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Haunted House Meme

Haunted House Meme

Everyone knows to stay away from the large empty house on the hill. It’s haunted. But maybe you’re seeking a thrill, or maybe you’re searching for something lost or locked away. Maybe you are the ghost haunting the old building. Maybe your car has stalled, and the house on the hill is the only building for miles. But is it empty, or is there something waiting?

Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, any preferences you have, and what brought your character to this haunted location.
Feel free to play any level of leisurely exploration of creepy buildings or intense survival horror!

The Haunted Building
1. Haunted House
2. Haunted Sanitarium
3. Haunted School
4. Haunted Mansion/Castle
5. Abandoned Island (was it plague or something worse which caused it to be abandoned?)
6. Haunted Amusement Park
7. Haunted Space Ship
8. Choose your own haunted location!

The Haunting
A. Ghosts. Creepy, tragic, and possibly violent, they’ve got unfinished business in this world and you’re the unsuspecting victims who have just become the targets for their wrath.
B. Creatures. Unearthly monsters summoned from a hell-dimension or mutations created by a mad scientist, this is their house now, and they are fascinated and hungry.
C. The People in the Walls. Someone—or several someones—have been living in this house. They’re no longer human anymore, and their sanity has been frayed to the very edge. They’ve been surviving on mice and bats until now. But now you're here, and don't you look delicious?
D. The House Itself. Maybe it was built evil, or maybe it became evil after the horrible deeds that were committed in it. The very walls of the house are soaked with blood, and the house is angry, and hungry. It has you now, and it doesn’t plan to let you out.
E. The Cabin in the Woods Experiment. None of this is natural phenomena. You don’t know it yet, but you’re part of a larger experiment. You’re the rats in the maze, and the scientists are observing—and toying with—your every move.
F. Choose your own horror movie plot!
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Scarecrow | Batman Arkham Knight | ota

[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-03-19 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[Any situation here works for him.]
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[personal profile] ruvik 2017-03-24 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Are you familiar with The Evil Within?]
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[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-03-24 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[I've seen let's plays and read the wiki.]
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[personal profile] ruvik 2017-03-25 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Any particular scenario you'd be interested in?]
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[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-03-25 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
[For these guys, Haunted House, or Sanitarium, or even Castle might work for the setting. As for the haunting, my suggestions would be either Ghost, The House Itself, or Make Your Own.]
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[personal profile] ruvik 2017-03-25 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
[Hm. I like the sound of Sanitarium and The House Itself. I was curious how we'd work Ruvik since he's... literally just a brain in a jar. Give him his STEM form? If so, with or without any of his power?]
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[As amusing an idea of Crane carrying around Ruvik's brain would be, for simplicity's sake why don't we go with his STEM form? As for the powers, maybe either the haunting presence takes away his powers or just reduces them somehow (like they now come with a cooldown or aren't as potent).]
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[personal profile] ruvik 2017-03-25 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
[I'll go with both cooldown and not as potent. I don't want him to have too much of an advantage.]
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[That works for me. And obviously Scarecrow can't just fear toxin his way out of this. Do you want to set it up or shall I?]
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[Would you mind starting us off?]
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The Scarecrow didn't believe in ghosts, or monsters. He'd caused people so see things much scarier than what they saw in a movie or read in a book, and he was the only thing that went bump in the night.

That was one reason he'd chosen the old sanitarium to set up shop. He'd heard the rumors and stories, each one wild in its own way. Some said it was haunted by the ghosts in inmates and doctors, while others claimed monsters lived in the walls. Still others claimed there was something just plain evil about the place, and that was why it was abandoned. Crane brushed them all off. A supposedly haunted location sounded perfect for him. Nobody would come here, and any who did could be easily scared off thanks to superstition and his own frightening appearance.

Scarecrow had sent his henchmen in first to scope it out and make sure there weren't any vagrants living in it. They hadn't reported back after an hour. Figuring they had either found some old stash of beer or drugs and were slacking off, Crane made his way inside. The air was heavy within the old building. Crane went further, fiddling with his walkie-talkie, which only gave out static.
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The old sanitarium may have had a life of its own. It may have fed on his life and the evil within him, or maybe the place was just alive with an energy all its own. Regardless, he had come to investigate when so many rumors spread. The human psyche was such a fragile yet fascinating thing. No one person could be relied on to give the exact same account of the facets of their mind - of who they were. Likewise, there were no consistent details about the sanitarium, but Ruvik didn't believe in ghosts and goblins.

When he arrived, what he found wasn't what he expected. The air felt thick past the main lobby, almost as though it was trying to suffocate any trespassers, but there was something alluring if one could look beyond that. It was almost like an inviting luster, luring in all who could see it.

He had only made it as far as a doctor's office when he heard screaming in the main hall behind him. He retraced his steps, only to find the floor covered in fresh smears of blood. There were no bodies.
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Scarecrow tried talking into the walkie-talkie, saying that if those brainless thugs came out now they wouldn't get a face full of fear toxin. Still no response. This was unusual, as Scarecrow's goons were always too scared of him to dare cross him or disobey orders.

The heavy feeling hadn't subsided. The further he went in, the more tempted he was to explore. How odd, though, as he didn't even hear any signs of life. Nobody running around upstairs, no sounds of the floor creaking further in, not even the sound of cockroaches scurrying. Crane had never gotten this feeling back at Arkham.

Crane wandered past the main lobby into the main hall, and the smell of blood filled his damaged nose. No henchmen, only fresh blood on the floor and a strange man. "If you want to murder people, I suggest finding a different hunting ground, before I make you relive every nightmare you've ever had." Because what other explanation was there? Though that didn't explain why there was no body.
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"I relive those every day," Ruvik scoffed. "I had nothing to do with whatever may have happened to these poor little insects. I arrived here before them, and was further into the building when I heard their screams."

Ruvik was less interested in the man before him than what happened to his henchmen. The sanitarium was a bit dirty from neglect, but otherwise seemed quiet and undisturbed. Something had been swift in killing those men and removing the bodies from the area. Unusually swift. His curiosity was now piqued even more than it had been by the mere sensations in the air, and he could hardly wait to see what lay deeper within this place. He just had to establish whether or not the man in front of him was a true threat or not.
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"Well then, if you didn't happen to them, then what did?" Crane's eyes scanned around the room. No sign that the bodies were dragged away, and nothing to suggest they were taken through a hidden passage in the floor. He even looked up at the ceiling, just on the off chance they were hanging up there. Nothing.

Not taking his eyes off the other man, Crane backed away to the doors leading to the lobby, intending to go back to the van. To his surprise, the doors were locked. That was odd. "Something strange is going on here."