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The Bite Meme


✚ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom and any preference.
✚ Go to ye olde RNG and roll to your heart's content. You could even skip the rolling. We won't tell.
✚ Remember, six for the location and six for the type.
✚ Tag whoever you want. Let no one go unbitten.
✚ Show us your teeth.

the LIP bite. Sometimes kissing isn't enough, or sometimes you're too nervous to even talk. Bite a lip. It doesn't even have to be yours.

the THROAT bite. You don't want to suck their blood, but you want them to know how thin this flesh is here.

the ARM bite. It's silly, but want to let them know how they're of you. Bites on the arm are usually childish and done in anger or playfulness.

the LEG bite. Know what long legs need? A nice set of teeth sunk into them. Just look at those thighs. Or you could always bring new meaning to the term "ankle biter".

the COLLAR bite. This one's for all you people who don't like turtlenecks. Bites leave marks, and well, some people don't want to show theirs off like trophies.

the HIP bite. Know what's hot? Teeth on your hip. Marks there are definitely enough to make anyone weak in the knees. If that's not what you're into, just remember there are more reasons than just sex to bite someone, especially here.

the GENTLE bite. No one said biting had to be hard. This one's meant more for lovers. Little nibbles on the earlobe or pulse are always nice.

the BRUISING bite. Don't break the skin on this one. You want to leave a nice impression of your pearly whites on the other person, enough so afterwards you can enjoy that darkened mark.

the BLOODY bite. Biting has ill repercussions. Whether it's on purpose or an accident, there's blood, and possibly lots of it.

the HARD bite. This one doesn't bruise, but it does leave a nice impression of your teeth. All that orthodontic work really paid off.

the TEASING bite. No, no, no. Don't just sink your teeth in all at once! Ease your partner into it. Bite softly again and again before letting yourself clamp. You want to let them know you might not do it.

the PINCHING bite. All front teeth. Don't let anything further than your canines feel your partner's flesh. This one's just to let them know they irritated you, or it could just be that your mouth slipped. Sorry!
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[ooc: open to cross-canon?]
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[ ooc: yes, go ahead! ]
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[ooc: I am canon blind, however! Is a modern setting okay? The collar bite and teasing bite?]
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[ ooc: I know MCU so I can fit Hawke into it no problem. Go for it. ]
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[ooc: Great! Just let me know if this works.]

"Another drink? Or do you want to get going?" Wanda asked, peering down at the bottom of her glass. Some ice chips were still in one piece, others were in partial pieces, and the rest melted, watering down her mojito. Wanda wasn't normally the type to drink, but she was at a nice restaurant and asking for tea didn't really fit the mood. They were really having a nice time with one another, talking and enjoying each other's company without having to worry about someone stumbling into their conversation or interrupting them, which would have been the case at the Avenger's tower.

There were a few looks tossed their way because of who Wanda was, but she ignored them. People were usually more interested in Tony than her, and some did fear her of what she did. She couldn't control how others reacted to her, but that wouldn't stop her form enjoying herself. Hawke was unique, intriguing and another magic user. He had been helping her with her training and they developed a strong friendship. It was normal for friends to have dinner with one another and enjoy each other's company and do something other than train or talk about what they had to do.

It wasn't a date, or anything like that. The thought hadn't crossed Wanda's mind when she suggested the idea to him.

Now, their night was winding down and she was sad to see it come to an end. She wasn't going to prolong the night if Hawke was tired or would rather head back to his place to relax. She wasn't going to force him to endure her company if he didn't want it.
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Hawke considered his empty scotch with melting ice cubes and flicked his finger against it. A little blast of frigid air went through the glass, solidifying the ice cubes and frosting the glass. "If you're after another drink, I have good alcohol for much less than this place at my place. Care to join me?"

He raised an eyebrow at Wanda, hoping the answer would be yes. Wanda was powerful, engaging, and lovely, really. They had bonded over their magic during his efforts to teach her even though his magic tended towards the elemental and kinetic without the metal aspect that hers could take. Those differences made for wonderful conversations.

Perhaps something more if the night went well. Hawke would content himself with friendship if that was all she was after but he had hoped this evening out, dinner and drinks at an upscale restaurant. He was showing off just a little bit but being an advisor to governments and law enforcement during these superhero filled times was profitable.

