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So you wanna go on an adventure? Let's help you out. It's time to save the world! Or not. Something's gone horribly wrong and it's your job to fix it! Or, you know, make it worse. We're not the cops. You could fight a dragon, cure a disease, or rule with an iron fist. The world's your oyster. Tag in with your name and series, post your preferences, and play away! We're running out of time, adventurers!


1. FANTASY Sorcery, demons, monsters, knights in shining armor, magic rings you need to throw into a volcano...
2. FUTURE Technology is rampant. Maybe you have to overthrow your dystopian government or learn how to feel again.
3. SPACE Will you explore the final frontier or are you in a galaxy far far away? Those synthetics don't look very friendly.
4. MODERN Sometimes the scariest things are right outside our front door.
5. SUPERHEROES So you wanna be a superhero? Do you have what it takes to save the day?
6. APOCALYPSE The world's already ended. You're just picking up the pieces.


1. OVERTHROW An evil empire is calling the shots. A corrupt government is making your friends disappear. Fix it.
2. CONSPIRACY No one believes you but your best friend, but things are going wrong and someone in particular is behind it.
3. MEDICAL A disease is killing off people at a horrifying rate and you're trying to find a cure.
4. ZOMBIES Holy shit, is that person EATING someone? You have to escape the zombies, and FAST. Remember: aim for the head.
5. EXPLORATION There's nothing pressing about to kill everything, but you're exploring new territories. Maybe you'll find a new threat.
6. DOWN TIME A break between missions. Heal, regroup, and take care of yourselves.
7. WE NEED WHAT? You're looking for the item to end everything. The BFG, the one ring, the conduit. Whatever it is, you have to find it first.
8. WE MIGHT DIE TOMORROW It's time for the final battle. Are you ready? Are your friends, troops, loved ones? Make your speech or find someone to spend your last night with.
9. MY ARCH NEMESIS You know who the villain is. So does everyone else. They're the Ganon, the Sauron, it doesn't matter. You have to win.
10. THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING HATES US You're trying to save the world but everyone hates you; you're doing it anyway because you need to, it's the right thing to do even if no one cares if you live or die.
11. WE HATE THE WORLD WE'RE SAVING You hate EVERYONE. You hate the world and wish it would go down in flames but you live here too, or you have to because nothing you do to stop trying works. Whatever.
12. WHY WOULD I SAVE IT? You're the villain in any of the above scenarios and then some! Go wild!

As always, these are just suggestions. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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"Marie" | OC | OTA

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(OoC: I love adventuring! I'm good with anything!)
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Hikaru Shidou | Magic Knight Rayearth | OTA

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(OoC: An emotionally-challengeless adventure, plz)
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Prak Jaws | Shadow of Mordor | OTA

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(OoC: Because someone needs a dude to fight. Maybe he kicked your ass and you've trained up to get back at him, maybe he's somehow cheated death after you're sure you've put this tenacious screaming bastard into the grave. Either way he's smirking and chattering under his mask, telling you to come at him with all you've got.)
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alec brennan | original | ota

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Opal • The Raven Cycle • OTA

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maera perkins | oc

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Steven | Steven Universe | OTA

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[ Steven loves all kinds of adventures! He just wants to be on one. Right now. With you. ]
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Re: Steven | Steven Universe | OTA

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Hey, kid. Are you all by yourself?
[He crouches down to look Steven in the eyes.]
I'm Badou. Looking for a couple friends of mine. Wanna help?
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[OOC: Hey! How do you feel about a pseudo-AU where Utena's been living around Beach City with some relative or another? She could know a bit about Steven and maybe try and help him out with whatever he's up to.]
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[ That sounds super! I'd love to do that. Do you want to start, or should I? I don't mind, since then it'd give you a setting for Utena to be walking into. ]
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Waver Velvet | Fate/zero

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Waver rubbed at the bridge of his nose, waiting for ink to dry. He couldn't recall the last time he used a quill and ink to write. It was the kind of window dressing that some magi liked to use to recall the old days, but honestly, it was pretentious and not even in an entertaining way. It made them look tired and dated, struggling to remain relevant in the current age.

