detonation_blvd: (skelly)
Jonothon Evan Starsmore (Chamber) ([personal profile] detonation_blvd) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-21 02:39 am (UTC)


New York on a Sunday evening is just as frenetic as it is any other time, a swarm of people rushing through their lives. For Jonothon Starsmore, the pace of the city is a comfort and the sheer number of people means he is less conspicuous.

No, he's not too worried about standing out this evening. He's nervous for an entirely different reason: he has a date. A date with a girl he's never properly met but only texted. Even that was accidental. For all he knows, this is a prank or a trap.

But in case it isn't, he's made sure to wear nice boots.

He waits at a table in a coffee shop with a cup of tea he can't drink and tries not to look terrified.

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