can be difficult. One thing is clear, however; to continue where or as you'd lived before is not an option if you want to keep this person you care for in your life.

how to play;
  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Respond to others.
  • THERE WILL BE QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. Just because it's a shipping meme doesn't means everything's fluffy; in fact, more options than not have some unfortunate implications.

  1. Open Secret: You two have never specifically said who you are in this new place, though you've never denied it.
  2. Witness Protection: To protect your lives, you must live under assumed identities.
  3. Your Real Life: What you knew before was false. This is the actuality.
  4. After a Tragedy: All your friends are dead. Your group is shaken. You saw someone you love murdered. The only other person you have left is the one you're with.
  5. Second Chance at Life: After a brush with death, you've decided to do things right and actually live.
  6. I Don't Want this Life, Dean: You don't want to continue in the family business - er, in your old ways set up by someone else, so you cling to someone who can give you a normal life.
  7. Criminal: You did a bad thing and are wanted. For your protection and the safety of the one you lo...that person, you have to hide.

  8. Turning Over a New Leaf: You're genuinely trying to become a better person and you can't do that with the reminders of your old home and old life.
  9. Rehabilitation: Your lover is helping you get over your wounds, your traumas, or your flaws.
  10. Blank Slate: You have to have a new life because you don't know your old one! All you know is the person you're with and the things they can tell you.
  11. Partners in Crime: You two are rough around the edges, but you're reformed. Really, you just want a peaceful life!

  12. Old Habits Die Hard: No matter what your life is now, you can't shake the need to double check the locks or hold your magic wand tight.
  13. Guilt: You're guilty about your relationship, so you have to reside in hiding.
  14. Through Elicit Means: You got with your partner through cheating and you want to keep that fact on the low.
  15. Stolen Away: You stole your partner - from a bad situation or from someone cruel - so you have to keep your heads down
  16. Taboo:
    1. Incest: It's better for you to live where no one know's you're related.
    2. Age Difference: You can always fake IDs and birth certificates.
    3. Interspecies: There has to be somewhere that doesn't have the prejudices of your home.
  17. Tyrannical Government: You're political enemies drawn together. Perhaps you're working to undermine the government, or maybe you've escaped from that place and are living in peace.
  18. Pulled from the Darkness: Your previous life was so terrible, you don't want to even ponder it any more. End of story, it doesn't matter.
  19. Dependent: You don't know anyone else in this new world of yours, or you don't know how to navigate it, making you dependent on your partner.
  20. Protecting Them: You're with them and hiding them for their own benefit.
  21. They Don't About Your Past:
    1. Secret Monster: If they knew about who you used to be, they'd be disgusted and want nothing to do with you.
    2. For Them: You're dangerous to be around, so you can't clue them in lest an old enemy or your own abilities come back and harm them.
    3. Florence Nightingale: They found you and took you in to help you, no questions asked. You couldn't help but fall for them.
  22. Using Them: This new life is just a sham. You want them to be your camouflage, maybe even getting others to believe you've changed.
  23. Faked Turned Real:
  24. Both of you were using each other for cover, but're not sure.
  25. Brainwashing:
    1. One-Sided: You love them and want them to believe that things have always been like this. Can you be blamed for going about it this way?
    2. Mutual: Both of you think you've always lived this life, thanks to outside forces.
  26. Who Am I, Really?: You love your partner, but you feel like you're losing yourself.

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