This, Wanda, was all personal though.
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Wanda caught Hawke using his magic to frost his glass. A little smirk tugged at the corners of her lips, stifling a soft chuckle. No one else would have caught that display of magic. If anything the server would think that Hawke downed his drink all in one go.

"I thought we agreed, no magic tonight," she softly teased. Their conversations on magic and discovering what the other could do made for great conversations and demonstrations. Tonight though, was more of a way to get to know one another better, and when he offered to continue the night at his place, Wanda wasn't going to turn that down.

"That sounds fine. I don't know about another drink, but maybe coffee or tea?" Something to keep them sober. Or something to keep them chatting and enjoy the evening. The night was going extremely well, though Wanda began to feel some tension between them. Not the type of tension from stress or anger, but there was something between them. Hawke was a very handsome man, and they did have quite a few things in common...perhaps Wanda really had meant for this to be an unintentional date.

The dark haired beauty mentioned for the server to bring them their check. She had an inkling that Hawke was trying to show off with his choice in venue for dinner. But, she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he was accustomed to this life style, or keep her used to this lifestyle. A lifestyle she wasn't exactly used to. Regardless, she was having a wonderful time and couldn't wait to continue it at his place.
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"What magic?" he asked playfully, blinking innocently at her. "It must have been a cold breeze."

They had discussed many things throughout the night, wandering from magic to personal stories. This was the first little show of magic he had done all night when the temptation was always there. To Hawke, magic was breathing, was life. It was something to be proud of and use though not to hurt other people.

When the waiter returned with the check Hawke took it with a little glance at it and then handed his credit card over. "My treat," he said when the waiter moved away to deal with it. "Next time you can pick where we go and pay the bill."

While he had money now, it had not always been that way. He didn't want to bring her to the Hanged Man just yet. That was a rowdy, crazy sort of place that might create the wrong impression. His friends were a unique bunch. Another time, perhaps, he'd take her there. She was an Avenger, after all.
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"A cold breeze, huh? I thought we were in for warmer weather." Wanda shook her head slightly at him. The temptation to use magic would always be there. It would always be tempting for her to look into the minds of others, or bend them to her will, but she was conscious of her power. She didn't want to drive anyone mad, or contribute to a war. That wasn't to say she used her magic solely when training or fighting. She gave into that temptation here and there, like when cooking and letting a wooden spoon continue to stir a pot or two while she took care of other things.

She was prepared to give out her credit card, but Hawke beat her to it. Wanda was a bit surprised by it, considering she had invited him out for the night.

"Does that mean you'll be inviting me next time?" the hint of a tease in her tone as she moved to stand and grab her red coat. It was a deep red color to compliment her little black dress. The server came by within moments, delivering Hawke his card back and pen to sign the final check.

"Should I call us a cab? Or, did you want to walk there?" Assuming his place wasn't too far away.
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After tucking his card away in his wallet and putting it all away he offered Wanda his arm like a gentleman would. His mother had raised him properly and would roll over in her grave if he wasn't respectful and kind to Wanda.

"It's not too long of a walk but I wouldn't exactly call it close either," he explained, rubbing his freehand through his beard while he thought about it. How quickly should they get back to his apartment? Would he look like an over eager puppy tripping over his paws if he agreed to a cab? "What do you think? Would you mind a bit of a walk?"

He wasn't dressed in a short black dress, after all. The little chill in the air signaling the end of winter didn't bother him in his crisp suit. If he was wearing a skirt, however, it might not be the same story. Hawke might want a warm cab instead. Leaving Wanda to decide seemed the fairest option.

"Either way when we get there Warden will be happy to see you." Warden was Hawke's pitbull mix, a massive dog who looked terribly intimidating except for that fact that he was a giant mass of love and cuddles. There was no sweeter dog on the planet, Hawke was absolutely convinced.
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Wanda accepted Hawke's arm, resting her hand on his and briefly wondering if her hand would fit in his. A fleeting thought, but one that made her heart skip a beat for a split second. Now came the dilemma of selecting how they got to his place. The weather wasn't too bad, but walking around in heels wasn't exactly comfortable.

"Normally, I wouldn't. A nice walk, even just around the block would be fine, but...I think it's best we take a car." It wouldn't take them too long to get to his place, and knowing Warden would be there made her grin. Was it bad that she may have gotten a little excited at the prospect of seeing his dog? A giant mass of cuddles, love, and wet kisses. But, she did want to get back to Hawke's place to enjoy more time with him.

