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The Bite Meme


✚ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom and any preference.
✚ Go to ye olde RNG and roll to your heart's content. You could even skip the rolling. We won't tell.
✚ Remember, six for the location and six for the type.
✚ Tag whoever you want. Let no one go unbitten.
✚ Show us your teeth.

the LIP bite. Sometimes kissing isn't enough, or sometimes you're too nervous to even talk. Bite a lip. It doesn't even have to be yours.

the THROAT bite. You don't want to suck their blood, but you want them to know how thin this flesh is here.

the ARM bite. It's silly, but want to let them know how they're of you. Bites on the arm are usually childish and done in anger or playfulness.

the LEG bite. Know what long legs need? A nice set of teeth sunk into them. Just look at those thighs. Or you could always bring new meaning to the term "ankle biter".

the COLLAR bite. This one's for all you people who don't like turtlenecks. Bites leave marks, and well, some people don't want to show theirs off like trophies.

the HIP bite. Know what's hot? Teeth on your hip. Marks there are definitely enough to make anyone weak in the knees. If that's not what you're into, just remember there are more reasons than just sex to bite someone, especially here.

the GENTLE bite. No one said biting had to be hard. This one's meant more for lovers. Little nibbles on the earlobe or pulse are always nice.

the BRUISING bite. Don't break the skin on this one. You want to leave a nice impression of your pearly whites on the other person, enough so afterwards you can enjoy that darkened mark.

the BLOODY bite. Biting has ill repercussions. Whether it's on purpose or an accident, there's blood, and possibly lots of it.

the HARD bite. This one doesn't bruise, but it does leave a nice impression of your teeth. All that orthodontic work really paid off.

the TEASING bite. No, no, no. Don't just sink your teeth in all at once! Ease your partner into it. Bite softly again and again before letting yourself clamp. You want to let them know you might not do it.

the PINCHING bite. All front teeth. Don't let anything further than your canines feel your partner's flesh. This one's just to let them know they irritated you, or it could just be that your mouth slipped. Sorry!
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[ there's many things still to be learned, of ignis, mainly being... where he enjoys being touched, nimble figure moving with the hushed trail only expected of a glaive, though her target is of something far softer, far less menacing than she's usually up against. the moment she's behind his figure, twin palms settle at each of his sides, a thoughtful litheness to her touch, as not to startle; pressing onto the tips of her toes allows her just enough height to nuzzle into the crook of his neck, humming low at the warmth gathered there.

it seems almost as if such playing would be deemed foolish to him, wrapped within his responsibilities, left stoic and quiet with their constant thrumming. she has to wonder how he's learned such composure; if he ever wishes it to break. she noses the thin flesh just there, column of his jugular, pausing only once she hovers the faint beat of his pulse. it's there crowns find purchase, delivering a tender sort of nip, exhale laced amongst it leaving it quiet clear that she wasn't finished. ]
  You should rest.
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[There's a faint stirring under her touch, the nip pulling a soft noise from him. While some might see the usually well spoken adviser as someone unapproachable, those that knew him well knew better. He enjoyed quiet moments and was so very tactile by nature. Sure, he wasn't as openly affectionate as the prince's sworn shield, but there was no need to be. Those that knew just knew.

Vaguely swollen lips pulled into a smile as he let a hand move to curl over one of hers, pulling it up to return the gesture to her fingertips before lazily arching up and back as if to encourage more of the same.]

Should I? It's not really something I'm familiar with, you know.
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[ crowe held, herself, a bit of that unapproachable demeanor; despite doe-softened looks that, as she has slowly learned, could get her a good deal of what she wants, she's more prone to earning it, finding a means of ensuring her attention is wanted, before she unsheathes any more guards. plus, she's never minded a challenge. she sees in him a bit of the resilience she carries, and while she wasn't one to complain of her tire, certainly not when she had been taken in, she can't deny that it would do her well to take a bit of her own offered advice.

his touch shadows hers, opposite palm responding to his arch, slipping beneath pressed fabric of his shirt to gingerly graze nails along his abdomen. ]
  Nor am I. A night of firsts?   [ while her intentions aren't purely to rouse, she's closing her mouth around the junction of neck and shoulder once more, suckling with just enough pressure to leave a faint mark, one that would diminish within the hour, nudging his collar aside to teeth further down. ]
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[The nails along his skin drew a low groan from him. It wasn't common to see him so unguarded, but he felt a bit of a kindred spirit in her. Perhaps the situations were different, but neither were in their home. She'd been taken in and he'd been pulled away from his, but both were done in the name of service. They both served the same Crown and both would likely die for that same Crown.

It was all too easy to let his eyes drift closed even as he let his lips slide down to press a slow, warm kiss to the inside of Crowe's wrist.]

It doesn't seem like rest is on your mind, though.
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[ and given their intentions were sworn to the crown, were they not allowed to indulge a bit of rightful pleasure beneath it? most eves were spent at various bars with the glaives, nyx and libertus in particular, though even they seemed to drift off amongst the darkened streets of the city now and then.

the tenderness reciprocated stirs an other sort of interest within her, something that's long sense fallen dormant. when was the last time she had slept beside someone? a man, at that? the thought of rest is an enticing one, truly, and she'll willingly fall to just that— rest, if he so desired. ]

There's a lot on my mind.   [ always was. a distraction offered just as much solace as did the infrequent graces of deep sleep. thumb swipes in it's rest against his side, pressing a kiss to his nape, before ghosting her nose down along the line of his spine. ]   Would you rather I leave you be?