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The stables in spring


Bakerstreet is the perfect microcosm for experimentation. This is why an alien race of scientists has set up shop here before taking on the rest of the worlds. What are they doing? It's hard to say whether they're trying to create to perfect, suggestible being or compliant cattle, but one thing's for certain: they're breeding people. Through drugs and serums, (mostly) females will be the mares and (mostly) males the studs of this new race, producing offspring and other much-needed resources such as milk and semen. And how are they getting their test subjects...?

It seems like only a few seconds ago that you were going about your business, whatever that is. You blacked out somehow, though, and now things are different. A few things are different, actually. The first thing you might notice is the condition of your person. You're sore all over, like you've been poked and prodded and injected with the world's worst flu shot. Your throat is sore, too. Also of importance is your clothing; or, rather, your lack thereof. You're naked, completely, and this allows you to see your new accessories. Somewhere on your body, perhaps on your arm, your stomach, or your chest, is a brand. It's fresh, the skin still raised and tender to the touch. The symbol is a strange character of an unknown language, encircled by a thick curve. Not far from the brand is a tattoo, also new. The black ink forms a barcode, with similar alien characters beneath it. Finally, you're now earring? No, not an earring. It's some kind of tag.

The second thing you might notice is your new surroundings. If you're familiar at all with stables or dairy farms or the like, you'll know right off it's a stall. It's not very big, though perhaps a bit bigger than the standard. The floor is covered with hay. The walls, on the other hand, are steel and tall, making the space much higher than it is wide. At the very top, there are bars (not very good for peering through, however) and a light fixture of some sort. Really, everything doesn't look too remarkable, but it is in one respect: you can't get out. There is absolutely no way to escape, no matter what you do. There doesn't appear to be a door, and the walls are seamless. That's alien technology for you. The bars up top aren't really bars, as they're covered in plexiglass all around. That shouldn't matter, you say. You have the power to get out, anyway! Sorry, but not quite. No matter if you're Joe Blow off the street or a powerful cosmic deity, there's something that keeps you from busting out. A force field? Maybe. Who knows? Despite this, though, you have bigger fish to fry.

And that's in the form of the third thing you will probably notice. You're not alone. Someone else is in the stall with you, and they're in a similar state. Naked, branded, tagged. They can't get out, either, even if they're a super spy or a mercenary with years of training. Both of you are here, in this same boat. But why? Really, it's not that hard to figure out. Just look at the scenario. All signs point to one thing: you're intended to have sex. Of course, you probably won't want to. You won't be persuaded or tempted, either, because you have an iron will. That's fine. But you'll break.

Remember that soreness? Well, that's because of the experimentation and the drugs. You see, you've been injected, drip fed, and otherwise filled with serums and cocktails by the people who brought you here during your little blackout. The aphrodisiacs at the Hotel? They're gateway drugs, child's play compared to these. The stuff is seeping through your veins right now, embracing every cell and sliding into your brain. Soon enough, very soon, you'll need sex like breathing. The more you resist, the more glassy-eyed you become, until you've lost everything that could be considered humanity or decency or decorum and you just have to fuck. The two of you will be rutting like animals, no matter who the other is. You'll want to claim them, want to fill them or be filled by them and fulfill the basic drive of life: procreate.

That's not all, either. The drugs are doing all kinds of amazing things to you that you can't even feel or sense. Not only are they making you so fertile that almost any sex will result in certain pregnancy, but also making you physically addicted to sex. You have to breed or be bred now. The serums are also changing your brain chemistry to make you better at this. You're becoming more docile, more susceptible to instructions from your "masters," and much more accepting of your fate. Why would you want to leave here? To help with this, the drugs create a loyalty to your partner- no, your mate, as well.

In fact, the drugs have many effects on different test subjects. The scientists have been talking about it recently. Not that you'd know, but there's been a memo sent discussing just that.
To: ███
From: ███
RE: Effects of the drugs

The serum still needs to be perfected. This is what the technicians have seen so far.

The following have been observed in all test subjects:
-Increased fertility
-Heightened libido to the point of sex addiction
-Decrease in inhibitions and morals to the point of shamelessness
-Increased suggestibility
-Greater docility
-In males and certain females, increase in dominance
-In females and certain males, increase in submission
-Acceptance of their situation
-Increased stamina
-Some degree of territorial behavior
-Loyalty/fondness for their mates

The following have been observed in some test subjects:
-Breast expansion
-Expansion of hips and rear
-Semen addiction
-Increased semen production to levels previously impossible for their species
-Genital enlargement
-Decrease in intelligence, some to such an animal-like state that speech capacity is gone
-Appearance of penises on females and vaginas on males
-Male pregnancy
-Weight gain
-Desire for sex with beings outside their own species/non-humanoids
-Oral fixation

Clearly, more testing needs to be done.

But maybe, just maybe, you weren't kidnapped. Maybe you're not here because you were kidnapped. Perhaps you're here to work. After all, there's a lot to do! Milking needs to be done, discipline problems broken in, and brainwashing- I mean, re-education- is in important process. There are plenty of job opportunities for go-getters who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

No matter what the reason, you're here at The Bakerstreet Breeding Stables, so you might as well smile and accept it. After all, a happy stable makes happy cattle.

[OOC: Pretty much all the information you need is the post. Basically, your character is kidnapped and drugged into becoming a breeding animal. Feel free to take it any direction you'd like; timeskips are encouraged to show how your characters are reacting, for pregnancies, etc.

1. Comment with your character. Put the name, canon, and preferences in the subject line as usual.
2. In the body of the comment, put what you are interested in playing and what you don't want to (ie, interested in lactation, no futa, so on and so forth). You may also want to set up a scene. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BLANK.
3. Have fun and respect others' preferences.]

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