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incubus & succubus meme

Incubus & Succubus AU
"Sex is like an atom bomb. A potent weapon which fascinates and frightens. We're afraid to let it loose, yet we all have our finger on the button."
-Zeena Schreck

Incubi, succubi, kitsune, huli jing, lilu, melusine, lamia, and so on. Myths and legends around the world are filled with tales of these spirits, often called demons, who share one common aspect: they interact sexually with humans. The reasons as to why vary with the parties involved and who's telling the tale. More often than not, it doesn't end well for the mortals they visit, but sometimes some good comes from it. Or at the very least, it doesn't wind up being all bad. More recently, nuanced tales are told of these creatures: they have wants, needs, and desires beyond the flesh. Sometimes they can do good, despite their perceived nature.

Enter a world where these creatures exist, if they don't already in your character's canon. Explore what it would be like for your character to either be one of these creatures or to interact with one of them. Will they survive the encounter?

1. Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and preferences in the subject line. It's recommended that you also write out some ideas for what you'd like to play out in the body: ideas for scenarios or dynamics, a blurb about your character's past and abilities, etc. Try not to leave it blank; give people something to work with.

2. If you're having trouble deciding, some options have been provided that you can RNG.

3. Respect people's preferences. Though the premise of this meme deals with sexual issues, this is not necessarily a smut meme. You can play out all the gen, fluff, smut, hurt/comfort, etc. that you want. Just make sure to respect your partners.


1. Incubus - The most common name for the male form of this creature, they are known for visiting women and feeding upon them during intercourse. They have been known to be witches' familiars. Of course, there's no reason why they should be limited to working with or feeding up just women, or women at all.
2. Succubus - The female form of these creatures, most tales describe them as visiting and feeding upon men during the night. They have been blamed for the nocturnal emissions and being the mothers of other demons. Just as with incubi, they do not have to be limited to visiting women only or at all.
3. Shifter - Depending on the story, there is only one kind of spirit that visits people: capable of shifting sex, it visits one person in one form and another person in another.
4. Victim - Maybe it was chance that brought you to the attention of one of these creatures. Maybe someone cursed you. Maybe you're just that attractive in some form or another. No matter what the reason is, you
5. Summoner/Partner/Worshipper - Perhaps you're a witch or some other kind of magician summoning this creature. It could be for a magical partnership or it could be to use against someone else. Maybe you're just lonely and want to get laid. In some cultures, creatures like this were feared and/or worshipped - maybe you're keeping the traditions alive?
6. Progeny - Merlin and Gilgamesh are both examples of children fathered by these creatures. It's obvious that the union between them and humans produces children of unusual skill. If you're the child of an incubus or a succubus, do you know it? Do you want to know your real parents?
7. Hunter - Were you a victim who broke free of their clutches? Was someone you know hurt by these creatures? Are you part of a group devoted to monitoring or taking them out? Whatever the reason, you pursue these creatures and try to minimize the harm they can do.
8. Other - Not everything is covered above. Feel free to play out any scenarios you want in the setting.


1. Summoning - If you're capable of it (or maybe it was an accident), you've summoned yourself an incubus or a succubus. Are they going to listen to you, or are they going to have their way in one form or another?
2. (Repeat) Feeding - A creature's got to eat, and these creatures feed through contact - usually sexual, but sometimes any old physical contact will do. They say a person can survive, but sometimes the urge to feed gets too strong and they feed too deeply.
3. Illness - You've been visited, and probably not for the first time. When a person is fed upon, they will most likely start showing signs. Fatigue, suggestibility, and so on. Will someone notice? Will your visitor have a change of heart?
4. Romance - It's rare, but it happens. There's no malice behind feeding, usually. It's just a creature trying to survive, and sometimes they fall in love. But can they tell the person they've fallen for what they are. Will that person accept them?
5. Discovery - Now's as good as time as any, or maybe it's the worst possible time, but people know. How will you deal, as one of these creatures? Do you run? As the person who's found out, do you attack them or try to understand, if understanding is possible?
6. Weakness - Sometimes there's a weakness these creatures have. Cliche as it might sound, sometimes love can save you. In some versions of the story, true love will protect a person and ward them from these creatures. Sometimes love will actively hurt them.
7. Other - It's a whole new world out there. Maybe you're an incubus or succubus that tries to live as a librarian and likes getting coffee from the shop down the street. From mundane to exciting to cruel, your choices are limitless.

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