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A part of me, as the poets say

The (possibly AU, possibly crossover) Sibling Incest Meme

-Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to mention any hard lines you have.
-Comment around to others. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO FACILITATE CROSS-CANON TAGGING, THIS MEME WILL BE CONSIDERED AN AU FAIR GAME ZONE. Feel free to comment in with characters who do not canonically have siblings or comment to people from other fandoms.
-Be respectful of others.

1. Feeling Strange: You've known this person your entire life, yet lately you've been feeling...different about them. These feelings aren't exactly familial, either.
2. Not as Normal Families: Whatever the specifics of the case may be, your childhood was not the norm, and thus the two of you have grown close that way.
3. Raised Apart: Scientists believe that when siblings are raised together under normal circumstances, they will not find each other sexually attractive; however, if they are reared apart, they may be highly attracted to each other when they meet as adults.
4. Only Kin by Name: Psuedo-incest between step siblings or adopted siblings is not quite as taboo, but you could still be looked down upon for harboring those desires for someone who is a member of your family by one way or another.
5. Defender: One of you is older and has always looked after the other, meaning that something has grown between you that is thicker than any blood.
6. Guilty: You feel terrible for these longings toward your own flesh and blood, and you do your best to stop them. But can you choose who you want to be with? And how disciplined are you when it's someone you care for in other ways?
7. Dysfunctional: You don't have a good relationship as siblings, yet your relationship as lovers is great.
8. There's Nothing Wrong Here: To you, incest is a casual affair and the "forbidden" aspect is lost. Sorry you were grounded, big brother. Here, since you can't go out, let me be your girlfriend for the night.
9. Like Looking in a Mirror: The two of you are closer than siblings: you're twins. You share everything, so why is your love any different?
10. Skirting the Line: Stolen glances. Lips only a breath away. You're walking a fine line here. You haven't become physical...yet.
11. Got a Secret, Better Keep It: Needless to say, an incestuous relationship is not one that can see the light of day. You'd better keep it behind closed doors.
12. Jealousy: You can't stand the idea of sharing your beloved sibling with someone else, yet it's hard to make this known without blowing your cover.
13. As One: The obligatory smut prompt, whether it be the first time or one of many the two of you steal away.
14. The Things I Do for Love: You'll do anything to protect your love affair with you sibling and make sure no one interferes. Anything.
15. And You'll Be My Queen: It may seem as though the light will never come, but you want to make promises to your most precious sibling that one day, you'll live as any normal couple.
16. Anyone Who Isn't Us is the Enemy: You're in a dangerous climate, and the only one you can depend on is your flesh and blood - bringing you closer together.
17. No Choice in the Matter: Your sibling is not a willing participant in your debauchery, but they endure your cruelty, grooming, and manipulation because you are their brother or sister.
18. No One Like You: There truly is no one who can love you like the person who is closest to being you, bone of your bone. You perfectly understand each other and your love is pure.
19. Where No One Knows Our Faces: You've decided to flee your current life and live as new people among those who don't know that you're related.
20. Out in the Light: A secret no more, the two of you have decided to bring your affair out into the open. You will face the world, no matter what it does.
21. Rejection: Someone - friends, family, etc - has found out what you two have done and are disgusted by it. Will you turn to each other for comfort?
22. The End: Being with someone so unattainable is tiring, and one day, you may grow weary of stowing everything away, locking your heart up, or feeling so shamed. This must cease. But can you go back to being just siblings?
23. Not Really Related After All: Perhaps the most cliche of tropes, though it's often used to "justify" incest. Turns out the two of you aren't really siblings! Now, you can pursue a relationship freely.
24. Part of the Same Whole: You're meant to be together, you firmly believe it.
25. Sick and Twisted: The fact that you two are siblings actually is a kink/fetish for you. You get off to all of this.

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