"Seeing Warden will be an added bonus.." she told him, walking out of the restaurant and headed out into the streets. There was a cab stalling around, Wanda raised her hand, calling his attention and prompted him to come over.

"My treat this time, okay?"
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"The next one's on me then." Hawke was pleased to hear that this time was her treat. It implied a second time. He was looking forward to a second time.

When the cab pulled to a stop in front of them, Hawke opened the door for her and then slid in after her. He sat forward as he told the cabby his address and settled back for what would be a short ride. He put an arm around Wanda's shoulder and brushed his fingers gently over her arm.

"You spoil him," he teased gently because if anyone was guilty of spoiling the dog it was Hawke. He was incredibly fond of his pet and often brought him along wherever he went when it was possible. He was such a good pet. "Soon, he's going to want to go home with you instead of staying with me."

His smile became a little charming. "Not that I blame him. I certainly enjoy every moment I spend with you."

While the words were charming the tone was genuine. He really meant it.
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Hawke already implied there would be a second time. He paid for the bill and told her she could do it next, but the stipulation was he had to be the one to invite her. Instead of the other way around. Not that she was complaining, not in the least. If it meant she got to spend more time with him, away from training, away from speaking with the different governments, and away from the Avengers Tower, that was fine with her.

She got into the cab, buckling herself in just as her date slid in next to her. His hand brushed against her shoulder and she found herself leaning into him, enough to breathe in his scent. Was her wearing cologne? It was hard to tell, but it was nice, regardless.

"I don't spoil him, no more than you do," she teased back, a soft smile playing along her lips. Who didn't like Warden? All he wanted were treats and belly rubs. Honestly, who could say no to such a cute face? Hawke's words left Wanda momentarily stunned, unsure of how she should respond. Wanda briefly averted her gaze, her smile faltering slightly as she sorted out her feelings. Better yet, what words she wanted to use to express herself.

"The feeling is quite mutual, Garrett..." she began, making sure to use his first name. Her gaze lifted upward, looking into his eyes. "It's why I invited you out tonight." Okay, not the best she could've come up with, but she was trying. She leaned in closer to the point where her lips brushed against his ear.

"And why I was hoping you would invite me back to your home."
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It was unusual to hear his first name from anyone. Even his friends called him Hawke. It definitely caught his attention when Wanda used his name. It made him smile a little bit to hear it and her reasoning. So, his reading of the situation wasn't completely wrong at all.

"Well then, I'll try and make every moment you spend there incredibly enjoyable," he said, his voice dropping to a low, warm tone as he leaned in close to her. They were practically forehead to forehead now. A few more inches and they would kiss. Hawke held himself back for right now. A first kiss in the back of a cab was not entirely romantic. "And I have Warden's excellent presence to make up for any and all of my short comings."

The really weren't in the cab for much longer. A few more minutes and a few city blocks later they were outside Hawke's apartment building. He got out first, waiting by the door while Wanda paid the cabby. Once she was out of the cab he closed the door and offered her his arm again to walk her in.

His apartment was near the top floor of the building, one of the large penthouse apartments. She would hopefully be very comfortable inside.
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The use of his first name had been intentional. A way for him to distinguish that their night out, while friendly, had other intentions to it. Well, nothing nefarious, or wrong. Rather, this wasn't a business meeting, or one for advice. Just a meeting for them to get to know one another, and maybe explore the tension between them.

It would be so easy for them to kiss right now. Given how close they were, their foreheads nearly touching, and she could hear the warm tones in his voice....but he didn't make a move. Neither did she. They were more or less on the same wave length. Kissing, especially in the back seat of a cab, wasn't the best idea. Nor did they want the cab driver to think they were going to hook up in the backseat.

"I have no doubts about that. You've already made dinner to be very enjoyable." She let out a soft chuckle at the mention of Warden, already picking the pup waiting by the door for Hawke. "I don't think his presence will be needed much tonight, but it's always welcomed."

No, Warden wouldn't have to make up for Hawke's faults. Not right away at any rate. Rather, she was waiting to the two of them alone to see where the night would lead them. The cab ride finally came to an end with Wanda walking out to pay the cabby, and take hold of Hawke's arm once again. The building itself looked big and inside it was very polished and well kept. An exclusive place by the looks of it.