Parchment, however, Waver was fine with. He enjoyed the contrast of using it with a regular ballpoint pen.

It was probably the first thing he had enjoyed in weeks. There was, of course, the joy of landing in a new world entirely to contend with, followed by the realization that this was due to Holy Grail nonsense, and with all of that, a lovely adventure in imprisonment for being a man out of time and space. That one Waver understood in theory, but in practice he had a few complaints about how he was treated, exactly how much sunlight he got, and the fact he was in a tiny little thing made of ice cold bricks and given additional chains. Like he was going to go anywhere in a world where he didn't even have a sodding map.

At least Chastillon was tolerable. He knew he was being used for information of course, but there was a luxury in being used while at least having a little bit more room to pace around in. Not that that was a thought Waver expected to have in his life, but it had been a few weeks.

He ran his fingers over the final few lines of ink, and satisfied that there was no smearing, he took the page and placed it with the others in a leather folio, then tied the document case up with the ribbon attached to it. It was a half manual, half history of the Holy Grail Wars, and in any other circumstance he'd demand it be called an academic manuscript and demand an advanced payout from the publisher.

As it were, what he needed to do was find the one thing that had gotten his sorry ass out of chains.

"Fuck," he announced to no one in particular, eyes now everywhere. "I need a map of this place. Or at least an idea of common rooms to find people in."
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"Is that a demand?"

Laurent has kept Waver closed in a small room on the second floor while he tried to verify information. It's... difficult, to sell this smoothly. His uncle had clearly never meant for them to meet and Laurent now has to make up brightly worded well meaning reasons he isn't letting the prisoner go. Something along the lines of him being more useful at the border, too dangerous to keep in the capital? It's doable, although it will take some work. For whatever reason, this man had been considered a dangerous prisoner but of enough interest to keep alive -- and that peaked Laurent's interest too.

"In my experience prisoners are rarely afforded maps. Counter-productive."
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"Then I'll thank some higher power for your sense of timing. I don't imagine guards enjoy playing messenger."

Waver decided that there was little point in admitting that he was just venting. It'd be a pointless discussion, and from where he stood, everything needed to be laser focused. All the better to get himself untangled from a mess he never even imagine himself being a part of, and now definitely knew he wanted to speed away from.

"Here," Waver continued, offering Laurent the portfolio. "Everything that I know and was questioned regarding. My handwriting gets messier towards the end, but it has been a while since I wrote such a longform document.

It was a good twenty pages, front and back, with as much as Waver could produce. The only thing excluded was his personal struggles in relation to the Grail War, and that was on purpose. Waver knew he needed to have some layers of protection that no one even knew were there.

"As far as verifying things, I'm sure that contacts can back up what was said in other locations. But if I'm bullshitting entirely like a madman on the topic of magic, well, that's on you to determine."

He plopped himself down on the nearest chair, which truth be told was now starting to be molded to Waver's shape. His feet went up on the ottoman, showing his socks from home starting to wear thin. "But I propose to you consider the concept of the criterion of embarrassment. I have no reason to say things that would be embarrassing or far fetched unless they were the genuine truth so far as I understand it."
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He considers the document for a long moment, takes a few steps further into the room and carefully and runs a finger along one edge -- thinking. Why would this man give upso much information willing, so quickly? Misinformation? A trap? Blue eyes trail up and fix on Waver a moment in thought, Laurent running variables as he considers him. Scholarly, literate, that means he cannot be poor. A lord of some sort? Why would his uncle be moving one in such a secure fashion? From war? Doesn't look Akielon or Veretian, and certainly can't be Vasian. From where, then? Why was he in Veretian territory.

Not that he hasn't heard the rumours, isn't aware of some of the claims -- but Laurent finds it hard to consider them credible.

"What makes you think I will believe all of this?" he prompts, wary as a cat in unfamiliar territory. Why would he give it to him at all, so easily?
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"Like I said. The criterion of embarrassment. What do I gain by having an insane claim that I'm front another world entirely, and I've fall through to your world along with a magic item that prompts a battle royale?"

