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anonymous sex

It can give sex a certain thrill, terror, or liberation, if the other party is not known to us. Who is the person beneath the mask? The other in the dark? An enemy, a friend, a lover, a relative, or even a predator-- all are possible. All that can be known is, in this critical moment, they are unknown to us.

This is a meme dedicated to the concept of sex between unknown parties, consensual or not. It is up to the players involved if and/or when the parties involved are made known to one another. It would be a good idea to list a preference for “de-masking” if one exists. (Along with usual standards and preferences.) You are free to leave a blank comment or begin with a scenario.


It’s a party where all guests must be masked. Perhaps it is a ball with grand costumes, or a twist on Spring Break shenanigans, or a Halloween celebration. Whatever the case may be, you don’t quite know who the other person is.

Let’s bring god(s) into this. Perhaps it’s a “sacred marriage” (where two parties representing fertility gods have sex in a divine ritual), or an orgy, but either way the rules are simple. To worship one must remain masked (and perhaps costumed) and have sex in order to please the god(s).

A linen screen hangs between the two parties. One may speak to their partner and watch their silhouette engage in (perhaps mutual) masturbation. If the screen is ever lifted is to the discretion of involved parties.

The Glory Hole. Through a hole in the wall one may place hands, genitals, tongues, and perhaps even toys through to pleasure their anonymous partner with. Usually located in sexual clubs, the concept does present plenty of other possible scenes. A run down public restroom, a Catholic confessional, or a telephone booth-- the only limit is one’s imagination really.

Sensory deprivation. Voluntarily perhaps, or perhaps in a situation of “public use”, one finds themselves not only tied down in stocks, or bed, or perhaps even a chair, but also with a blindfold or sack over their head. One cannot see who is fucking them, and neither can the other party.

The prisoner. Somehow one has come to find themselves chained up in a dark prison. The only light is of a distant candle, enough to perhaps make out movement and shape, but not someone’s face. Not exactly a consensual situation, but perhaps enjoyable still if one has a decidedly marked taste for degradation.

A power outage is a minor inconvenience. A power outage in an elevator however can lead to an interesting situation. Especially if you didn't see the other person's face first.

Have a scenario in mind that is not listed? Or perhaps you want to go for a combo. Whatever the case may be-- have fun with your anonymous fantasy.

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