She waited for them to get inside the building and then into the elevator.
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In the elevator Hawke contemplated the idea of picking up where they had left off in the backseat of the cab. The elevator provide a bit more privacy and the elegance of the building meant it was a much nicer setting but it could stop at any floor and someone could get on, utterly ruining the moment. A little bit more patience wouldn't kill him. No matter what the basic instinct in his brain told him.

They got off on the twenty-six floor and he led her to the end of the hall where his apartment was. Hawke unlocked the door with a key and right there waiting by the door like always was Warden. His stubby tail went swish, swish, swish, across the floor but he waited like he had been trained for both humans to get inside and the door to close before he launched himself at their legs and leaned against them waiting for pets and attention and adoration.

"Alright, alright, you mutt, let Wanda get her shoes off before you knock her over," Hawke scolded gently, making sure his dog's over eager affection didn't knock her over. "Sorry, he just loves so much."
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A little bit of magic on Wanda's end would have ensured that the elevator didn't stop anywhere else. The elevator was smaller, private, and would've been fine to pick up where they left off. However, Wanda wasn't going to propose that. She didn't want to come off as too eager, even if she wanted to feel his lips pressed against hers....assuming he was still interested.

By the time they got to Hawke's apartment there was Warden, waiting for them like a precious pup. Wanda waited until they were inside the apartment and shut the door before bending down to start petting the pup. She was all smiles, enjoying the attention she was giving him.

"It's okay. You can tell he loves you very much. He was waiting by the door for you," she told him, continuing to pet Warden's head up until he moved to lay down on his back and offered up his tummy. Wanda couldn't help it, she started to give him tummy rubs until one of his hind legs started to twitch. After that, she stopped, standing at her full height again and took of her shoes.

"But I think you and I were going to have coffee? Or more cocktails..."
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Since Warden was occupied Hawke stepped around him and headed towards the kitchen. "I think coffee would be better."

The apartment was open concept with a beautiful view of the city. Hawke strolled through casually to his large kitchen which was spotless because he rarely cooked in it. He was not that great about cooking for himself. He could, however, make coffee because he could not live without coffee.

"If my dog ever lets you stop petting him come and join me," he called as he started the process of making coffee. He needed to get water, the grounds, and filter and so on. He could hear Wanda just fine from where he was and it made him smile to have her so comfortable and relaxed in his place.
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Coffee would be a fine idea. They didn't need anymore alcohol in their system. Not that Wanda was a light weight, but she would rather not have to worry about what might slip past her lips. She was taking a gamble by coming back to his place. If the tension she felt before had fizzled or if it was still there. To find out, she would have to pull herself away from his pup. Warden gave a slight whine as she pulled away, moving into Hawke's kitchen.

"Do you need help with anything?" Getting the cups or the cream and sugar? She was used to aiding in the kitchen. Either with preparing food or cooking it. She didn't want to be a rude guest and not offer to help.

"Have to say, I feel bad for pulling away from Warden. He gave me such a guilt ridden look, makes me wonder what happens when you try to head out for work. If he whines or tries to coax you into staying at home. "
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He smiled at Wanda when she joined him in the kitchen with Warden trotting behind her. Hawke shook his head as he already had two mugs out next to the coffee machine which was bubbling merrily away warming the water and would be brewing shortly. They had a few minutes to wait but it wouldn't be too long.

"He'll be fine. He bounces back." Hawke held out a hand to her and tugged her gently to stand close to him. Once again he leaned in, bringing back the sense of intimacy that they had shared in the back of the cab. His kitchen was a much better choice to test the waters on their budding romantic entanglement.

"If you don't want me to kiss you, please speak up now," he said warmly, "So I can be properly embarrassed for making out of myself and begin apologizing profusely for misreading the situation."

Hawke was perfectly fine with being rejected. It wouldn't be the first time. He would be a little embarrassed though because did look like a right asshole for this.
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Wanda looked at Hawke's offered hand before slipping hers into his. Just as she thought, her hand fit perfectly into his. She was tugged closer to him, recreating that tension that was present at the restaurant and while they were riding in the cab. How close they were, enough to where she could breathe in his scent and feel his warm breath on her cheek.

