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Classic Hug Meme

Hug Meme: Classic Version

Post with your character, canon, and any notes/preferences. (If it is normally impossible for your character to give or receive hugs, like if they don't have limbs or are incorporeal, be sure to tell us whatever you're changing for them to participate.)

Tag other people; either roll a number from 1 to 8 or pick a hug, and give them that hug.

Get tagged.

Enjoy the aftermath!

1. Friendly Hug: The default hug; a hug as a show of platonic affection. Is it a normal hug, or a pouncetackleglomp? You decide!

2. Romantic Hug: Kissing isn't the only way that lovers share physical affection. Show your feelings with a romantic hug!

3. Comfort Hug: They look so sad... give them a hug to cheer them up!

4. Awkward Hug: You really don't want to give this person a hug; maybe you just had a fight, or you're just too stoic/manly/badass to do hugs in general. Too bad, you have to give them one. Do your best!

5. Scoop Hug: In addition to a hug, the hugger picks up the huggee slightly off the ground. Works best when they're bigger and stronger, but hey, seeing little girls try to pick up 6-foot badasses is cute too.

6. Surprise Hug: Sneak up on them from behind with a surprise hug!

7. Violent Hug: Hugs are supposed to be friendly, what gives? Whether you're squeezing the wind out of them or are just getting them into the perfect position for a backstab, you're only giving this person a hug in order to hurt them.

8. Other: Reroll, pick your own, mix and match, etc.
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[ Sooraya isn't normally the type of person to initiate this kind if action, but...Kevin just seems so sad today (or, well, sadder than normal) that something inside her compels her to hug him.

It's an awkward hug and the gesture consists more of her patting him on the shoulder. But this is her trying, okay?
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[ Kevin starts at the contact. So many people stop trying to touch him that to be touched is just a shock right now. But he's not even sure why he's getting the contact.

He reaches up with one gloved hand and pats her hand. He's not sure what caused her to reach out, but he appreciates it. Especially coming from Sooraya who keeps herself almost as closed off as he does.

But he doesn't know what he did to deserve it. Sure, his aunt - his only living relative - has basically turned him over to the school, and his art is suffering, and his grades are laughable right now, but why a shoulder pat now? ]

Thanks, Sooraya. But what was that for?