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Now’s your chance, campers! It’s time to become the action movie hero you always wanted to be! In the wrong place at the wrong time, going on an adventure, being the sidekick, the femme fatale, whatever. THE POINT IS: you’re going to wreck shit on the way to fixing shit.


1. CAR CHASE Roll out, motherfuckers. Drive on and chase the villain, or run from the villain, or chase the hero, or whatever. Try not to run into any helicopters with your car.
2. GUN FIGHT Don’t run out of bullets, it’s time for a battle! Whatever you can hide behind you better go for it. Shoot an exploding barrel, use a fire...extinguisher?? As a distraction, whatever. Just do it. Don’t get shot!!
3. ESCAPE THE TEMPLE YOU BETTER RUN. You got the treasure but you angered the local god or set off some traps or something. Don’t get murdered or run over by a giant boulder. Watch out for snakes!
4. PUNCH NAZIS This one is what it says on the tin. Go out and be the hero. Punch some nazis in the face.
5. ACCIDENTAL SIDEKICK Your family or loved one or some stranger off the street has fallen in line with you when shit is going down. There’s no way out of it so you just have to grin and bear it and keep going. Protect them if you can!
6. COOL GUYS DON’T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS SHIT’S EXPLODING!!! Get away, but don’t look back at it. How much collateral damage is there?
7. LAST SHOWDOWN It’s time for the last toe-to-toe with the big bad and you’ve got to win. How injured are you, how injured are they, is your companion okay? Do you have bullets left? WHO WILL WIN?
8. WHATEVER Make up your own shit, I’m not your boss.

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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