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Haunted House Meme

Haunted House Meme

Everyone knows to stay away from the large empty house on the hill. It’s haunted. But maybe you’re seeking a thrill, or maybe you’re searching for something lost or locked away. Maybe you are the ghost haunting the old building. Maybe your car has stalled, and the house on the hill is the only building for miles. But is it empty, or is there something waiting?

Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, any preferences you have, and what brought your character to this haunted location.
Feel free to play any level of leisurely exploration of creepy buildings or intense survival horror!

The Haunted Building
1. Haunted House
2. Haunted Sanitarium
3. Haunted School
4. Haunted Mansion/Castle
5. Abandoned Island (was it plague or something worse which caused it to be abandoned?)
6. Haunted Amusement Park
7. Haunted Space Ship
8. Choose your own haunted location!

The Haunting
A. Ghosts. Creepy, tragic, and possibly violent, they’ve got unfinished business in this world and you’re the unsuspecting victims who have just become the targets for their wrath.
B. Creatures. Unearthly monsters summoned from a hell-dimension or mutations created by a mad scientist, this is their house now, and they are fascinated and hungry.
C. The People in the Walls. Someone—or several someones—have been living in this house. They’re no longer human anymore, and their sanity has been frayed to the very edge. They’ve been surviving on mice and bats until now. But now you're here, and don't you look delicious?
D. The House Itself. Maybe it was built evil, or maybe it became evil after the horrible deeds that were committed in it. The very walls of the house are soaked with blood, and the house is angry, and hungry. It has you now, and it doesn’t plan to let you out.
E. The Cabin in the Woods Experiment. None of this is natural phenomena. You don’t know it yet, but you’re part of a larger experiment. You’re the rats in the maze, and the scientists are observing—and toying with—your every move.
F. Choose your own horror movie plot!
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[dusts off the journal after years]

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[Who's the white-haired young man who peeks arund the super creepy haunted school and looks like a kitty in cream? Who is he? ]

Heeeey, Sumiaaaaaaa! [He waves happily at his clumsy companion, carrying a half-full bag with Naga-knows-what stuff in there.] Did I tell you of how much this place reminds me of my wizard school? I'm sure we'll find similar rooms, full of spikes and magical artifacts and what not! Nyahaha, it's so awesome!
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[Wandering hadn't been that bad especially as she could pretend to be an evil mage or scary ghost haunting the halls, but Henry popping up and reminding her of very real circumstances in her make believe world...]


[Sumia on stable ground was bad enough, but the image flashed of her falling into some dark pit in here?]

Please just make sure if anything happens that you take me with you, okay? Anything.
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[He sets the bag on the floor to wipe the sweat off his forehead, she can probably see a bit of whatever creepy or magical things he's already found.]

Don't worry! I did promise to keep you super safe and if I have to take a spike to the chest to keep you from being hurt, then I will. But I'm confident that I'll find them before they're even shot, heh.
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D-don't go that far!

[It's hard to assure both him and herself that nothing will happen...]

Do you know how to get out of here, Henry? The others are probably worried sick.
...wherever they are.