Waver's voice was even handed, his eyes meeting Laurent's quite easily.

"I'm also not so stupid as to believe that you didn't have other motives for taking me in. In providing the same information to you that your relative has--" at least, Waver thought it was a relative. Things had blurred together eventually. "Then at the very least, you can track what his own thoughts and plans are with this information. An even playing field, as it were."
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"You've clearly never been to Vere before if you consider that a problem. We enjoy a good spectacle."

Not necessarily in the sense of insane people claiming things, normally, but there's no time like the present for a regime change.

"Why give me this advantage?" he presses, expression furrowing a little. "Why play your cards so quickly?"

Why not bargain? Why not demand something, anything in return for the information? Why just give it away?
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"I think that just proves how damn out of time and place I am."

It was a horrifying thing to try and convince someone that yes, you are from another world. It was also getting to be exhausting, insisting on the truth and having it be met with a side eye. Not that Waver could say it was an unreasonable reaction.

"And because," Waver said, gesturing to the portfolio with his left hand. His right was sore from gripping the quill.

"If you read what's in there, you'll realize that this is no where near all the cards."

In a Grail War, Waver was an asset. An old hand, although one who was also quite sick of seeing the same patterns over and over again.
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Which means, seemingly, Laurent has no choice but to look at this stack of writing. He draws out a chair and lowers himself into a casual lounge -- picks it up and begins to let his eyes run over the first page. It all seems like a peculiar fairy tale, from where he's sitting, but there has to be something his uncle has seen here. Something, if only he could put his finger on it. The man's clothing style is unfamiliar, which supports him being neither from Vask, Akielos or anywhere Veretian. Yet the depth of the claims are a difficult pill to swallow.

"By all accounts you've never heard of Vere before," he prompts, just to keep the man talking while he reads.
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"No. Or any of the other countries here," Waver confirmed. "If I still had my wallet, I would have happily showed you my ID, but I believe that is in other hands now."

It would have been a weird gamble to use that, plus foreign currency, credit cards, a small smattering of loyalty cards to try and win this insane argument, but it would have at least helped. The strangeness of materials alone would have lent credence.

Out of instinct, Waver reached into his coat pocket for a cigar. But that too had been confiscated, and a little grunt of disappointment escaped. He was going to end up quitting cold turkey at this point by sheer accident.
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"Your 'ID'," Laurent repeats, picking his way carefully over the term in the way one might something distasteful. "The aim of that being to confirm something, I assume?"

Since Laurent has absolutely no idea what an ID is, or why he would want to see such a thing. If nothing else, though, the frequency of unfamiliar terms does go some way to supporting the man's story. That he's unfamiliar with anything here because he's from some other place entirely.
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Waver nodded, before miming the size of what one would be like. "Identification card, basically. It includes one's name and a few other things, and is government issued. Er. I'm assuming you don't have papers like that here, so I'm struggling to think of what a like item might be."

Truth be told, it was probably non-existent. Waver couldn't be sure though, because his exposure to the larger world simply didn't exist. He rubbed slowly at the bridge of his forehead, frusterated that even his vocabulary was currently useless.

"Great, now I probably seem like even more of a crazy person with made up words."
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4-5 | slams in here

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[ every day, Adam's pretty sure, is an adventure when he's taking care of Opal. There has to be something to be said there, considering she's one of Ronan's dream things - and arguably one of the longest-running ones, too. It shows, in her ability to learn and grow and influence her environment. She's very real that way. Adam rather likes her.

[ which is why he doesn't mind days like this, when he's spending his admittedly limited free time taking care of a small girl. He's never really trusted himself with kids before, but this works for him. And he's pretty sure it works for her too.

[ he's got her up on his shoulders that day, as they trek through the forest in search of adventure. They'd seen something shiny from the roadside, and perhaps that was the end of it, but Adam doesn't think so. There's always something more out there. ]