What Wanda was expecting was for Hawke to lean in and kiss her, but instead, he did the gentlemanly thing and asked her permission first. A way for him to up front and honest with her about his intentions. And of course, to make sure he was reading things correctly. That she wasn't flirting to be fun, but that she wanted it to lead somewhere.

A soft chuckle left her lips, looking into Hawke's eyes as she brought up her freehand to caress his cheek. Her fingers trailing down to his bread and stopped, letting her thumb brush over his lips.

"There isn't a need to apologize, Hawke..." the dark haired beauty murmured just before she leaned in, her lips ghosting over his. If he wanted to kiss her, well, she was giving him the perfect opportunity to do so.
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That was certainly a perfectly clear answer. Hawke chuckled under his breath for a moment before he leaned in the last little inch and kissed her firmly. There was no hesitation or holding back in the way he kissed her. He let go of her hand to wrap his arm around her and draw her close against his body while his other hand went into her hair.

After a minute Hawke drew back slowly, lingering in the kiss for as long as he could but there was a need for air and breathing and all that nonsense. "Alright then, no apologies."

Now that he had the permission and the kiss he wanted Hawke went about testing the waters, to see what he could and couldn't get away with. He leaned down and brushed his lips teasingly light against her neck, up to a spot behind her ear where he nipped lightly.

"You tell me when to stop," he whispered warmly near her ear.
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Now that was the kiss Wanda had been waiting for. The kind that made her knees weak and feel her heart skip a few beats. Her eyes fluttered shut, enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers. His arm came around her waist and she followed suit. Her arms coming over his shoulders to hold him. That was more than exciting, it was exhilarating.

By the time Hawke drew back, she found herself at a loss of breath. Breathing in through her nose and then exhaling through her mouth. Her lips brushed over her lips, tasting him there. A new yearning developed in her, wanting more kisses and his overall presence.

"No, no apologies.." she found herself murmuring back. Her grip on his shoulders tightened feeling those same lips at her neck. She shuddered from his actions, her heart beating quickly from something as simple as a light nip behind her ear. Her womanhood quivered and she was suddenly very grateful that she was holding onto him.

"I will..." Wanda murmured, leaning in slightly just for her lips to brush against his one more time. The idea of coffee didn't interest her any longer. What did interest her was finding out what Hawke wanted to do. If he wanted to keep kissing her, or give her the chance to return a few nips and kisses too.
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The scent of brewing coffee filled the air but Hawke ignored it in favor of kissing her neck again, filling his senses with the scent of her perfume. Like the rest of her it was lovely, just a hint of flowers and spice. Hawke found where her pulse beat against his lips the strongest and bit down slowly, almost gently to see how she would react. He was terribly curious to figure it out, every little thing that made her shiver in his arms.

While not always a terribly patient man sometimes he could find it within himself to wait and savor something. This first little exploration was worth taking his time with. He was the sort of man to happily jump into bed with a woman on a first date or even after an hour of conversation when he was in the right mood, with Wanda and their long friendship he wanted to treat her better than that.

"I'm afraid I've left some marks," he said when he drew back and brushed his thumb over the red marks on her pale skin. His beard was responsible for those and a little bit of his teeth. It wasn't a terrible look for her. Wanda always did look good in red. Maybe he should say scarlet.
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Hawke's scent was more earthy, more musk and spice with a hint of crispness to it. She could breathe in his scent all day. How was it that she never noticed it before? Why was she never this close to him before? More questions that didnt give way to any answers. Not that she cared much for them, only wanting more of those lips on her skin. Was it wrong that maybe she wanted his lips in different places?

The thought dissolved in her mind the moment his lips and teeth found her neck. She tried to muffle a faint hiss from that light nip. It was arousing and made her shudder. Nipping, biting, and leaving marks on her skin were a secret turn on of hers. Something that Hawke would discover soon enough.

"I don't mind, better than a bruise from a fall.." Wanda told him, not minding the faint scarlet colored marks on her pale skin. She would e loved for Hawke to keep hoping and nibbling at her, but she wanted to return a nip or two. Wanda leaned in, lips brushing his cheek and then down the side of his neck. She tapped into her magic, causing the buttons of his shift to come undone and his tie loosened. More exposed skin allowed her to lightly nip by his jaw.

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